Basic Car Insurance Tips

It’s easy to find money-saving car insurance tips online, and just as easy to compare policy costs and features on one website. Several sites allow you to input your information just once, and then compare the different auto insurance offerings, letting you choose the one that works best for you.

There are some tried and tested tips when it comes to saving money on car insurance. Comparison shopping is a must, and you should also be careful to not take out more insurance than you actually need, while at the same time satisfying your state’s coverage requirements. If you’ve had the same car insurance company for several years, it’s worth calling them every so often to see what additional discounts you qualify for, or whether they can offer you a lower rate due to customer loyalty. And bundling your car insurance with your homeowner’s insurance is a good money-saving strategy, typically saving drivers anything up to 15 percent on their policy cost. Ask about any other applicable discounts such as over 55, membership in professional organizations, or a group employer policy.

In general, you’ll pay less for your coverage if you drive less; many car insurers offer low mileage discounts. Just as important is safe driving, and a discounted premium rate is often applicable if you’ve driven for several years with no accidents. Taking a defensive or safe driving course can also help to lower the cost of your auto insurance. A vehicle alarm system, antilock brakes, side airbags, and other safety features also mean that you’ll probably pay less for your coverage. And if you drive an older car, it may pay you to dispense with the comprehensive / collision premium.

Having good credit affects many things, including the cost of your auto insurance, and maintaining a good credit score, can help you lower those rates. You can also save between 15 and 40 percent on the cost of your car insurance by increasing your deductible, although it’s a good idea to make sure you can pay that amount in the event of a claim. The type of car you drive also affects the cost of your car insurance, and it costs less to insure a used car that’s a few years old, rather than this year’s model. The above car insurance tips can help you save money on car insurance, something that every driver has to have.

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