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Network Configuration Software Uses And Need

Network Configuration Software is software used to configure the network settings of a computer or other device connected to a network. The most common type of Network Configuration Software used on the Internet is Web Browser Software, which enables users to view website content and interact with websites by way of clicking links and submitting form data.

Configuration Software consists primarily of settings that define how devices connect to communicate using predefined protocols. A protocol is an agreement between two or more devices about what information they are going to send, where they will find it, the format it will be sent in, how it will be encoded, what speed it will be transferred at, etc. The file formats used for transferring these types of data are known as the Internet Media Types, and they are defined in RFC (Request for Comment) 2046. The most widely used set of protocols on the Internet today are HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol), RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol), FTP (File Transfer Protocol), IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol), SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol).

Network Software is usually implemented using GUI software. A GUI (Graphical User Interface) is a type interface that uses graphics to represent data held by the computer system. The two most common types of Network Configuration Software GUIs are Web Browsers and Command-Line Interfaces, although other types exist, such as Graphical Device Managers.

A command-line interface uses symbols and text to give the user an interface through which they can type commands. Commands are usually given as a string of words separated by spaces and allow users to run computer programs, change settings, etc. An example of a command-line interface is DOS Prompt in Microsoft Windows XP or the Unix Terminal.

A GUI-based Network Software usually consists of representations of data associated with the system being managed. For example, if you have five computers connected on a network, one might have icons representing each device’s IP address, MAC address, hostname, etc. Other information about devices might be displayed elsewhere depending on what it is needed for – for instance, Time-To-Live values could be parsed from RTP protocols sent by devices during streaming video sessions, which would be displayed in a separate GUI.

In conclusion, Configuration Software can be implemented as Web Browser software or other types of GUI-based software and is used to configure a computer connected to a network. The justifications for using Network Configuration Software are that it saves time and can do more than manual methods.

4 Signs You Need The Dual International Travel SIM Mobile Phone

If you have shopped for a mobile phone recently, you must have come across dual SIM mobile phones. So, do you really know what these phones are all about? Well, you don’t have to be a genius to figure out that they use two SIMs. However, there’s more to know about these devices. For instance, both SIMs can be from the same network provider or from different providers. But, do you really need such a handset? Here are signs to indicate that you are a perfect candidate:

You Have Two Mobile Numbers

Do you have two active lines that you regularly use? It could be one private line and one business line or both lines may be private. Regardless, a dual-SIM mobile phone saves you from buying and carrying two phones. Actually, the best dual international travel SIM mobile phones support the use of two active lines at ago. So, you can always answer calls from both lines on the same device conveniently.

You Want More Network Coverage

It’s quite rare to be in a situation where you are not able to connect to two separate networks at one given time. So, having a dual SIM handset allows you to enjoy better network coverage on one line when the other is not up to full strength. This ensures that you are always connected.

You Are a Frequent Traveller

Do you often visit foreign countries? It can be expensive to use your line there. However, it’s cheaper to use a local line. Since it’s not a good idea to have your line switched off, having a dual SIM handset allows you to have your usual line on plus the local one. With such flexibility, you can decide which line to use at a time. From another perspective, it is a great way to save while travelling.

You Want Accessibility to More Deals

As earlier mentioned, you can insert two lines belonging to the same network or from different networks. This allows you to access more deals for data as well as call time using both SIMs.


From the above signs, you now know if you should be shopping for the best dual international travel SIM mobile phones or just a single-SIM handset. In the case of the former, you simply don’t have to buy two mobile phones. It’s actually cheaper and very convenient for you. Like any other item out there, you will only get the most out of your dual SIM mobile phone if you purchase from a reputable dealer. So, always carry meticulous background research on the retailer before paying for a dual SIM mobile phone.