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Guide To Jacksonville Food Trucks

The food truck is the main asset of mobile catering business. These are vehicles with a high cost. However, this cost should not be an expense, but a good investment. For this reason it is essential to guess when choosing a new truck.

At first it may seem that all new food trucks are similar. However, there is a wide variety of nuances that must be taken into account. To optimize your fleet of vehicles it is necessary that you always choose those that are specifically adapted to your needs.

Determine the specific use of your truck. Keep in mind the specific routes that this truck will take. Also, the type and size of the cargo to be transported in it. It does not make sense to buy a larger truck than necessary, but you can not be short either.

In case your cargo has special characteristics, such as refrigerated transport or Jacksonville Food Trucks, your new vehicle should adapt to them. It is common to buy trucks with more power than necessary just in case. However, a more powerful truck will not only be more expensive, it will also consume more fuel.

Study well the power that your new truck needs to have taking into account the trips you are going to make. You can not be short, but neither can you exceed, or you will be losing money.

One of the most common mistakes when buying a new truck is not to search and compare. Many times you go directly to the trustworthy dealer and you get the one you are recommended, or the one from a more recognized or prestigious brand. The fact that a truck meets your needs does not mean it is the best you can buy. Maybe another one adapts even more to what you need, or that is cheaper.

Invest time looking for alternatives and comparing them. Your business will gain profitability and efficiency. Buying a new truck is too important a decision to delegate to it. It is something that you must personally involve yourself with.

At the time of visiting each dealership you must already have a very clear idea of the type of truck you want. Otherwise, there is a danger that they will try to sell the one that interests them the most. Do not stay on top with any of the trucks that are offered to you. Limit yourself first to gather information about those that interest you.

Then make a list among those that meet your needs and fit into your budget. Compare them among themselves trying to be as objective as possible. Evaluate the pros and cons of each truck.

Benefits Of Using Catering Trucks In Florida For Your Next Event

If you are planning a party on a nice Florida day, you have a few options when it comes to the food. You can do all of the cooking yourself, however, this can be a lot of work. You can also have it catered by a professional catering service, however, set up can be time-consuming and a caterer can be expensive. One great option is to hire catering trucks in Florida. There are several benefits of using a catering truck.

No Work For the Host

If you are hosting the party and you are cooking yourself or picking up a catered meal from a restaurant, it is a lot of work. You would need to create a menu, shop for food, handle the prep work, and then cook everything. After, you will need to clean up your messy kitchen. When you hire a catering truck to bring the food, there will be very little work for you to do.

Catering Trucks Have Fan Favorites

If you are going to have a restaurant cater your event, you will be limited to the types of food that you serve. If you hire a food truck, you can get all of the foods that people love. A food truck can serve pizza, tacos, or empanadas. If you are looking for more hearty food, you simply need to ask.

Multiple Trucks Mean Multiple Types Of Cuisine

If you want to serve several types of cuisine, it is easy if you hire a catering truck. You can bring in one truck to serve the appetizers. Next, a truck serving burgers, Mexican, or barbecue will arrive to serve the main course. Finally, you can bring in a dessert truck that will serve donuts, ice cream, or both.

Fresh Food

If you are going to hire a caterer, you don’t know how long the food has been sitting in the chafing dishes. Many caterers will prepare the dishes the night before, therefore, you cannot be sure that the food is fresh. When you hire a catering truck, the food is prepared made to order. This way, you can be sure that each of your guests is getting the freshest, hottest food possible.

Great During the Summer

If you are having an outdoor party, it can be difficult on a hot day. The food will sit out in the heat and it can quickly spoil. Also, bugs can get into the food. You won’t have to worry about any of this with a catering truck. Since the food is made to order, it won’t be sitting out exposed to the heat and bugs.

If you are planning a party or an event, before hiring your usual caterer, you should think of all of the benefits of hiring a catering truck.

Tips On How To Hire Food Trucks

Find Food Trucks

Food trucks make a good add to any event, allowing you to cater to the needs of your guests without having to invest on equipment and space. You can save a lot of money on catering by simply hiring a food truck.


Before hiring a food truck, consider whether the company is legally allowed to operate in your city by checking out their licenses and other permits.


It is equally important that you find a food truck company that provides you with a wide variety of trucks to choose from. This will serve as proof that you are working with a professional company.


Before hiring food trucks, be sure to carefully read the terms and conditions. This is especially important if you want to avoid hidden costs most companies charge customers who fail to go through the contract.


With so many food truck companies to choose from, finding one with reliable and affordable services shouldn’t be too difficult. In order to save money on hiring food trucks, search the internet for companies offering affordable services.

Parking Space

Designate at least a three car parking space for your food truck. If you have more than one truck, set aside their space early.

Selling vs Free

You may choose to either sell food or give out for free. If you’ll be selling, then you’ll need to determine the cost of each type of food. You may also prepay for the food and then give it out for free at your event.

Power Source

The truck you hire might require a power outlet or a generator to run. If you’ll be using a generator, then consider the noise and set it away from the action.


The type of food you serve at your event should be well thought out. For instance, if you are working on a budget, consider serving meals that are both easy to prepare and lowly priced.


None of your guests should miss out on anything at your event because they are spending too much time in the line waiting for food. Estimate the number of people attending your event and have the right number of attendees helping serve the crowd.


It would also be wise to consider the number of trash cans to provide for your guests. For an even smoother experience, consider assigning someone to keep checking to ensure the trash cans are emptied every now and then.

The trick to finding the right truck to hire and enjoy your experience is to take as much time as possible to research on available options.