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Tips For Buying The Best Mad Honey

Mad honey is made when bees feed on the pollen of rhododendron flowers. It is reddish and has s slightly bitter taste. Moreover, some rhododendrons contain grayanotoxin, the element responsible for the hallucinogenic effect on humans and animals. The grayanotoxin is a natural defensive mechanism in the plant against herbivores. In the market today, mad honey is available in refills and shots. Although mad honey can cause a hallucinogenic effect, it may relieve some health conditions. You can find mad honey in food stores, specialized online stores, and e-commerce platforms. Below are some tips for buying the best mad honey;

How to Prevent Poisoning

An overdose of mad honey can be poisonous, leading to vomiting, excessive sweating, hypotension, and complete atrioventricular block. Therefore, you must understand the dosage of mad honey before using it. To curb poisoning, avoid using fresh mad honey. Similarly, it is recommended that you store the ou honey for six months to reduce the risk of poisoning. You can safely take the honey when boiled either alone or add milk, hazelnuts, or sour apples. Alternatively, you can consume it along with onions which mitigates the risk of poisoning.

Refund Policy

As earlier stated, you may purchase your mad honey in the food store or specialized online store. When ordering your shots online, it will help to know the refund policy of the store. A good online store will allow you to return defective shots for a replacement or refund. Furthermore, get to understand their terms once you have paid for the product. Some vendors will require that the shots be in their original conditions for you to receive a refund. Also, they may have a time limit when you can return the product and caters to the return shipping cost.

Carry out Thorough Research

Remember, you seek to buy unprocessed pure honey that should offer a laxative effect without compromising your health. Even though various local vendors and online stores are selling mad hone, it is essential to note that only a handful may sell uncontaminated honey. Besides, the honey should be sourced directly from the farmers and lab-tested. Thus, before making your purchase, carry out your research on the vendors. You may check customer reviews to know the services and the product quality of the vendor.


Mad honey is known for its hallucinogenic effect, at the same time has health benefits. You can use mad honey to relieve colds, gastrointestinal issues, and hypertension. Hence ensure that you do not overdose yourself since it will cause you more harm. Do not take fresh mad honey to avoid poisoning. Therefore, buy your shots from a reputable vendor for uncontaminated honey directly sourced from the farmers.