DHT Blockers In Focus

The human body produces the hormone DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) naturally. The five alpha reductase enzyme converts this testosterone metabolite into dihydrotestosterone, which has a chemical formula of C19H30O2. Being an androgen, this means that it is among the hormones regulating sexual differentiation and physical development in men. DHT attaches to androgen receptors easier than other androgens […]

An Introduction To Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a complementary or alternative therapy and it treats a wide variety of conditions that are related to the muscles, the joints and the skeletal structure. Patients who visit Osteopathy in Kennington often have problems such as back pain, neck stiffness and neck or shoulder pain, sports injuries, whiplash injuries or problems with posture. […]

Ways To Reduce Blue Light Exposure

Excessive bluelight is known to cause eyestrain. This is something that a lot of office workers have become familiar with. They stare into a computer screen for several hours each day while trying to complete their tasks. There is no going around it as these are their primary tools. They can minimize the strain by […]