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Why Car Elevators Are The Future

Car elevators still seem like a novel concept for fancy buildings but, just like every advanced technology, it will probably become mainstream in the future as costs go down. This could be the solution to a lot of problems regarding parking spaces. Initial projects are already proving to be sensible investments and more are on the way. The great thing about car elevators is that they can provide the following benefits and more:

They take up smaller spaces.

When you make traditional parking that depends on individual drivers for vehicular movement, you need to make allowances for the twists and turns that each would have to make. There is a limit to how compact you can design the whole system because you might increase the likelihood of collisions, scratches, bumps, bottlenecks, and so on. With elevators, everything is automated so it doesn’t matter what the driver’s skills are. The cars will be sent into place with extreme precision such that you can design with tiny tolerances and end up with smaller spaces. That translates to a lot of savings while improving capacity.

They make parking go faster.

Since you don’t have to rely on drivers to move the cars, you can program the speed and the processes that will be used by the system. You can make sure that there are no bottlenecks. Things will flow smoothly and quickly such that vehicles can be stored or retrieved in just a few minutes. With waiting time getting lower, the satisfaction of the users will be higher. They suffer from less anxiety and they can be on their way in no time at all. There is no driving round and round the parking lot just to check for a single empty slot. The system can automatically detect spaces and send cars to these.

They reduce security risks.

There are countless property crimes in parking lots. Criminals know that most of these vehicles are unattended so they make these prime targets for their operations. Although many facilities have roaming guards and security cameras, theft is still difficult to deter. There is a free flow of people, after all. You have to catch them red-handed to do anything about it. Car elevators are fully automated so there is no access for unauthorized persons. It is easier to prevent theft and property damage.

The car elevators will soon take over and show everyone a better way to park.