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Choosing A Basic Meditation Course For Beginners

A basic meditation course is usually for beginners and does not usually encompass spiritual aspects. Beginners typically start with the basic meditation steps to learn how to relax and calm their bodies. This process helps them learn how to control their breathing and become aware of when their breathing starts to slow down or become hyperventilating. After learning these simple skills, they can move on to more complex meditation techniques, such as yoga meditation and other forms of meditation.

Breathing Exercises for Meditation

A course for beginners often focuses on breathing exercises. These exercises, called pranayama, help beginners find the right way to breathe to control their thoughts and actions. This also allows them to improve their mental awareness and self-awareness, essential to reaching a meditative state. Because pranayama is often done when sitting down, it can be done anytime, even on the job or while waiting by the phone.

Yoga and Basic Meditation

Courses that focus on yoga meditation focus on achieving enlightenment through the various movements of the body. They teach the basics of moving in a meditative way and achieving the best relaxation possible. Because the focus of this course is achieving enlightenment, beginners will find that it is often longer than a basic meditation course. However, once the student has mastered yoga meditation techniques, they may find that they can go through a meditation course faster.

Learning Online

If you have an interest in learning and practicing meditation but don’t want to go to a particular monastic institution, you might consider taking a basic meditation course at your local community center or through email courses that are available online. The benefit of these programs is that you get the same level of instruction from someone who belongs to a highly respected tradition, such as a monastery. Since the material taught in these courses is similar to the stuff taught at a monastery, students often find that it is easy to understand and practice.

Learning Basic Meditation Yourself

There is also the option of finding a basic meditation course that does not depend on a specific instructor or school. Many people feel like this provides them the opportunity to explore the subject on their own, without having to rely on a single resource. These courses may use audio recordings, DVDs, or CDs as the source of instruction. They may also use classical texts, meditation guides, or other visual aids. In this case, the teacher is not necessary, although the methods and techniques used may be a bit different from those found in a more traditional setting.

Some websites offer basic meditation course materials for no cost. You may even find a course that offers a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the product. This allows you to try the course before making any financial investment. Before you invest money in the programs offered on these sites, make sure that they meet your needs, or you might want to look elsewhere.