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Global SIM Card Vs Local SIM Card

Traveling abroad means being away from your loved ones for an extended period. You can bridge that gap through constant communication using your phone. The default way of doing this is to activate your carrier’s roaming services. However, the high cost of this service is driving people to look for cheaper alternatives. The two most prominent solutions are the global SIM card and the local SIM card. Both have several things going for them. The former can be used in different countries around the world while the latter is tied to a country but can provide cheaper rates. Read on for a deeper comparison of features:

SIM Switching

A person who travels rarely or focuses on a single destination may be better served by a local SIM card. Since there are lots of dual-SIM phones right now, just use the other slot for the local SIM while retaining the original one. Enjoy the low local rates. However, those who are moving from one country to another several time will probably want a global SIM card since one of these is enough to cover all of their destinations. They don’t have to keep buying multiple local cards and switching what’s inside their phones.

Credit Expiry

Another thing to watch out for is the longevity of the prepaid card and its credits. Local cards may expire within a few months. The same is true about the credits. In fact, some prepaid packages can expire within days or weeks. If you are moving to another country, then you will basically forfeit and waste the excess credits that you bought. If using a global SIM, then the credits will continue to stay active no matter where you go. You can budget your usage throughout the whole trip. The card itself will not expire for a long time even if you are not using it. Check the specifics of each card to learn more details.

Fixed Number

A local SIM will provide you with a local number that enables excellent communication if you have contacts within that country. For example, you might be traveling with a group and you want to stay in touch with them in case one gets lost or goes somewhere else. It’s also good for people who depend on local guides and need to use local services. On the other hand, a global SIM will provide a US number that people back home can call without incurring massive charges.

VRI Interpreter – A Growing Need In Seamless Communication

A VRI interpreter, also known as video remote interpreting (VRI) service, is a telecommunication service that leverages an array of devices, including webcams or videophones that help one communicator offer sign language or interpretation services to a recipient at the other end. The VRI communication process relies on a third party between two communication sides. For example, one person at one end may speak in a language, but the recipient may not understand that particular langue. So, the interpreter (the third party) relays this communication through sign language.

Since sign language is a universal language, it can take input from any language and relay it to a party that understands sign language. The interpreter communicates through a video link, which means that it is a live transmission. The interpreter can see the original communicator, and she or he translates their communication as it happens, and relays this to another camera, which sends the feed to an audience that may be of any size.

The Original Communication Process with an Interpreter

A VRI communicator is no different from an original interpreter who would sit with two people who didn’t speak the same language. When one spoke, the interpreter would understand the feed and translate that in the form of sign language to the recipient. This process would take place live. However, today, with the technology available, this process can help millions who may be sitting hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Technologies Used for Interpreting Communication Live

With digital technology widely available today, there are very few limits on communication today. There are various types of digital cameras with a sound transmission that have terrific quality. These can be hooked up via an internet connection and transmitted to people sitting far away.

Some well-known brands in the market near you have some of the best equipment. A visit to your local market will reveal the extent of the technology available to you. You can also browse some sites to see what all is available online. Some of the online spaces have a wide range of digital devices from a variety of brands. You can explore them all and see which ones are available for the best prices.

There are VRI interpreter services offered by individual organizations, and these are mostly professional ones that have been in the market for many years. Their services top-notch, and they have a high success rate with relaying communication. In this age of communication, services of this kind are becoming more valuable, and this industry is expected to grow further.

There Are IVR Message Examples

Use These Simple IVR Message Examples To Keep Your Customers Coming
Is your business trying to keep afloat of all the calls you get every day?

If yes, you should use IVR Messages. IVR or Interactive Voice Response is a technology that is designed to enable computer software to interact with humans through the use of Voice tone inputs through a keypad. It is a great system that enhances the use of dial pads for identification and transfer of callers to different services or to a call agent who can assist them.

IVR plays a vital role in enhancing effectiveness throughout the organization and in increasing sales of a business.

Here are some of the best IVR Message examples that you can use for enhancing customer experience in your organization.

For Greetings

• Thank you for calling ‘XYZ Limited’. If you know the extension of the person you wish to speak to, please dial it after the tone.

  • For Marketing, press 1
  • For Sales, press 2
  • To access our service list, press 3
  • If you wish to speak to a customer service representative, press 0

You should always keep your messages simple and to the point. Look at this IVR Message example for a telephone company.

• Thank you for calling “ABC Communications”.

  • For sim replacement, press 1
  • For confirmation of your voice messages, press 2
  • To register onto our prepaid service, press 3
  • For post-paid users, please dial 5
  • To talk to our next available call center representative, press 0

Your greetings should be very short so that you allow more options to be readily available to your customers.

When Your Client Has To Hold The Line

Sometimes, clients just want to talk directly to a customer representative. When this happens, more often than not, lines may be busy. Take a look at this IVR Message example that will ensure your clients hold on patiently.

• Please hold the line, as we transfer you to the next available agent
• Please hold as you are connected to the next available customer care officer

If the lines are still busy and the customer is being delayed, you should have an IVR message that explains the same.

• All of our call center agents are busy right now. Please stay on the line, your call is important to us
• We are sorry for keeping you waiting. Your call is important to us. If you wish to wait, please hold the line. If not, press 5, and we’ll call you right back and hold your place on the line.

Stay Connected To Friends During COVID-19

The pandemic has forced countries to go on lockdown. Life as we know it is now gone, replaced by the new normal of restricted movement, remote work, and reliance on digital platforms. As we all grapple with isolation with no end in sight, it is becoming increasingly clear that the physical reality is having profound effects on our mental health. Many are feeling lonelier than ever as they do not have anyone to talk to inside their homes. There is nothing beyond casual conversations with neighbors and shopkeepers. While some may be enjoying the silence, others may find that it is feeding their anxieties.

The Need for a Virtual Support Network

Would you like to stay connected to friends? Although we cannot congregate in the same spaces with our friends, we can use technology to create virtual support networks to help each other out. Digital connections can be a massive lifeline for those who are feeling crippled by the isolation. It provides a sense of normalcy as we can still be surrounded by our loved ones despite their distance. It reassures us that that we have others to hold on to when we need a steady hand. We can also provide the support that others need as we all learn to navigate through this crisis.

How to Initiate Conversations

Stay connected to friends is an easy thing for some and a difficult one for many. If you have friends that you are regular in contact with, then you will probably have an easy time sending them a message whenever you have something on your mind. However, if you have been estranged with a friend or relative, then it can be awkward to reconnect for the first time in a while. Think about why you want to reach out and what you would like to say. Do you want to check up on their current condition? Would you like to reassure them of your support? Do you want to mend broken relationships?

Understand that people are dealing with this crisis in different ways. Some are perfectly happy being alone with their family or even by themselves. They can use their downtime to pursue hobbies or do more work or play with the kids and pets. Others might be in a less than ideal state because they lost their job and are worried about the future. There are also people who dread being at home all the time because they are in a domestic violence situation. Be respectful of others and allow them to tell their stories according to their level of comfort.