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Why You Should Adopt A TRX Exercise Program

There is no single magic pill that can turn a person fit overnight. Everyone has to work for it day after day for months and years. There is no single magic routine that can be recommended to all. Everyone will have to find a solution that suits their fitness goals, their lifestyle, their interests, and so on. Some might crave the focused environment provided by gyms with their equipment, personal trainers, and motivated patrons. Others might prefer working out at home where they can feel safe and at ease. If you belong to the latter, then consider adopting a TRX exercise program.

Total Body Workout

The TRX system uses suspension straps to provide a total body workout. You can work on all of your major muscle groups from the upper body to the lower body with this simple solution. Check out the different exercises that are possible from online resources. Virtually every kind of movement that you can perform with dumbbells and bodyweight can be replicated with even better results. You can also vary the angles to make them harder or easier. You can target different muscles with minor modifications. Most exercises will need your hands at the end of the straps but you can also use your feet for more interesting moves.

Highly Portable Equipment

Many start out eager to train and get fit again but this enthusiasm gradually wanes over time. Life may throw problems such as an avalanche of work, a need to travel, a sudden illness, and so on. It’s hard to get back your rhythm once routines are disrupted, unless you have equipment right at home. Install the TRX exercise program in your room so you can squeeze in exercise whenever you have free time. You can even fold it up and take it with you on trips. Mount it on a hotel door and start working out right away.

Continuous Core Development

Unlike the bulky machines that you see at the gym, this system does not limit your movements in one plane. You can go in any direction with a single mounting point and soft straps. These are inherently unstable so you will need to engage your core in every exercise to prevent jerky motions. This means that you can continuously develop your core even when you are focused on your upper or lower body. The added stability can help you lower the risk of injuries.

Types Of TRX Anchor Setups

TRX is a versatile tool for total-body workouts. The system is composed of durable nylon straps that can carry considerable weight which make them suitable for suspension training. There is no other weight being carried by users aside from their own bodies. One end of the straps have handle and foot cradle. The other end goes to the mount which provides the overhead support necessary to make everything work. Pick a suitable TRX anchor for the space that you have. There are three primary options to choose from: the ceiling mount, the door mount, and the tree mount.

Ceiling Mount

This is the most ideal anchor setup as it provides users with the ability to move around in any direction. They can go forward and backward. They can shift from side to side. Experts advice placing the anchor point at least six feet away from any wall for excellent mobility. This will make it possible to perform pull-up exercises and movements with similar orientations. Be sure to test the ability of the ceiling to support your weight. If the house is old and the overhead beams are in disrepair, then this might not be a good idea. Consider other mounting options instead.

Door Mount

Using a door mount is a clever solution for people who need to travel frequently. If you are always moving from one hotel to another, then maintaining a fitness regimen can be difficult. The TRX anchor are light and portable but you will have to mount them somewhere in your hotel room. The door offers a way to do this without leaving any trace. Ceiling mounts depend on screws whereas door mounts only require a removable stopper. Slide it onto the top of an open door next to the hinges. Close it and start your exercise. Take it out when you’re done.

Tree Mount

This exercise equipment is not confined to interiors. It is not like others that have metal parts which can rust and malfunction due to rain. You can set it up outside and leave it there if you wish. For example, many will mount it on a tree branch so they can exercise in the shade while enjoying the space and the fresh air. They might also install it on a rod or similar overhanging items around their home.

It’s important to test the load-bearing capacity of the mount before engaging in vigorous exercises to avoid accidents.