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Raw Dog Food In Fraser Valley

We love our dogs so we try to give them the best of everything. This is especially true when it comes to food. They get special dog food that is supposed to be formulated for their needs. However, there has been a backlash against manufactured dog food such as kibbles. Many argue that these are unnatural and far from what our pets actually need or want. They are compared to processed food which are known to have undesirable effects on humans. Critics propose feeding raw dog food instead. After all, these are what dogs have been eating for thousands of years before they were domesticated. Examples include uncooked meat, whole bones, vegetables, fruits, and eggs. By using raw dog food Fraser Valley pet owners can expect the following:

Improved Digestion

Since dogs have evolved to eat meats and other raw foods, their bodies have adapted to digest these more readily than anything that we have come up with in the past. They will have less stomach problems and produce smaller stools. Their bowel movement should become more regular compared to when they were eating kibbles. This should improve their mood and their overall health.

Ideal Nutrient Balance

Raw food, particularly meats, should provide dogs with the amount of protein their bodies need to build muscle and grow stronger. They can get omega-3 fatty acids from fish. Other nutrients can be obtained directly from their natural sources. This is a far cry from what they can get from most kibbles which critics say have a excess of carbohydrates. We should always pay attention to diet as this will dictate whether the dogs are getting the right nutritional balance. Otherwise, they might suffer from nutrient deficits.

Shinier Coat

According to the proponents of raw dog food Fraser Valley, this has the ability to provide pets with healthier skin and shinier coats. Those who would like to see their dogs with nice hair whether for the shows or for their own satisfaction may try this feeding strategy. If your dog’s coat is looking dull, this might be what it needs for a turnaround.

More Energy

Dogs should also look more energetic after switching to raw food. Since they are able to digest this better, they should be able to make better use of the calories and nutrients contained in their feeds. They will be more happy to play around and engage instead to lying down all day.

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