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All About Ethical Clothing

The stylish clothes we see seem glamorous but they are often created in the exact opposite conditions. In the quest to turn higher profits, a lot of companies outsource their operations to poor countries where the laborers endure unethical treatment. Their plight has been documented in various news reports and films. With the increased public awareness came the clamor for ethical clothing. Consumers want their money to go to brands that are not only stylish but also ethical. Purchasing power is increasingly being harnessed for the greater good. Businesses have responded by making sweeping changes to their operations.

Ethical Clothing Accreditation

It is easy to claim that your brand engages in ethical practices. However, consumers cannot really be certain that this is true. It might just be a marketing stunt designed to increase sales. In order to protect consumers, non-profit organizations have been formed to scrutinize the practices of industry players. Any company that wants to make the claim can go to these organizations and undergo a rigorous process of verification. The whole supply chain will be examined to ensure compliance. Those that are able to pass the test will be given the right to use the certification trademark on their product packaging and other promotional materials.

Compliance Requirements

One of the most vital requirements is for the workers to be paid appropriately. This will vary from country to country. Standards will be set to protect labor from grossly inhumane wages. Business will also need to comply with all of the existing legal entitlements of the workers. These may include health benefits, social security payments, and the like. The working conditions must also be safe for every employee. They should not be in any immediate danger due to the building’s structural integrity, nearby fire hazards, or harmful chemicals. Every step in the chain will be held to the same standard.

All these call for close collaboration between the businesses and other concerned parties. Companies that deal with textile, clothing, and footwear are included. The compliance audits are generally conducted annually. Consumers who know about the industry’s problems and are determined to help can use their purchases to make a statement. Go for ethical clothing NZ brands to show just how much you care about this issue. After all, every dollar spent is a vote for what stays relevant. A strong push will make non-compliant companies think twice about their practices.

Læder ankelstøvler

Læder ankelstøvler er vel nok den mest brugte type af støvler i Danmark. Mulighederne er nemlig uendelige for at matche dem med forskellige outfits, da læder ankelstøvler fås i rigtig mange forskellige udgaver, lige fra de sorte klassiske ankelstøvler, over efterårets brune nuancer eller hvad med en lysere farve på dine ankelstøvler?

Uanset om du vælger at tage trendy jeans, en fin kort nederdel eller et par lækre lange sorte bukser på, så vil der altid være et par ankelstøvler, der passer til dit outfit. Ankelstøvler fås selvfølglelig også i andre materialer end læder, men fordelen ved læder er, at det arbejder med foden og er behageligt at have på. Skal ud i rusk og regn eller i strålende solskin, så er din fod beskyttet med et par ankelstøvler i læder, som holder dine fødder tørre og varme på regnvejrsdage og dage med lettere mængder af sne. Om sommeren undgår du at få varme fødder ved at vælge en støvle i et lidt tyndere læder.

Får du ofte ømme fødder, er løsningen tit at finde dig et par læder ankelstøvler uden hæl, da hele foden derved bliver belastet ensartet og du undgår at lægge tryk på enkelte dele af foden. Vil du have lidt højde på din hverdag, kan du vælge et par læder ankelstøvler med hæl på, som, alt efter højden, løfter dig de ekstra centimeter op over alle andre. Er du klar til at indtage verdenen i dine nye læder ankelstøvler?

Det er blevet en trend at vælge ankelstøvler med pynt på, det kan være alt fra frynser, over spænder og til palietter. Pynt og bling bling gør hverdagen lidt finere og til et sjovere sted, og derfor vælger mange piger og kvinder at gøre deres støvler lidt smukkere ved at købe dem i en pimpet udgave.

Som kvinde er det vigtigt at føle sig speciel og at udstråle, at du har styr på din mode, din hverdag og dit liv og det første skridt på den vej er at vælge et par læder ankelstøvler i et design, som går rigtig godt til dit look den specifikke dag. Tør at skille dig ud fra mængden og vis, at du elsker at tage dig godt. Der er nemlig ikke noget smukkere end en kvinde med selvtillid, og den får du meget hurtigt opbygget i et par ankelstøvler i læder. Vælg et design der passer til dit humør på dagen.

Beautiful Platform Stripper Shoes

When you’re looking for beautiful stripper shoes to give you the look you want, you’ll certainly have plenty of options from which to choose. Of course, the ones that are right for you will depend on exactly what it is you are looking for. After all, everyone has their own unique style, so the shoe that’s right for someone else might not be what you’re looking for. While there are definitely many beautiful shoes that will meet your style requirements, many people love the look of platform stripper shoes.

The added height that you get with a platform shoe makes it the perfect choice for anyone who wants to add the allure of additional height as well as long, shapely legs. In fact, platform shoes often help enhance your overall look and can even make your legs appear sleeker and longer. These shoes have the added advantage of making it easy to move for dancing or just walking. You’ll love the comfort and beauty of a great looking platform shoe.

There are many reasons why you might be looking for the best platform shoes for strippers, including as a part of a Halloween costume party, if you just want something sexy to wear to a special event, when you want a shoe that will enhance your assets, but, of course, stripper shoes also offer the perfect footwear if you are a stripper. You can enjoy the wonderful look of platform shoes for clubbing or you can add them to your personal shoe collection that will be perfect for a number of occasions.

When you want a beautiful and sexy stripper shoe, it’s important to not only look at the style of the shoe, but you also must consider how it is made as well as its overall quality. A shoe that looks great, but that only holds up to a single evening of wear is certainly no bargain. Quality stripper shoes will give you the perfect look you’re trying to achieve as well as the quality workmanship that will allow you to get plenty of wear from your shoes.

Whatever the particular style of stripper shoe that you prefer, actually finding what you have in mind does not have to be difficult. Of course, there are plenty of local retail outlets that will have a wonderful selection of stylish shoes; however, when you’re looking for your ideal platform shoe for strippers, shopping online will definitely give you plenty of options. Today, most online retailers offer an excellent variety of styles and sizes, so there’s bound to be something to meet your specific needs.

Picking The Right Pole Dancing Leggings

Don’t be fooled. Pole dancing may look simple as you move within a very limited space but it is actually hard work. You need to be extremely fit to be able to do all the tricks. You also have to get the right tools to perform well. Attire is an example. You might have seen some practitioners use pole dancing leggings for their routines. If you are planning to get one, then be sure to check the following details:


One of the main reasons people use leggings instead of shorts is that the former can provide more grip. Bare skin can grip the pole well enough when it’s dry but the difficulty of navigating through all the moves will eventually make you sweat. When this happens, you can quickly slip and slide. This puts more burden on your arms to hold on and support your bodyweight. Since these are much weaker than the legs, you will get tired faster and have to stop earlier than you’d like. Find legging made with a sticky cloth to enjoy longer and easier sessions.


Another reason why people gravitate to full leg coverage is the cold. During winter, the poles can get quite chilly to the touch. They are, after all, mostly made of metal which is known to be highly conductive. The thought of practice at that temperature can give anyone a pause. Full coverage will alleviate some of the worries. You can minimize the chill around your legs so you will not hesitate to wrap your body around the metal for support. Focus on the movement and not the discomfort.


Put on things that hug your body as any excess cloth will only get in the way. Your attire should have a good fit. Try different sizes on at the store if possible so that you can decide exactly what’s right for you. Of course, it should not be so tight as to restrict your movements and cause problems with your breathing. The leggings should be stretchable since you will be striking various poses while dancing. The fabric should move along with you. Your stomach area should not be so resisted as to cause distress.


Finally, check the quality of the materials and the stitching. Pay more for high quality items whenever you can. It is better to shell out a few dollars more than have your leggings suddenly get ripped during practice. The embarrassment alone is unforgivable. Trust only the well-known brands or at least a product that is highly recommended by your friends. Read up on reviews to see how well it has performed for others.

Find Great Looking Pop Culture T Shirts

When you’re looking for a great way to enjoy the casual look that is so popular, yet you still want to be able to look stylish, many of today’s pop culture T shirts offer an excellent solution. These shirts are not only trendy, but they can offer a fun way to show your own personal sense of style. Of course, you’ll find many different types of pop culture shirts available from various retailers, so there’s always something that you can use to set yourself apart from the crowd.

In addition to great looking t shirts created by artists from around the world, you’ll also find stylish pop culture tanks and hoodies that can fit well with your casual attire. When it comes to purchasing any type of apparel, it’s important to make sure that you take quality into consideration. A t shirt that isn’t able to stand up to repeated washings or that becomes misshapen after the first wash will certainly not be a good value, no matter how great it looked in the store.

Today, you’ll definitely be able to find a great selection of trendy pop culture items, including t shirts, in many of your local retail shops. Whether it’s a large chain store that sells clothing or it’s a small boutique, you’ll have plenty of design options from which to choose. Of course, with the growing popularity of online shopping, you can now find an excellent variety of great looking pop culture items in many online stores.

If you want to shop online for your pop culture shirts and other apparel, it’s extremely important to make sure that you read the item description very carefully. Additionally, not all manufacturer’s follow the same sizing standard, so look for a sizing chart and use this chart in determining which size to order. Even if you’ve always worn a size small, don’t just assume that you’ll wear a small in your pop culture apparel. Some brands run small, so you might find a better fit with a medium size. If in doubt, be sure to send an email asking for sizing clarification.

Another important consideration when shopping online is the shipping charge. Many stores will ship items for free if you purchase a certain amount of items from them. Other times, shipping will be determined by the type of shipping you choose. Of course, it’s also a good idea to review the store’s return policy, just in case the items you buy do not fit or are not the quality or look that you had expected.

Formal Gown Hire Vs. Purchase

Going to special events can be a treat, especially if they are occasions that involve your loved ones like weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. Some of these can be corporate in nature where you or your spouse would be receiving awards for excellence. Whatever it is, you need to look your best with a nice dress. Men have it easy since they can basically wear the same suit over and over again. Women, on the other hand, have the pressure of wearing a memorable gown. It is almost taboo to wear the same one twice. Hence, you would need to find something new for each event. Here’s why you should consider a formal gown hire:

The Cheaper Alternative

Sure, you could buy a new dress every time but this can be very expensive particularly if you are set to go to a number of events in a calendar year. Even celebrities don’t spend that much because they are sponsored with fashion designers. Instead of buying one off the shelf, you could get yours made from scratch by your favorite local dressmaker. This could end up cheaper and even more beautiful if you get a young talent to do the job. However, the cheapest alternative would still be to rent a formal gown. You will only have to spend a fraction of the price which is sensible since you will only be wearing it for a night.

A Wide Array of Style Options

Shops that provide gowns for rent tend to offer a wide variety of options for their customers. You need not worry about the styling as there are plenty of classic cuts and more avant-garde designs to suit different tastes. They also come in an assortment of colors. Just tell them about the theme for the event and they will offer several suggestions that you can start with. Through your feedback, they can search for options that best cater to your preferences. Do you want something simple yet elegant? Or perhaps something more eye-catching and memorable? They will take care of everything and make sure that you get a good fit.

No Excess Clothing to Deal With

Another advantage of renting your gown is that you will not have to deal with the dress after the event. There are lots of women who have collected a great deal of clothes and have no idea what to do with them. Some might resort to auctions, garage sales, or online stores. Others could give them away to friends and family. They are certainly too outlandish to give to charity. It is unlikely that they will fetch a price that is close to their original cost so selling them is always a losing proposition. If you rent, then you won’t have to shell out that much to begin with and you won’t have storage problems after.

Why Wear Funny Gym Shirts?

Everyone would agree that gym workouts, when done regularly are not always fun. Working out at the gym requires one to put a lot more effort and commitment to accomplish their goals. Additionally, to make exercise a habit, it is important that you have the right mindset and a smart approach towards it. Looking for ways to include fun in your gym sessions is a great way to your enjoy your workouts and get closer to your goals in a quicker and more efficient way.

How to make gym workouts enjoyable?

Wear funny gym shirts: Clothing can directly affect the way you think or do things. Choosing the right type of clothes for exercising can help express yourself while you are getting in shape. Wearing funny gym shirts during your workout at the gym will not only help you overcome the challenges of the workout routine, but also make it more likely for you to follow your fitness goals. Including a fun element into your exercise routine can help lighten a dull, intimating or boring atmosphere and make your gym time a fun and enjoyable. Crazy gym shirts, couples gym shirts, hilarious exercise shirt, fitness shirts with slogans or iron pumping quotes can be either be customized or can be purchased from the local market or a reputed online store.

Listen to Music: Listening to music when exercising in a gym can help distract you from your “bodily awareness” (pain or discomfort), making your exercise routine feel light and enjoyable. The rhythm of the music helps stimulate the motor area of the brain as to when to move and helps your body to perform self- paced exercises such as weight — lifting and running more efficiently. In addition, listening to music during your workouts helps elevate your mood and make you want to move, no matter how much you are dreading a workout.

Workout with friends: Training with a group of friends or colleagues is another fun way of enjoying your workout routine at the gym. This is especially a great option for introverts or all those who shy away from fitness classes or gym when solo. Studies have revealed that exercising together in a group helps release much more feel-good endorphins than when exercising solo. Working out in a group will not only help you stay more focused on special, complementary or shared goals( training for an event, losing weight or building muscles) but also help your workout routine a more fun and enjoyable affair.

Keeping your gym workouts fun and enjoyable is one of the best ways to continue your exercise routine, and stay physically, emotionally and mentally fit for life.

How To Shop For Strapless Formal Evening Gowns Online

Weddings, gala dinners and other occasions when you need to look your best requires a formal dress or gown that is classy and elegant. This may not be easy to do online, since sizing, colors and type of fabric are often not easy to determine with accuracy if you are not physically trying out the clothes. However, if you really want to take advantage of the many shopping options that online stores can give, here are a few tips to make shopping for evening gowns easier.

Choose your stores carefully.

Avoid cheap dress sites like the plague. Most of these sites sell cheap knockoffs of the dresses on their photos. Countless horror stories of people who have bought clothes from these sites should be enough to deter you from making the mistake of wasting your money on these dresses. Instead, choose websites by established sellers and brands.

Know your sizes.

Different clothing brands use different sizing standards so it is best to know what your base measurements are so you can compare these with the vanity sizes that differ from one brand to another. For the best measurements, you need a professional to take them for you. A seamstress or the alterations department in a clothing store may be able to take your measurements for a small fee.

Use sizing charts.

Sellers offer sizing charts to ensure that you get the perfect fit with each dress bought from them. All you need to do is look for your measurements on the chart and go from there to see which pieces fit you best.

Take note of brands, retailers and manufacturers that have reliable sizing options.

Not all clothing brands offer fool-proof sizes. If you have shopped online with good results, take note of these brands and names so you have a list of sellers that you can rely on for accurate sizing.

Choose sites that offer custom sizing or opt for alterations.

There are online sellers that offer ready-to-wear options, alteration options, and bespoke formal strapless formal evening gowns online. If you want accurate sizing and a flattering fit, go for a custom dress that was made just for your specific size. If you are in a time-crunch and cannot wait for a dress to be made, you can also choose a dress in a larger dress size and just have it altered according to your size. You can have the online store make the alterations for you, or you can also have it altered yourself.

Shopping for strapless formal evening gowns online can be fun but it also requires a bit of preparation and research. However, as long as you have your measurements and you know which stores, brands and manufacturers offer dresses with reliable fits, shopping for a strapless formal evening gown for your next formal dinner or black tie affair can go off without a hitch.