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Data Center Costa Rica – A Great Location For Your Data Storage Needs

For businesses based in other countries but want their information to be secure and easily accessible, a Costa Rica Data Center can be precisely what you need. In Costa Rica, the government has made it very easy to establish a data center that will ensure that your company’s files are secure and kept in order at all times. The government even helps with providing licenses whenever needed.

Types of Servers

Two different types of servers can be placed into this Costa Rica Data Center. The first type of server room is the firewall room. This firewall capacity is a room that has actual physical hardware installed in it. In some cases, this can be the most expensive option, but it also offers the most security. It is also the safest option since it has all electronic components that can keep a person from tampering with or harming a server. Firewalls are a must for this type of server room.

The second type of Data Center Costa Rica Location is the location that is more economical but also less secure. This location does not have actual electronic components installed in it, but it does have an outdoor server pit. The pits are good locations to put the servers if the cost of indoor servers is too much. These pits are ideal for outdoor areas as they do not have to be protected from the elements.

Selecting a Data Center Costa Rica – Checklist


When selecting Costa Rica data center options, make sure that you consider the bandwidth that each one can handle. Bandwidth is the amount of data that is dealt with at any given time. If a data center is not powerful enough to handle the load, your website could go offline for data transfer. Some Costa Rica data centers cannot drive as much traffic as others. That is why you need to know the capacity of the data center before you choose it.


Before you decide on a Costa Rica data center location, be sure to choose the one that offers affordable annual fees. In addition, the data center should have enough space to meet the demands of your business. Be sure that the server room has enough power and the network connection is adequate for your needs. You can also check with your IT support company for more information.

Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is an ideal location for companies that need high-quality IT services. Data centers in Costa Rica offer affordable hosting packages at excellent prices. You can easily find a Costa Rica data center that suits your needs. With the help of data storage facilities in Costa Rica, you can easily store, backup, and secure all of your important data.

AT&T International Data Roaming For Business Travelers

Traveling for business can be difficult because you are often on your own to deal with adverse situations that require immediate solutions. You don’t have the infrastructure of an entire office building at your disposal. You don’t have the IT department to help you if you run into tech troubles. You are not even sure if you can get a reliable Internet connection in a place that you have never been to before. This is why it is important for these travelers to prepare beforehand. Take a reliable laptop that won’t let you down when you need it. Get AT&T International Data Roaming services for connectivity as well.

Work On-the-Go Wherever You Are

With data roaming services, you will be able to work wherever you find yourself in. The company has partnered with various network providers around the globe so you can use local towers to power your surfing. This means that you can connect to the 4G networks and send out your reports on time. You can perform research and use online tools. You can connect to the company’s remote server using VPN. You can finish making your presentations, checking your documents, and doing other tasks that require a connection. You can even go online to chat with your co-workers or call your family.

Enjoy High Speed Connections

Data roaming will be able to provide you with high speed connections away from home. Of course, this will be limited by the hardware and service level of the local networks but most countries already have stable 4G signals everywhere. These should be enough to download important files without the frustration of timing out multiple times. You can even stream videos and do other bandwidth-intensive activities. Check the average speeds in the country where you are going so that you can set your expectations about what you can and can’t do.

Choose from Various Data Plans

The company’s AT&T International Data Roaming can charge a flat rate per unit time or per GB of data consumed. Think about your data needs so that you can choose the best plan for you. They also have certain data plans for specific regions and applications. There are also all-in-one plans that include unlimited calls and messages. Call their hotline for the latest information and set things up right away.

Use Your Phone Without Modifications

It is possible to use others ways to connecting to local networks such as buying local SIM cards or International SIMs. However, this would require you to unlock your phone while may have consequences that you would rather not deal with. You will also have to use different numbers which can lead to confusion. With roaming services, you can use your phone without modifications.