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The Benefits Of Self Defence Classes For Kids

Self defence classes for kids are an excellent way of improving a child’s self confidence and social awareness. These days, the risk of child abduction is higher than ever, and many children are taught to trust adults and do as they say. It is important to tell children that not all adults are trustworthy, and that they should be ready to resist if anyone attempts to lure them away from their normal surroundings.

While good for general fitness, traditional martial arts – like Karate and Taekwondo – are not the best techniques for children to learn to keep safe on the streets. Due to the size difference between adults and children, these fighting styles are only of limited use against a determined adult attacker. Instead, it is best to teach children how to avoid potential attacks before they happen, and show them simple moves to help them get away, in the event that they find themselves in a threatening situation.

A good self defense instructor will explain to children that they should never walk away with someone other than their parent, or whoever was supposed to be taking care of them that day. The instructor will tell them that adults do not need help from children, so if an adult ever asks them for help – such as to find a lost kitten etc – that is a red flag.

Should a child come face to face with an abductor, a self defense class can teach them some life saving techniques. For example, all children should make as much noise as possible, if someone tries to force them into a car or an alleyway. If a stranger grabs their wrist, children can learn how to quickly twist and release their arm so they can run to safety. If a stranger grabs them from behind, there are maneuvers that allow children to stamp on the stranger’s foot and wriggle out of their hold, before pushing them away so they can flee.

If a child gets bundled into the trunk of a car, they should be taught to look for removable panels in the trunk containing wires for the breaks and tail lights. If the child tears these wires out, the police may then pull the car over. If the child is thrown into the back seat of a vehicle, they should be told to instantly try the doors and attempt to escape straightaway.

A good self defense class will instill these habits into children, which could mean the difference between them evading an abductor or becoming another statistic.