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Great Stag Activities In London

When we think of a stag activities London, most of us will think of a seedy nightclub where a bunch of men get together to watch women dance and take off their clothes, and while many men still take part in this type of party, there are many other fun things that they can do for their bash. Here are a few examples of stag activities London.

Try Out an Escape Room

There is a company in London that allows the boys to experience an escape room for a full hour. Groups of up to 12 people can enjoy this activity all at once and when the door slams closed, you will be on your own for an hour with many riddles to solve in order to escape the room. Some of the rooms make for a pretty thrilling experience.

A Saloon That Puts You Back in The Past

This is an interesting one, where guests get to dress up like they are in the Wild West. All the staff, including the “Sheriff”, are dressed accordingly and each guest gets attire so that they can blend into the setting. You are able to bring your own “Moonshine” that they mixologists will use to create your unique cocktails. The whole event lasts for an hour and a half.

Play Some Football in a Giant Bubble

Grab some sportswear and head down to the football experience of a lifetime. There must be at least 10 people in your group and the time limit depends on the group size – anywhere between 60 and 90 minutes. All the equipment is supplied, and as an added bonus, you can have a great looking girl as a referee at an extra fee of course.


Who does not love paintball? Not many people, especially if you are a guy. This is a perfect way to get rid of excess energy without making your soon-to-be wife upset with you before you even get married. Each player will get 100 balls to go wild with for either a half a day or a full day. All the rules will be explained to you when you choose your teams – then the fun begins. It might be a good idea to wear long pants, as being shot with a paintball can be rather painful.

As you can see, there are a number of ways to enjoy good clean fun on your stag party.