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Understanding The Scope Of Insurance Fraud Investigations UAE

Insurance Fraud Investigations UAE has always been a challenge for all insurance professionals. The insurance industry in the UAE is huge, and the country’s population is constantly growing. As a result, the demand for skilled and knowledgeable insurance professionals is on the constant rise. In addition, all kinds of fraudulent insurance claims are also on the rise. This poses a great challenge not only to the insurance industry but also to the country’s well-being.

Insurance Fraud Investigation is a Necessity

The need for Insurance Fraud Investigations UAE is obvious. Every year there are several reported cases of insurance company fraud. The sad reality is that people are willing to take advantage of the vulnerable people who are searching for ways to solve their insurance problems.

Irregular Payments as an Indicator

In order to prevent these cases from happening, all Insurance professionals in the country must be aware of the warning signs. The first and foremost sign to watch out for is irregular payments. Most common in the area of life and health insurance, irregular payments could be due to many reasons. Some may be due to the clients’ failure to pay for the services. Others may be due to the overages charged by the company.

Checking out the Policies

Another common sign that should attract the attention of investigators is sudden changes in the client’s policy. If an Insurance professional observes that there has been a drastic change in the policy, they should take action. There are two ways that these fraudulent insurance claims can be resolved – one is to contact the client and offer them a compromise. The second is for the Insurance firm to open investigations. Both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages.

On the other hand, investigations in the UAE go on even if the fraudulent activity has not yet been conclusively proved. This means that the Insurance company may not yet find enough evidence to file a case against the suspect. In this case, it may still be necessary for the Insurance firm to conduct more extensive research or investigate further.

The Extended Scope of Insurance Investigation

There are several types of fraud covered by the laws of the country in which the Insurance company operates. Under these laws, some activities considered to be deceptive are also illegal. Fraudulent activities involving the transfer of property, the provision of false information, the concealment of documents, and the use of forged documents are all subjected to severe penalties. Insurance fraud investigative divisions in the United Arab Emirates take these crimes seriously and work hard to put these criminals behind bars.