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4 Great Reasons To Switch To Plastic Free Drink Bottles

Most people want to help the planet and reducing plastic is part of that mission. Following are some major reasons why switching to reusable bottles will be great for you as well as the environment.

  1. Less waste with a reusable bottle — people use around 50 billion plastic free water bottles every year in the US, which costs 17 million barrels of oil. Only 23% of these are recycled! Even if more people made an effort to recycle, the country would still be paying the environmental costs of bottling, transportation and so forth.
  2. Save money — the markup on plastic bottles of water is astronomical because of the water supposedly coming from fresh water springs or mountain streams. You can save a significant amount of money by simply filling your reusable bottle with water at home.
  3. Protect your health — plastic isn’t only damaging to the environment, it’s harmful for your body too. Studies show that the polycarbonate plastic used in many household items and food products, slowly leaks bisphenol-A (BPA), a chemical, into the liquids and foods that are stored in containers manufactured from this dangerous material. These chemicals can not only alter hormones in the body, but have other adverse affects on the body and can also cause permanent injury or even death to animals as well.
  4. Do your bit and join the worldwide movement — do what millions of people are doing all over the world by ditching those plastic bottles and switching to eco-friendly Plastic Free Drink Bottles.

Still more good reasons to switch to reusable bottles
Plastic bottles contain plastic fibers, meaning that you’re actually swallowing plastic every time you drink from a plastic bottle! You can prevent this by simply using a glass bottle or stainless steel flask instead.

Environment-friendly alternatives to plastic bottles
Although plastic bottles are convenient and user-friendly, they are causing untold damage to the environment. It is estimated that there are about 46,000 plastic items floating in the sea and when plastic is not recycled, it will take more than 1000 before it decomposes!

With this in mind, it makes sense to switch to an environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic bottles, such as:

Glass — although fragile, it keeps drinks tasting amazing and stay cold for longer than plastic when out of the refrigerator. It is also way more recyclable and maintains the same high level of quality no matter how many times it’s recycled.

Stainless steel — these days, stainless steel bottles are made with a lining to eliminate that metal taste. The lining also keeps water and other liquids cold for even longer than glass. Being a natural conductor, a metal container will keep cold liquids cold and hot liquids hot.

Super Glue For Varicose Veins

Super glue for varicose veins are a common problem for both genders and all ages. Most women will experience this and so will a large number of men. It can start as early as the late teens and get progressively worse as one ages. Veins are extremely important parts of the circulatory system as they are the channels that are used to get blood across the body. However, they can malfunction with blood pooling in certain areas causing them to enlarge. The worst ones can get really painful with aches and cramps. Even something as simple as walking can become a difficult activity for those affected.

How Adhesive Treatment Works

A number of treatment options have been developed to help patients get relief from this painful condition. One of them calls for the use of adhesive to seal the damaged veins and prevent blood from pooling in them again. It starts with the placement of a catheter inside the leg through a small puncture. A sticky glue is then pumped to the edge of the catheter as it makes its way across the length of the veins. An ultrasound machine acts as the guide. Once the glue is in place, a gentle compression is applied to the area to close it down.

Advantages over Other Treatments

This treatment is minimally invasive in that it does not require the patient to go under the knife. Only a tiny needle puncture is needed to insert the catheter and get the process started. This means less pain during the procedure. Only a small dose of local anaesthesia is given to help with pain management unlike surgeries which require much more.

The procedure does not take long at all. In some cases, the doctor can be finished in as little as 15 minutes. Patients will be happy to see instant results as well. Once the veins have been closed, the swelling will be gone and the pain will subside.

Since the process was minimally invasive, there is no wound to speak of. Patients will be able to bound back quite quickly from the treatment and resume their regular activities. They will not even have to deal with problems like scarring because the puncture should clear up right away.

Using super glue for varicose veins is indeed a revolutionary step forward in the treatment of this pervasive condition. It makes the problem easy to solve so people can focus on their lives instead of their pain. Those interested should talk to their doctor immediately for consultation and assessment for compatibility with the procedure.

Plastic Free Drink Bottles

Lemon balm herbal tea: this herb has relaxing properties that act, above all, on the walls of the stomach, so it is indicated to calm pains, gastrointestinal disorders caused by stress, agitation, anxiety, headache, tachycardia and nervous palpitations.

Lavender herbal tea: a natural cure-all to relieve headaches and bad moods, this plant has antioxidant and antidepressant properties against anxiety and disorders such as migraine and palpitations.

Draining herbal teas using Plastic Free Drink Bottles are the ideal choice to combat the stagnation of liquids, which cause swelling and blemishes. This type of drink has diuretic properties, which help fight water retention. Naturally, the effectiveness of these infusions and herbal teas is linked to the medicinal plants and the ingredients that are used for their preparation.

Birch herbal tea: with phytotherapeutic properties, this plant has a draining and diuretic action, able to counteract cellulite. In addition, birch has anti-inflammatory properties, thanks to the content of active ingredients such as flavonoids, tannins, vitamin C and caffeic acid. Horsetail herbal tea: plant with a draining and remineralizing effect, it is indicated for those suffering from low blood pressure, as well as for those who have problems with cellulite. Rich in magnesium, potassium, calcium and silica, horsetail also strengthens teeth and nails.

Herbal tea: a plant that counteracts water retention, this herbal tea can be prepared together with peppermint to improve the taste. Rich in essential oils, mucilage and polyphenols, it has diuretic and antiseptic properties.

Who needs to lose aweight and getting back into shape, you might think about using infusions and slimming teas: in fact, in addition to healthy and correct nutrition and constant and adequate physical activity, this type of drink can be considered as a diet to lose weight. valid allies. Among the excellent expedients to deflate, there are fat-burning infusions.

Mint tea: from the digestive properties, this type of herbal tea and Plastic Free Drink Bottles reduces the sense of hunger and should be taken, therefore, before meals, using fresh leaves. Ginger and lemon herbal tea: ginger and lemon accelerate the metabolism and reduce the sense of hunger, especially the first contains gingerol – which makes it a real natural fat burner – while the second eliminates abdominal swelling.

Herbal tea mate: this herb has fat burning and slimming properties, stimulating diuresis, activating the metabolism – thanks to its thermogenic properties – and calming nervous hunger.

Hibiscus herbal tea: to lose weight, this herbal tea is also excellent, thanks to its fat-burning properties. Green coffee herbal tea: this is the normal coffee harvested before it reaches full maturity. This drink helps to reduce the absorption of fat, thanks to the methylxanthines – of the substances with a lipolytic action – and to the chlorogenic acid, which reduces the absorption of sugar by speeding up the metabolism.

Test Ketone Levels At Home

Blood ketones tests are carried out by diabetic people and those who are on ketogenic diets. You may examine your blood or urine for ketones. However, since urine testing results aren’t the most accurate, the ADA (American Diabetes Association) recommends the blood ketone testing method instead.

If you are a diabetic, you must discuss at-home blood ketone examination process with your physician to confirm if such an approach is right for you and when you must be performing the tests. During illness, ketone testing is imperative.

At-Home Testing Blood Ketone Meters

To test ketone levels at home, you would require a testing kit that comprises the ketone test strips and the lancet pen, along with a blood ketone meter. The meter can also be used for reading blood glucose testing strips. The test results would be downloaded to your computer.

For ketone testing, you would need ketone test strips – glucose test strips cannot be used to test ketone levels. Also, the blood sample should be sourced from your fingertip and not any other part of the body. Strips could turn out expensive, particularly if your insurance doesn’t cover the costs.

When buying test strips, make sure you buy the right test strips; they should not be interchangeable. Make sure the strips aren’t expired – both at the time of buying and testing your blood. With expired strips, you cannot expect accurate results.

Also, strictly refrain from using used strips bought online. While used strips could be legal, you are at the risk of receiving an expired item or one that has not been stored properly.

Diabetes and Ketone Testing

Individuals with diabetes do ketone testing to look for ketoacidosis signs. If you are a diabetic, you must resort to ketone testing when you:

• are feeling sick
• your blood sugar numbers are more than 250
• are experiencing dehydration signs

Increased blood ketones could be indicative of your blood sugar dropping too low overnight. Studies state that monitoring blood ketones helps decrease hospitalizations and emergency room visits. Also, it improves recovery time in people with diabetic ketoacidosis.

Ketone Testing and Ketogenic Diets

If your blood glucose level is normal, your blood ketone levels could be at their peak in the morning. However, many people have also reported that their ketone levels went up as the day progressed. If you would like to keep a daily track of your blood ketones, picking a time of the day and sticking to it would provide you the ideal comparison. Certain factors besides your diet that could cause fluctuations are exercise and a healthy lifestyle overall. Also, eating high-carb foods would significantly bring down your ketone levels.

The Significance Of Mad Honey In Health

Mad honey is a precious commodity due to its medicinal benefits and high economic value since the olden times. However, deciding on the right amount of mad honey to take is not easy, mainly due to the toxic effects that come about with consumption of large amounts of this type of baby. Mad honey is in use in several countries. It excites the brain eliciting a feeling of calmness, happiness, and self-contentment. Besides, it is believed to cure arthritis, and it also anti-cancerous. Buy Mad Honey Online to experience its therapeutic effects. If you are figuring out the significance of Mad Honey, you don’t need to worry below is information on the honey to guide you through its use.

The Dosage Principles in Mad Honey

Correct Mad Honey dosing is critical for many reasons; for instance, it is essential to consider the uptake of Mad Honey that the body can put up with effectively. It is particularly important because of a compound found in mad honey that has adverse effects on the body systems if absorbed in large quantities. Secondly, the medicinal effect you intend to get from will regulate the amount of Mad Honey you can use. The processing and brand of mad honey that you are buying may apprise an increase in dosing or reduction.Mad honey can be ingested or applied to the body depending on the intention of use. You can Buy Mad Honey Online if it is not available in your local stores.

Medicinal Properties of Mad Honey

You may experience the superior effects of the mad honey by ingesting it. The grayanotoxin allows the mad honey to have an impact on other body systems including the nervous and digestive system. However, you will experience the effects of mad honey after 15-30 minutes of ingestion.
Mad honey has a lot of therapeutic befits that include;

Anti-Carcinogenic Effect

You can add mad honey to your diet to protect your body from cancer. Besides, Using Mad Honey impacts the body systems, by suppressing the overgrowth of cells that cause cancer.

Cure for Arthritis

You can reduce inflammation and relieve pain caused by arthritis by using mad honey. If you are taking other drugs, you may consider consulting your doctor.

A cure for Burns and Other Skin conditions

Applying Mad Honey directly into the skin has a healing effect.The topical application is harmless since it has fewer effects on metabolism. You can use it on skin that has sunburns and wounds; it will relieve pain cure the wounds in addition to softening the skin.

Introduction To Lifeboat Davit

When it comes to diving and Lifeboat Davit, liquids are lost by evaporation, breathing dry compressed air through the dispenser, which is moistened during passage through the mouth and the respiratory tract. This loss, apparently imperceptible, is actually significant.

You should always drink before you are thirsty. Thirst, fatigue and dark colored urine are signs of dehydration, which require you to take liquids, taking care to avoid drinks that contain alcohol or caffeine and preferring water, fruit juices or “sports drinks” with a balanced salt content minerals.

There cannot be a single type of universally valid planning; however, it may be useful to refer to a general scheme that makes the task easier by compiling a list in which the dive planning is broken down into 3 basic categories. The material must always be in good condition and efficient. Therefore a check is needed every time you use it and frequent revisions. All this must be done so that the material can always be used at the desired time.

All the material must always be checked before going into the water. Particular attention must be paid to that of the students or in any case of less experienced divers. In particular, the quantity of air must be sufficient in relation to the type of immersion to be performed. It is therefore correlated to Lifeboat Davit parameters such as maximum expected depth, dive time, and any decompression stops. Other parameters to take into consideration are the water temperature, the fatigue expected to be sustained during the dive and, if known, the average consumption of the diver.

After the diver has assembled and worn his equipment the companion must carry out the pre-dive and Lifeboat Davit checks. A healthy diet and adequate exercise are the key to prevention. You cannot change your eating habits overnight. Start gradually reducing the quantities a little at a time and beginning to give up some goodies and excessive portions.

Set yourself achievable Lifeboat Davit goals, for example losing a pound, maximum one kilo, per week. More could be harmful. Avoid miracle diets. You could lose many pounds right away, but these diets are often unbalanced and don’t help you build a new and lasting food discipline.

Do regular exercise. It improves cardiovascular function, bone condition and helps to lose weight. Try to do at least 30 to 40 minutes of aerobic exercise three to five times a week. Exercise burns more calories and fat, helps the development of new muscle mass and increases resistance to effort.

The verification of the correct assembly and wearing of the equipment is a phase of preparation which, if performed correctly, reduces the risk of unforeseen events during the dive.

Budget-Friendly Juicers A Hot Commodity

A more nutrient-rich eating routine is the way to a healthier lifestyle, that’s why many people choose to juice because it offers numerous advantages. But it can become confusing when it comes to choosing the best slow speed juicer that meets your needs and is budget friendly. There are only 2 things you need to consider when picking a slow speed juicer.

There are two main types of juicers: masticating and centrifugal. Most people choose centrifugal juicing machines because they cost a lot less and typically offer an easier cleanup. Their very popular among first-time juicers, especially those with a limited budget. You also have masticating juicers, which are very high-end and cost more, and these juicers deliver more pulp. However, you can get the same level of health benefits from buying a centrifugal juicer.

The Best Slow Speed Centrifugal Juicers

1. The L’Equip Pulp Ejection Juicer: Space saving, attractive and perfect for a beginner juicer. With any juicer, the main goal is to get every last bit of juice possible of the fruit or vegetable, and with high ratings, L’Equip outperforms many mid-level juicers. It has a pulp-ejection system that eliminates clogging and it’s easy to clean. It also has an attractive price tag that starts at around $100. When it comes to overall value and performance, this is one of the top picks.

2. Breville Juice Extractor: This model is simple, yet powerful. It has a stainless steel disc that separates the juice from pulp and a safety locking alarm that ensures everything remains inside the juicer. It has averaged 4.5 out of 5 stars and most people comment on the extra large pulp collector with allows you to juice for longer before stopping to remove and clean pulp. The parts are dishwasher safe, and there are several models with a good mix of prices and features.

3. Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor: If you don’t want to invest big bucks, this Hamilton Beach juicer is budget-friendly. It has an extra large tube to feed fruits and vegetables into the unit, and because it’s quite large, you don’t have to worry about cutting up the items. It’s dishwasher safe, has an attractive stainless steel design and is priced around $60. It works efficiently, and the only downside most users comment on is it can be noisy, however, most juicers are quite loud. It’s a smart purchase if you want to discover a healthier lifestyle without spending hundreds of dollars.

Since all centrifugal juicers work basically the same way, you just need to decide how much you’re willing to spend and what features are the most important to you. In terms of budget, you can pick up a decent entry-level juicer to get into the routine of living healthier for under $60. There are a ton of reasons why you should introduce juicing into your life, and nowadays, most devices are pocket-friendly.

How To Fight Depression

People who suffer from depression should not take this situation lightly. Contrary to past believes, depression is a clinical condition and has severe health consequences. Not only it disrupts the life of the individual who suffers from depression, but all the people who care for the individual also suffer from seeing their loved one in a miserable state. If a person does not seek for depression treatment, it leads to great difficulties and ongoing conflicts that are a hurdle to keep life on regular track, and it becomes difficult for the person to take any interest in life. So if a person is depressed the primary concern should be how to fight depression, and overcome this emotional imbalance.

A person who suffers from depression is not in the right state of mind. With time depression leads to more stress and frustration and nothing will feel right. In such situations, it is good to keep certain things in mind and act accordingly with a mature and responsible attitude.

The first way of depression treatment is to acknowledge the condition and confine with your loved one. When you speak about your feelings, you get the weight off your chest and your loved one will comfort you and can help you seek medical assistance for the condition. Communication is the key to connect, and when a person feels depressed, they should not hesitate to talk about it.

Another way to fight out depression is to relish and cheer the happy moments of life. Meeting people you love, remembering the good days of life, helps take off the stress. Nothing helps someone to come out of depression than to travel down the memory lane and remember the good times. Try to go through the times you cherish. Going through your photo albums especially that of your wedding can be one great idea. If you suffer from depressions, going back to the times you were in high spirits will help you built the strength to overcome depression.

You should seek medical help. Depression is a medical issue, and you can find qualified psychologists, therapists, and coaches who can help you with this problem and provide you with a treatment plan. If you are in a severe depression where you feel overwhelmed by the emotional stress, it is crucial that you seek medical help without delay. You should consult with your family, and take your case to a qualified doctor. If you follow the treatment plan, move with a positive attitude, and be in the company of family and friends you will be able to fight and overcome depression.

Avoid These Heart Attack Risk Factors

Knowing the risks is the first step toward avoiding a heart attack. If you decide to live a healthy life you can raise your chances of avoiding a heart attack or stroke and the potentially fatal consequences that these medical emergencies bring. Read on to know how to lower your heart attack risk factors.

Know the heart attack risk factors.

Knowing the risk factors can help you modify behaviors so you can do something about them. Heart attacks are caused by a number of factors but they often work together to produce these incidents. Some of these factors are beyond your control, such as your age, gender, ethnic background, and family history. Older individuals such as those over 50 years old are at a higher risk for heart attacks. Women’s risk for heart attacks may increase and even equal that of men once they reach menopause, however. Having a family history of heart diseases also raises a person’s risk.

Fortunately, there are also risk factors that you can totally control. These include:

-smoking and/or drinking alcohol


-living a sedentary lifestyle



Numerous studies have shown that smoking directly contributes to the incidence of heart attacks and that smokers have a risk for heart attacks that is 3 times higher than the average person. Alcohol can also increase a person’s heart health risk, raise triglyceride levels and cause irregular heartbeat which can worsen a preexisting heart condition that could lead to a heart attack.

Bad eating habits contribute to high cholesterol and poor nutrition. Overeating and living a sedentary lifestyle contribute to high levels of low-density cholesterol or bad cholesterol which leads to high blood pressure. High blood pressure forces the heart to pump harder which puts a strain on the blood vessels. Over time, this leads to tissue damage. Dietary changes and increased physical activity can help you maintain healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels, especially when paired with medication. A healthy diet is an effective weapon against heart disease so it is important to switch to natural, healthful meals with fruits, vegetables, greens, grains, poultry, and fish, and little to no red meat, sugars, and processed foods.

Changes in these areas are also crucial in the management of diabetes, which is another heart attack risk factors. Patients with diabetes have twice the risk of developing heart disease compared to the average person.

Isolation, depression and constant exposure to stress can also put a strain on the cardiovascular system, predisposing you to increased risks for heart attacks because they result to the production of hormones that cause arteries to constrict, raising blood pressure. Living a more mindful lifestyle, strengthening social bonds and reducing stress can help reverse this process.

Heart attacks may not be totally preventable especially because genes and family history play a crucial role in their pathology. However, you can drastically lower your risk by taking a more active role your physical and emotional health.

Interesting Ideas For Unique Lifestyle Blog Topics

If you are constantly toying with the idea of interesting blog post topics to write about but can’t seem to come up with something, you shouldn’t worry because you are definitely not alone. Well, brainstorming is not an easy task, especially if you are just starting out as a new blogger. It takes a lot of perseverance to come up with captivating blog topics on a daily basis. Nevertheless, it’s an awesome exercise that you can engage in to make your planned blog more unique, intriguing, and meaningful. One of the areas where you can dabble with when it comes to blogging is to set up a lifestyle blog.

Here are a few ideas you can start with.

1. Health and Fitness

Health and fitness is certainly one of the most common and popular topics for blog posts. There are hundreds if not thousands of blogs dedicated to the health and fitness topic. However, this does not mean that you cannot come up with unique topics to write about in this area. Try to focus on an area in health and fitness that has not been explored or one that is under-explored. For instance, you can focus on health and fitness topics that target busy professionals and business executives who are always on the go.

2. Inspiration and Motivation

The other area which is lucrative and holds great potential for a successful lifestyle blog is in the area of inspiration and motivation. Again, this does not mean that the subject is totally unexplored. However, you should try to find a creative angle and come up with motivation and inspiration topics that will interest a certain target audience. The trick here is to find a specific target audience that is not well catered for. You can consider targeting a neglected audience such as new immigrants, refugees, ethnic/racial minorities, or the disabled.

3. Travel and Leisure

This is another lucrative area you can get interesting and unique topics to write about for your blog. However, this is an area that has been widely explored and you need to be more creative in order to stand out. Try to focus on travel destinations that are off the beaten path and leisure activities which seem to come and go, like fads.

In a nutshell, coming up with topics for a blog focusing on lifestyle can be quite daunting. Fortunately, it is not impossible if you push your mental creativity the extra mile. Overall, the trick here is to focus on niche lifestyle sub-topics that are under-explored or totally ignored.