Best IBS Friendly Recipes

Looking for delicious, IBS-friendly, low-FODMAP recipes? You came to the right place. Below are some of the best IBS friendly recipes for you to try for breakfast and lunch.

– Gluten-free Dutch baby with blueberry maple syrup

Imagine a fluffy angel cake, crepe, and a pancake all had a baby. They would make this baby a delightful and very easy to make breakfast meal. This treat is made with oat flour and is gluten-free. The best this is you will stay full at least until lunch with no need to munch on anything else in the middle.

– Gluten-free baked vanilla spice sprinkle donuts

One of the things that make this meal healthy is that you bake instead of frying it. These gluten-free vanilla donuts hit the spot and thrill your inner child with colorful sprinkles and a thick glaze. With this delicious, healthy treat, you won’t have to lust after your coworkers’ donuts anymore.

– Low-FODMAP blueberry coconut muffins

Blueberries are so great with muffins. These muffins are moist, and the best thing is that they only need seven easy to find ingredients to prepare. Another thing, they will be ready to eat in less than an hour.

– Coconut yogurt

For people with IBS, probiotics are very important. This is because they help in with digestion. Therefore, if you are a person with IBS, make sure you try a coconut yogurt.

– Slow cooker berry breakfast quinoa

Forget the lumpy oatmeal and sad instant packets. Wake up to a hot, ready-to-go meal with a slow cooked berry quinoa. Add spring berries to this nutritious breakfast for a burst of color. Because it’s a slow cooked meal, it is best to cook a large batch and save the rest in the fridge to enjoy it all week long.

– Veggie spring rolls

Nothing makes crunchy veggies more delicious than spring rolls. This meals is great for carrying to work or school as packed lunch. If well preserved, for instance in a fridge, this meal can last a few days, so consider making a bunch and enjoy them all week long. To keep them completely low-FODMAP, make your own chili sauce without garlic, or skip the garlic chili sauce in the dressing.

– Soft, gluten-free tapioca wraps

You might not know this, but most gluten-free wraps bought at the store are less flexible than the cardboard they are packed with. The solution is to make your own wrap it won’t break easily the moment it is bent. To get the perfect texture for this recipe, use tapioca flour, and for flavor, use a touch of low-FODMAP cheese. You can and lactose-free milk if you want.

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