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Weight Loss Boot Camp

When it comes to preventing weight gain during the holidays, never go to a party hungry. Before you know it, you will be tucking into a tray of calorific canapés. Instead, fill up with a healthy snack, such as a bowl of lentil soup, before you leave the house. Make the most of your Christmas dinner. The main course can be healthy – pile lean turkey and vegetables high and keep fat- soaked roast potatoes to a minimum.

Avoid hidden sugar. Cocktails and cream liqueurs are packed with calories. Instead, choose white wine or vodka with slimline tonic. And go easy — you are more likely to crave stodgy, fattening food with a hangover.

Do not pick at food from the fridge. The calories all add up – if you are hungry, make a meal and sit at the table to eat. That way, it will be easier to monitor your food intake. Colour code your canapés. Avoid beige nibbles, such as pastries, which are high in fat, and pick brightly coloured natural choices.

Control your portion size. If you make too much pasta for dinner, put the remainder into single-serving containers, so when you next reach for something to reheat, you will only have one portion’s worth.

Hide snacks. Don’t keep bowls of nuts and crisps hanging around the living room because you’re sure to pick at them whenever you pass. Instead, keep snacks in a cupboard for treat time. If you throw a party, be smart with sweet leftovers. To avoid hoovering up the rest of the cupcakes yourself, send your guests home with doggie bags.

Burning fat a weight loss boot camp

Attention, many people think they can take a fat-burner to lose weight locally. No product can bring you that kind of effect. When your body burns fat, it does so by drawing fatty acids everywhere. It is therefore not possible to lose fat locally.

In general, these are products to be ingested in the morning and early afternoon, but you should avoid taking the evening because they contain exciting substances that can affect your sleep.

Indeed, the most interesting substances in a fat-burner are usually green tea, guarana, caffeine, synephrine and tyrosine. And all these substances have stimulating effects, in addition to potential effects appetite suppressant and improvement of fat melting. By the way, if you are wondering what fat-burner to choose, the answer is there. Those that contain these kind of ingredients are the most effective because they have a real effect while other substances have no interest.

The fat-burner is only dry, during a diet of weight loss, not all year.

3 Tips For Extending The Durability For Your New Bikram Yoga Clothes

After going to the trouble of investing in Bikram yoga clothes for your workout sessions, it is only fair that you take good care of them. Unlike common synthetic materials, some like Bikram require special care to prevent scorching, stretching, shrinking, and other forms of deformation that can ruin the fit and appearance of your clothes. Proper care can extend the durability of your new yoga clothes and save you money in the long run.

1. Use the right washing techniques

After every vigorous workout, your clothes may be drenched with sweat and will require cleaning. You need to employ proper cleaning techniques to extend the durability of your clothes and maintain their fit and structure.

Invest in a gentle washing detergent. Strive to use cold water and a gentle washing cycle unless if your clothes are excessively soiled. Even then, soaking the clothes in cold water for around twenty minutes can go a long way in getting out most of the dirt. Avoid hot water as it can cause fabric shrinkage. If you wear sweaters or other knitted Bikram clothes during your yoga sessions, you need to hand-wash as opposed to machine washing to protect them from stretching.

2. Use chemicals sparingly

Chemicals such as bleach may come in handy when you need to remove stains or disinfect your Bikram yoga clothes. You should use these products sparingly to prevent shrinkage of your clothes. If there are any stubborn stains on the fabric, make use of oxygen bleach which does not contain chemicals. Oxygen bleaches effectively remove stains and disinfect fabric without risking shrinkage.

Note that you should also avoid fabric softeners as they may contain chemicals that will do more harm than good to Bikram clothes. However, you can find an eco-friendly softener or make a DIY one with vinegar or baking soda.

3. Dry and iron correctly

Your greatest concerns when drying Bikram clothes should be the risk of scorching (turning yellow) and stretching. For this reason, you need to adopt the right drying techniques depending on the type of clothes. For woven tees and yoga pants, air dry flat on a clothesline or rack. The same applies to knitted yoga sweaters.

Avoid drying your clothes in the dryer as the high temperatures can scorch or stretch the fabric. If machine drying is inevitable, use low heat. Remove the clothes while they are still damp and air-dry them. Similarly, when ironing, use the low heat setting to preserve the color of your clothes.

Quality Bikram yoga clothes are not cheap, and they require proper care to serve you for an extended period. Follow these tips as you wash, disinfect, dry, and iron your clothes to protect them from getting ruined.

Get Fit At Womens Gym Auckland

If you truly want to lose weight and stay fit but have become bored of jogging on your treadmill, then taking up membership at Womens Gym Auckland might interest you. These are state of the art facilities where you will find many health solutions to meet your fitness goals. These gyms offer services of personal trainers, as well as the availability of the latest exercising equipment.

At Womens Gym Auckland there are sessions for fitness, weight loss, and cardio workouts. You will have access to good equipment, excellent coaching staff, and trainers, and a range of nutritional supplements to meet your dietary requirements for a fitness routine. The gym is an ideal environment to interact with other health enthusiasts while you enjoy a high-intensity workout. Regular exercising in the gym helps individuals burn a vast amount of calories on every single workout, which is the reason why Womens Gym Auckland is considered very good for those who quickly wish to drop down their weight and stay fit in the long run.

Some of the best women gym in Auckland hire the best trainers for integrating drills and exercises that enhance not just cardiovascular fitness, but endurance as well and help improve muscle strength and flexibility. These reasons make women gym the best option for those who wish to enhance their general fitness.

Fitness is a complete health package that benefits not just the body, but the mind and spirit as well. To put it in simple words, if taken up as a regular routine, fitness exercises have the tendency to go beyond a person’s physical health. It enhances an individual’s sense of discipline as well. You will find many gyms and health facilities in Auckland that are exclusive to the membership for women only.

You can visit the gym, check the equipment and talk with the trainer regarding your fitness goals before you decide on joining a gym. Some gyms also offer group discount so it is a good idea to gather your ladies friends and head to the nearest gym near you to get details on all fitness training and schedules. If you like to have a personal trainer at these facilities you will find some gyms in Auckland that offer personal, one on one coaching sessions as well for an additional fee. Do not wait and compromise on your fitness, get admission to the women gym near you and get in shape to live a happy and healthy life.

A Brief Intro To Fitness Vacations

A fitness vacation could be the ideal opportunity to experience different locations, right from a dude ranch to an exotic island. Different locales would offer experiences of their own, which would usually include a fitness boot camp, health spa, and/or holistic fitness retreat. Certain other places could provide aerobics classes, and a healthy food-themed or weight loss retreat. Usually, these getaways evoke physical and mental rejuvenation through physical activities, nutrition, stress reduction, social outlets and travel.

Based on your health retreat’s theme and location, outdoor activities could comprise guided or solo hikes, biking, obstacle course activities, beach walking, morning walks, and even horseback riding. Some people could glean more success and motivation with group activities; others may choose to take the solo approach. The destinations may also offer packages for a night, or several weeks or months.

Vacationers who are keen on highly intensive fitness vacations would find fitness boot camps ideal. Activities could include early morning hikes, cardio workouts, and kickboxing. Moreover, visitors may be part of exercises such as water aerobics, circuit weight training, and various team sports, like volleyball. To keep vacationers motivated throughout the vacation period, some locations could have personal trainers on-board.

If you’re interested in a slower-paced, laid-back trip and just need some stress-relief, a holistic retreat or spa would be ideal. Generally, these destinations provide activities that entail yoga, stretching exercises, meditation and Pilates. Quite often, these retreats strongly focus on diet and nutrition too – some could even provide organic food package choices.

Also, certain destinations focus on vacationers with an adventurous spirit. Often, these locations provide a lot of adventure-based activities, such as windsurfing, parasailing, and kayaking. In case the place is located on a mountain, there could be opportunities for rock climbing, river rafting and rappelling.

If your primary objective behind a fitness vacation is to lose weight, you have multiple options to choose from. Several destinations may put you through extensive exercises, counseling, therapeutic exercises, daily goal monitoring, and blood work. Some of them also offer cooking classes, along with instructions and tips on shopping for the right food.

One thing that you would commonly come across all these fitness resorts or vacation sports is the focus on healthful, wholesome meals and nutrition. Nutritionists could be available around or on call always at these fitness resorts to ensure every guest gets the meal specifically devised for him/her. They also supervise the entire meal planning process for the resort. These fitness vacation resorts usually strive to offer well-planned meals that are meant to optimize nutrition and health.

Reach Your Goals With A Weight Loss Camp

If you’ve been trying to lose weight but seem to be struggling to get the excess weight off, a reputable weight loss boot camp in Whistler, Canada might be the perfect solution. Of course, even if you haven’t been dieting in the recent past, a camp program can be an excellent way to get your weight loss off to a great start. You’ll not only get important information regarding the best way to shed those extra pounds, but you’ll also get the motivation to help keep you on track.

You’ll find camps that offer a variety of different options, including stays of varying lengths; however, at the core of these programs you’ll find experts who are committed to helping you reach a healthy weight while also learning how to make healthier lifestyle choices. Many people fall into the trap of not getting enough exercise or choosing unhealthy meal options, especially given how busy the average person is today. Fortunately, there are some easy tips and techniques that can help you get a well balanced diet, even once you leave the camp.

Learning how to make the right lifestyle choices is at the core of any long term weight loss plan and it certainly is an essential component of being able to keep the weight off. When you choose to attend a weight loss camp to help you get that jump start on your weight loss efforts, you’ll come away with a greater understanding of what it takes to be successful. Whether it’s a few days or a week or more, the time you dedicate to focusing on your health and weight loss will pay off for years to come.

It can be hard to make changes when you’re in the midst of the same routine that caused you to put on the extra weight, but removing yourself from your everyday situation and spending some time focusing on your own weight loss can be the push you need to make some much needed changes. You’ll be able to come away from the camp with a greater knowledge on how to maintain your weight loss, but you’ll also have established some new habits, ensuring you’ll be even more successful once you return home.

Many people find that losing weight at a quality camp is the best way to turn around their lifestyle so that they can start enjoying a higher quality of life. Losing weight, eating healthy, and participating in an active lifestyle not only helps you to look better, it can also be an important factor in how you feel.

How To Achieve Your Fitness Goals

A lot of people try to get fit year after year only to quit midway. They never reach their goals because life gets in the way and they become distracted by other things. It can become a frustrating experience that makes them unhappy and unhealthy at the same time. If you see yourself in this, do not despair. You can break the cycle once and for all. It will not be easy as you already know but it is not impossible. Millions have been able to transform themselves. There is no reason why you can’t join their ranks.

Perform an Honest Evaluation

Before you can do so, you must conduct an honest evaluation of your past attempts. Use this as an opportunity to find out what exactly went wrong in each of them. Did you get sick along the way? Did you develop an overuse injury because you did too much, too soon? Was your schedule too busy to accommodate workouts? Did you set unrealistic goals? Did you keep unhealthy habits that reduced your progress? Did family or business emergencies force you to abandon the project?

Make Fitness a Priority

After finding the key issues, think of ways to deal with them if they ever come up again. Anticipate all of the things that can go wrong and devise solutions this early. Consider how you might be able to limit the possibility of their occurrence, or at least their impact on your life. An example would be overuse injuries that may force you to rehab instead of training. If you are a runner, then perhaps you can cross-train with cycling or swimming. If you have a tight schedule, then you might wake up a bit earlier to finish your workouts before life gets crazy. Make fitness a priority and find ways around challenges.

Change Your Lifestyle

Don’t get caught up in fads. The latest popular diets might seem promising but maybe they are not for you. Consult your doctor before jumping into them, especially if you are taking medicines for chronic ailments. There are certain things that never go out of style because they are proven to be effective. Quit smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. At the very least, reduce your dependence on these substances. Go to bed earlier and avoid refined sugars.

Get a Personal Trainer

Finally, you may want to get yourself a personal trainer who can keep you accountable to your own goals. Sometimes you need an extra push from someone else to get you to do that workout when you would rather doze off. You will feel better after completing your session. Your coach can also teach you exercises that target your weak areas and get your closer to your targets. Find a Rozelle Personal Training expert today.

Why It Is Better To Lease Than To Buy Gym Equipment

At no point have people been more conscious about their health. Perhaps it is because we know and understand more today because of science. The reasons behind our health issues are clear. The path to a better life is laid out. We know that we must maintain our fitness to improve our well-being. The drive to lose weight and get fit is there in abundance but people need guides and tool to help them. That’s why gyms come in. It’s a booming business that a lot of entrepreneurs are cashing in on. You can, too, with the aid of Gym Equipment Leasing Companies. Here’s why you should seek their assistance:

Open the Gym Right Away

Sure, you could buy the machines instead of leasing them which has its own advantages. The equipment will be yours with no further concerns. However, you have to consider that each can cost a fair amount of money and that purchasing each one outright will require a significant fortune. Add the cost of the fit out, the rent, and other expenses. It will all add up to quite a massive sum. If you don’t have this yet, then you will be forced to wait for a long time while you save up for the funds. Lease and you can open your gym right away and take advantage of current opportunities.

Add New Machines as You Need To

Leasing is not just for the people who are trying to open a gym. It is also for existing owners who might want to expand or upgrade their current facilities. There are certain fitness trends that boom from time to time. Gym goers might be asking for this before they sign up putting pressure on you to deliver. For instance, you might favor functional exercises but running is big and lots of people want to have access to treadmills. Heaty duty treadmills with good horsepower and incline settings cost a lot of money. The same thing is true for stair masters and similar machines. With leasing, however, funding is not an issue.

Soften the Blow to Your Finances

Indeed, getting a lease is one of the best ways to spend without digging such a big hole in your pockets. You won’t have to worry about your savings getting all wiped out because you will only need to shell out a small amount in payment every month. This leaves you a lot of room to address the other needs of the business. You will not be helpless in case you face an emergency situation.

Why You Should Opt For Adjustable Dumbbells?

The best adjustable dumbbells are a must-have in any home gym today. They are the excellent all-in-one free weight solution that offers easy weight adjustability and a perfect compact size which makes them ideal for home use. There are a lot of reasons why adjustable dumbbells are considered the best type of home gym equipment today, but here are the top reasons to give you an idea why many people prefer this type of fitness equipment.

Workout Variety

When it comes to fitness, free weights are very important. The health benefits that these fitness equipment offer cannot be matched by any other system or machine, simply because they are completely unrestricted and free. You can use them in almost any exercise to workout almost any muscle group. And since a single dumbbell can be adjusted into 15 different weight settings that boost your workout opportunities, you don’t have to reach for different weights on every exercise.

Versatile and Convenient

Adjustable dumbbells are versatile, as it allows you to adjust between many different amounts of weight. You can adjust between 5 pounds to 50 pounds and shift between 10 to 15 different weight settings. This provides you flexibility to achieve the right amount of weight you are looking for. In addition to its versatile quality, adjustable dumbbells are super convenient and compact which help save space in your home gym. So you don’t need to have 15 sets of dumbbells that take up almost half of your gym space because you can have 15 sets of dumbbells packed into one.


You don’t have to buy a separate set of dumbbells for each amount of weight. You can choose one set for 10 pounds, 15 pounds, 20 pounds, and so on. If you plan to have a conventional set of dumbbells from 5 to 50 pounds, for instance, it would costs you around $1000. But if you go for a set of adjustable dumbbells, it would only costs you about $300.

Perfect For All Experience Levels

Adjustable dumbbells are the perfect equipment for all experience levels. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced weightlifter. If you are a beginner, you will surely find that the easy weight adjustability helps you build muscle and strength easier as you can take advantage of the compact, precise weight increase. Stronger or more advance weightlifter can use this all-in-one weight solution for all types of exercise whether it be isolated or rigorous.

Because of the tons of opportunities that the best adjustable dumbbells offer when it comes to fitness, they are perfect for anyone who wants to add free weight to their workout routine, regardless of their experience level.

Dressing Up As Alice In Wonderland

fancy3504Dressing up as Alice in Wonderland is one of the favorite costume ideas on fancy dress parties and special events, such as Halloween and other special events. Children and young girls like depicting Alice from the classic animated Disney film, while teenagers and young adult women are more likely to copy Alice’s fashion in the Tim Burton’s 2010 film. Some like to veer away from the ordinary and dress up as one of the memorable characters in the book, such as the Mad Hatter or the Queen of Hearts.

Alice’s dress, props and accessories are easy to replicate, but the look also offers plenty of opportunities for personalization. Here are some ways to wear an Alice in Wonderland fancy dress without losing your personal charm and individuality.

Decide which character you like to impersonate

The most popular character is Alice, but you may also opt to dress up as a rabbit or even a playing card. If you love the classic story and want to be unique, try dressing up as the original character illustrated in the book. The illustrations are in black and white, allowing you to just copy the pattern of the dress and use different colors of fabrics for the apron, ribbon and the whole dress.

Dress as “You” in Wonderland

Most costume parties love uniqueness and would not mind even if you veer away from the details of the original characters. Be the female version of the Mad Hatter and changed that eerie black hat into a hot pink one. Don your child in a plush and comfy Tweedle Dee and Dum, or have him melt hearts by dressing him up as a cute little Mad Hatter. You may also dress up as an adult Alice from the latest movie, while your baby girl is dressed up sweetly as little classic Alice in Wonderland.

Dress according to season

Throwing a white-and-blue petticoat over Alice’s usual skirt can help you stay warm yet still be in character. If it’s a winter costume party, try donning a snowy white rabbit as a costume or wrap a thick scarf or muffler around your Queen of Heart’s collar. Go for a shorter blue or yellow skirt in summer, or wear a breezy adult playing card costume.

Choosing Sports Nutrition Products

Sports nutrition products are different from the regular food we consume in various ways. First of all, they are focused on providing optimum performance. They are specifically developed to make athletes of all levels recover well from training and be at their best during competition. They can only do these tasks by having carefully selected ingredients that trigger the right types of response from the body. Second, they are usually in convenient packages to make it easy for people to carry them along to the gym, the road, the mountains, or their favorite playground. Look for the following when choosing products:

Brand Reputation

Sports nutrition manufacture is a highly complex endeavor. A lot of resources are required to create compelling products that truly provide excellent results. So many companies shower customers with promises but only a few deliver. This is why it’s important to seek items that have unimpeachable brand reputation. Go with the most trusted sources which have been around for years. They have already been tested by experienced athletes and continue to give outstanding results. Read up on reviews and ask friends for recommendations. Browse articles that go beyond the hype. You want your purchases to be worth every penny spent.

Scientific Research

danny3503Some manufacturers will do anything to boost their sales. They certainly won’t hold back in praising their merchandise. Don’t just believe in the claims on the label or the marketing materials. Everyone wants to sell their products so you have to be careful when to believe or not. If you hear a fantastic claim, search for scientific research to prove this before even thinking about a purchase. Let the theories be backed up by evidence made up of cold hard facts. It’s best to see multiple sources that are independent of each other all pointing to the same conclusion. Beware of sponsored studies which may be plagued with bias. Seek out the results from respected institutions.

Safe Ingredients

With all the controversies surrounding performance enhancement, athletes need to be extra careful about everything that they put into their body. Each person is ultimately responsible for his actions. There could be products that seem benign but turn out to have banned substances or chemicals that are above the prescribed limits. These will create unnecessary problems for the athletes and could be detrimental to their health. Screen everything before consuming them and stick with approved merchandise. If trying new things, don’t do so all at once. Introduce them slowly, one by one, to isolate any possible adverse reactions. Move on to the next once the coast is clear.