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Why You Should Consider Buying An Electric Bicycle

If you need a vehicle to go around with, then consider getting an electric bicycle. This could be the perfect mobility solution for you if you do most errands alone or with just one other person. It should suffice as long as you are not carrying bulky items. Indeed, even if you already have a car, you may still find it useful and more preferable to use an e-bike on most days. Many owners are already doing this. Below are just some of their main reasons for owning and using an e-bike:

An Eco-friendly Ride

By now, everyone is aware of the pollution and other problems caused by fossil fuels. These energy sources are on their way out with supply becoming scarce and alternatives proving to be so much better. Electricity is considered cleaner with battery-powered motors not creating the toxic fumes that typical engines produce. There is less carbon emission as well, and this should help reduce global warming. Individual contributions may not be as effective as corporate solutions to the climate change problem but every drop in the bucket helps. A small ebike uses less energy than a big car and that’s a good start.

Relatively Low Cost

From a financial standpoint, an ebike makes a lot of sense as well. It only costs a fraction of what the cheapest brand new car model goes for. If you are on a tight budget but you need the mobility, then get an electric bike instead. You will end up paying a trivial sum every month instead of having to make a lot of sacrifices to make things work. You probably wouldn’t have to worry about a loan default. You can complete the payments within a reasonable timeframe. The maintenance costs and the battery charging costs will also be much lower.

Multiple Design Options

Electric bicycles come in many forms. Some of these will look like a traditional road bike with the motor hidden in the frame. You can go ahead and pedal like you’re used to but it will be a lot easier thanks to the battery’s assistance. There are also mountain bike styles for trails and fat bikes for snow or sand. Some ebikes are foldable while others are fixed. There are models that look more like motorcycles. You could install carriers and racks to improve storage capacity. You can go for large batteries for higher mileage or small batteries for lighter weight.