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Choosing The Best Waiheke Island Hotels

Waiheke Island is the second largest island in the Gulf of New Zealand. People who have vacationed here have positive things to say about the island. Aside from boasting some of the most luxurious hotels in the world, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy on your stay here as well. Tourists can choose from a selection of wineries, soaking up the sunshine at top spots like Onetangi beach, or going on an Eco Zip adventure. For those who like taking it easy, the Waiheke golf club is worth a visit.

When it comes to accommodation, vacationers are really spoilt for choice. Whether you plan on staying for a single night, a week or a lengthy month there is a hotel to suit your personal preference and taste. They are a total of 46 hotels in Waiheke Island, and some of them offer discounts of up to 51%. Hotel rooms start from as little as 12 USD per night in Waiheke Island as well as surrounding areas. So depending on your personal preference, the number of people you are traveling with and budget you will definitely find the right hotel for you. Hotels are rated from two stars up to five stars, and as you would expect, the more stars a hotel receives, the more dollars you will pay per night.

Some of the basic amenities and facilities that you can expect in one of the hotels in Waiheke Island are gardens, self-serve laundry facilities, barbecue grills, luggage storage, free Wi-Fi and free parking, free toiletries, private bathroom and basic homeware such as cookware, dishware, and utensils. Hotels that are priced higher up include luxury facilities such as smoke-free guestrooms, indoor pools, private gardens, refrigerators and so on. Hotels that are priced higher also have designer furniture and accessories, much bigger rooms than budget hotels and have more expensive finishes as well. Ultimately, the type of hotel that you choose will all depend on your personal preference and budget at the end of the day.

So if you plan on taking a family vacation and enjoying and taking in all the sights and sounds that Waiheke has to offer, then you probably only need a place to sleep. In that case, a budget hotel or motel would serve its purpose. However, if you plan on spending much more time indoors, then opt for four or five-star Waiheke Island Hotels.

How Can I Find Really Cheap Plane Tickets?

There are so many theories about finding Really Cheap Plane Tickets that the booking process can seem overwhelming. Some theories are true and some are not, and some advice does not apply to all destinations. There are some methods, however, that anyone can use to find low airfares.

Use Budget Flights

Budget carriers usually have the cheapest fares. Make sure you know what is included in the airfare before you book. Many budget carriers advertise their fares without taxes, but taxes and service fees add at a lot on top of the basic fare.

Generally the cheapest fares do not include check-in baggage, meals or drinks.
Many low cost airlines fly to secondary airports that are located outside the city, so make sure there are public transport options from the airport to the city. In the end low cost airlines generally have the lowest fares, especially if you travel short distances without check-in baggage.

The Cheapest Departures

The peak times for flying are Christmas and New Year, Thanksgiving in North America, school holidays in Europe in July and August, and any national holidays or big events when everyone flies. Airfares are always high just before these important holidays or events. If you want to get cheap flights for the Christmas period, you need to start looking several months ahead.
If you are able to be flexible about your travel dates, you can avoid paying the highest fares. Flights that leave in the middle of the week, or that leave early in the morning or very late at night, are often the cheapest. A flight that leaves on a Friday evening to a popular weekend destination is always more expensive than a flight that departs in the middle of the week.

Frequent Flyer Programs

It is a good idea to sign up for an airline’s frequent flyer program. It does not cost anything and if you fly often, your points add up. It takes a lot of points to get a free international flight, but you can often pay part of an airfare with miles or points, and the rest with cash or a credit card. If you are a frequent flyer you will also get newsletters from airlines, and sometimes these contain special deals that are not advertised to the general public.

Is it possible to find really cheap plane tickets anymore? If you are willing to fly budget airlines and are flexible with times and dates, it is often possible. Flying without check-in baggage and flying outside the main holiday seasons always help when looking for low fares.

Snagging Bargain Airfare Anytime

One of the most stressful parts of travel arrangements is the ticket price, but there are ways to find bargain airfare. Aside from using discount travel sites, there are tips to keep your costs low.

To start, here are three tips that will instantly lower the price of your plane ticket:

1. The best time to book a flight is 60 days before departure, which will save you up to 40 percent

2. The best time of day to fly is in the evening, which can save up to 8 percent

3. The best day of the week to fly is Tuesday. Flying on Tuesday can save up to 12 percent

Even with these tips and tricks, searching for flights online at the best price can still be exhausting. Everything is available, the problem is what method to use, where to look, when and with what possible shortcuts. And yet, there are still more ways to find bargain airfare.

*Try Searching Incognito

If you think the price of a flight changes often after searching it several times you are not crazy and your computer is not broken. In fact, the airlines change the prices of low cost flights based on your browser’s cookies, especially when they realize that you are looking for these flights repeatedly.

*Use the Best Search Engines for Low-cost Flights

All search engines for low cost flights impose their own fare on the real ticket price in exchange for the service they offer, some (such as Expedia) are much more expensive than others. Use various services to get an array of prices, like Google, Kayak, and Trip advisor.

*Use Low-cost Airlines

Low cost or budget airlines offer much lower prices than the big well-known companies, but of course this provides for small sacrifices during the trip, like no food and drinks, and less space.

*Choose Flights with Multiple Connections

Yes, it’s a headache when you want to fly non-stop but the cheapest flight includes two or more connecting flights, but it will save you money.

*Fly Into A Smaller Airport

If there are multiple airports in the city you’re flying to, check to see if there are price differentials according to the different airports. For example, in Washington DC, it is cheaper to fly into BWI airport, instead of Ronald Reagan or Dulles International. However, this could become a problem if flying into a cheaper airport takes you too far from your final destination, but check to see if it’s worth it.

That Last Minute Ticket

If you’re trying to find a bargain for a last minute plane ticket, then it;s gonna take some compromising on your part. While airlines generally reward the cheaper reservations that are made well in advance, when airlines have too many seats available, they will price lower to get rid of them. You may only get a small price reduction, but then it takes combining some of the mentioned tips to get your full reward.

Senior Fitness Vacations For The Active

According to tourism statistics, no group has grown as much as senior citizens. In fact, senior fitness vacations make up the largest share of tourism, and those numbers continue to grow.

Older people 55+ years are considered a model customer in the travel industry. They travel more often and longer, put more emphasis on quality, and spend more in comparison to the younger generation. Today’s retirees are very different from older people of earlier generations. For decades, the focus was on crafting classes, daily dancing, and other low key events, but today’s modern senior citizen wants more adventure and fitness weaved into their travels.

No Rules for Exploration

Seniors have a longer life expectancy and stay healthy longer, and physical fitness is keeping them young at heart. Here are some of the popular fitness retreats seniors are choosing;

1. Therapeutic Yoga– a few days to heal the body and mind through a gentle yoga practice. In this retreat seniors learn restorative postures, exercises, massage techniques and movement awareness, which can implemented into a daily lifestyle to relieve sore joints, bad postures and habits that sometimes damage the body.

2. Weight Loss Retreats — remain popular, especially in the United States. Seniors receive personalized attention in luxury accommodations, while learning how to master healthy cooking, nutrition, and overall, embracing a healthy-minded lifestyle. These types of retreats also educate seniors on incorporating low-impact exercise into their daily schedule and not only lose weight, but improve their range of motion. Many guests prefer an experience that is specific to them, and groups of friends can vacation together while overhauling their fitness routines.

3. Spa Fit Boot Camps — this continues to be one of the most popular vacations because it combines fitness, wellness, relaxation, and definitely a stress reliever. These programs are designed to provide seniors with an integral well-being and maximum relaxation. In just a few days, anyone can achieve a physical, mental, and emotional balance. More importantly, just about all of these retreats allow seniors to combine fitness into their spa requests, like yoga, hiking, and golf.

Vacationing Abroad

There are many companies that offer targeted fitness programs and include sightseeing opportunities. Many of these fitness vacation centers ensure seniors have caregivers, nurses, a doctor, a nutritionist on staff, cooks and fitness instructors — enough to take care of every need. These types of vacations offer specialized services focused on improving the quality of life and independence of the elderly, and since longevity is on the up-rise, seniors can be sure that more fitness vacations will be available.

Affordable Motorhome Destination – Okeechobee, Florida

Fishing enthusiasts and vacationers alike enjoy Affordable Motorhome Campground Okeechobee Fl. Okeechobee is well known for the size of the lake and surrounding waterways that surround it. Affordable camping for motorhomes includes many spacious lots with concrete pads. Each campground usually offers many activities and amenities.

Spacious lots

Enjoying the beautiful region with spacious lots to open your slides, set up your outdoor area, and crank up the barbecue are really important. Most campgrounds offer streets of covered or uncovered pads that form your vacation community. A large lot gives you a little privacy and helps you feel right at home when you set up your patio area.

Concrete Pads

Concrete pads are important especial if you are driving a diesel Class A or C Motor home. Diesel homes are usually larger and heavier. Finding the right campground that you can level out and not worry about shifting is really important. Without the right foundation under your motorhome putting out the slide and leveling can cause serious damage if the leveling supports shift.


Most campgrounds offer many activities for all ages alike. Pavilions and club houses host a variety of arts, crafts and games. In the evenings there are common areas that have picnic tables to join in with other campers to enjoy music and evening entertainment. Pools at the campgrounds will help cool you off after a day of activities. The lake which is shallow for its size has some of the best bass fishing available in the country. Okeechobee Lake and Waterway extends all the way to the Atlantic Ocean and to the Gulf Coast including locks, levees and an array of beautiful tropical and everglade vegetation for you to enjoy. If you also brought your boat, boat slips are available for rent or the many boat launches in the area provide easy in and out access. Boat rentals are readily available if you want to rent. Bass Fishermen enjoy easy access to the lake shores and waterways where schools of bass like to hide.


Daily, weekly and yearly rates are available at the grounds that include water, electric, gas and sewage, other may charge an additional fee with the lot rental. Wi-Fi is also included on the grounds as well as trash pick-up and maintenance of the areas. Laundry, Shower, and Bath House facilities are included in the lot rental, if you want to shower before or after the pool.

Pet Friendly

If you are traveling with your pet remember to check ahead of time if the campgrounds are pet friendly. Most campgrounds are pet friendly, but do have some rules and regulations you may have to follow. Vacationing with your pet can be a great experience for the whole family.

Choosing A Vacation Rental Agency

Paris remains one of the most visited cities in the world. The place has everything from romantic sceneries to delectable food to exquisite culture. You can come here several times and always find a new object of fascination. Just make sure that you book a nice accommodation in advance since millions of tourist flock to the city every month. They can quickly fill the capacity of the most popular options leaving you high and dry. Don’t let this happen on your dream trip. Plan ahead and be diligent in selecting a vacation rental agency to help you find the perfect room to call home.

Study the Options Provided

Check out the various agencies online so that you can begin to study the possibilities. See what each of them have to offer. Are the options near Central Paris where the best tourist spots are concentrated? How long will it take you to go from the apartments to the places you would like to see? Can you walk all the way or will you have to take public transport? Are these situated in good neighborhoods where you can feel secure even if you stay out late? You may want to consult Google Maps for this and go to Streetview for a taste of what you might experience. Note the prices, floor areas, facilities, and amenities.

Read the Online Reviews at Travel Sites

Before you book an apartment, be sure to check about the experience of other tourists. Take advantage of the fact that millions have come before you and they all have their own stories to tell. Many of them have probably used the agency that you are considering. Search for reviews and see what previous occupants have to say. Some things might look incredible in the pictures but reveal themselves as problematic once you’re already there. Avoid having your dream turn into a nightmare. Nothing beats the practical tips and detailed descriptions that you can get with reviews. Always read both positive and negative posts for a balance view.

Communicate and Evaluate Their Response

After a while, you will probably gravitate to one agency or another. Trim down your list further by communicating directly with their staff. Tell them about your concerns and evaluate their response. Did they answer your questions right away or did you have to wait for a long time? Did you get a satisfactory answer or not? Did they provide you with good options for your stay or did they leave you hanging with an automated response? You want to deal with an agency who is willing to go the extra mile to make your vacation comfortable and memorable. Don’t settle for anything less. Consider Cobblestone Paris Rentals.

Riding Tips Offered By Blue Mountains Horse Riding Experts

Not all horse riders are experienced. However, this does not mean that such people cannot enjoy horse riding. It is a fun activity, and all that inexperienced people need to do is to act appropriately, to ensure safety. Blue Mountains Horse Riding trainers offer some tips for all beginners. Some of the tips include:

Acquiring an insurance cover

When planning to ride a horse, first check with your insurance policy and verify whether it will take care of any injuries acquired in the processes. Horse riding is like any other sporting activity, where players are exposed to injuries.


Safe footwear is essential for safety purposes. Go for strong, durable boots that do not have laces. Laces are caught in the top of the stirrup. This means that if you fall, your foot will be caught in the stirrup. Other features of a good boot include a non-slip sole with a half-inch heel. For better protection of the top part of your foot, go for leg chaps. They come in handy in covering your lower leg snugly, and the top of your foot, partially.

Riding location

It can be tricky to choose a riding location. Whichever location you choose, ensure it is tidy, and the stables are clean. Take some time to analyze the horses. They should be calm and sedate. A horse that is well taken care of will listen to your instructions as you ride. Those that live under poor conditions will be excitable, and will not pay attention to your instructions.


If you have never rode a horse before, do well to tell the instructor in the facility. Horses fall under two categories, most of which will have a ‘hard mouth’. This means they have experienced so much with novice riders that they have become insensitive to certain commands. It is risky for non-riders to ride a frisky horse without any brakes. Experienced riders can stop the horse by using other skills. They will also not scream to scare the horse if it decide to run. Beginners can always get systematic instructions from the instructors. If you practice often, you will get the concept within a short time.


By following the mentioned Blue Mountains Horse Riding tips, you will enjoy many riding vacations. The key is to do proper planning especially with the insurance, and riding gear. Riding gear can be bought from web stores at friendly prices. Beginners can also study some riding tricks from the web platform. Do not forget to reward the horses with a simple treat like an apple.

Qualities To Look For In An Ideal Ski Resort

Vacation is a time to relax and enjoy yourself. This means that you do not need things that will stress you and spoil it. One of the things that can spoil your vacation is choosing a ski resort that does not offer quality services. Finding the best ski resort is something that many people find a little bit challenging. With aggressive marketing from every industry player, you may end up booking a resort that appears heaven on paper, but in the real sense, the services you receive there are below satisfactory. If your winter vacation has just started and you are going through a list of Australian ski resorts and you are not sure which one to book, this article will make things easy for you. Here are some of the attributes that an ideal resort should have:


Well-built and beautifully designed infrastructure

Your ideal ski resort is not one that is poorly designed and has nothing beautiful or unique for you to see. A beautiful and serene environment has a way of uplifting your moods and relaxing your body. It offers comfort and the things that you cannot enjoy in your home environment. Therefore, when looking for a ski resort in Australia, go for the one that features well-built and beautifully designed infrastructure.

Offers plenty of action

Do not go for a ski resort that appears dull and sleepy during peak season, go for the one that is bustling and every day there is some kind of activity going on that you can take part in. The resort should also feature events such as street parties and other types of entertainment. It should also have the infrastructure to satisfy every visitor including children and those who cannot ski. Remember you paid top dollar to be at the resort so you deserve to be entertained all through.

Affordable accommodation nearby

You should not spend all your savings on accommodation during vacation. Sadly, most of the top ski resorts charge a lot for it. But if you are lucky enough, you may come across one that provides accommodation at affordable prices. A good resort should make you feel like an esteemed wealthy visitor even if you did not pay a lot of money. Other than the prices for accommodation, you should also look out for creature comforts and accessibility when choosing a resort.


A good ski resort should also offer variety. By this we mean the resort should have a variety of the best ski slopes for all its visitors to enjoy the best skiing experience. A resort that offers slopes that are ideal for a specific level of skiing proficiency is not a good choice. Choose a resort that offers different levels of skiers’ opportunity to explore and diversify their skiing skills. The landscape should be perfect and they should also have qualified instructors to offer assistance to anyone who needs it. Therefore, choosing a ski resort with a variety of slopes and plenty of assistance from staff members is something you need to consider.


There are many more qualities you need to look for when choosing a ski resort. These three are among them. We hope that with these three attributes, you will be able to find a resort in Australia that will make your winter vacation a memorable one.

Options Abound At 54th Street

When you’re looking for something delicious to eat but can’t decide what to make or where to go, look no further than the 54th Street menu. Catering to all tastes and ages, there is something for everybody. On the menu, you’ll find a wide variety of appealing appetizers like buffalo chicken wings, quesadillas, Sha-Bang shrimp, 54shrooms, and more. You’ll also find many mouth-watering main course options from burgers, steaks, and pasta to Mexican classics like tacos and fajitas and deep south favorites like catfish, fried chicken, and country fried steak.

If you find yourself stuck between a couple of different options, don’t worry. The Street’s Pick 2 Combination lets you select two meats from a list including steak, ribs, and shrimp prepared in various ways and pairs them with a salad, loaded baked potato or steamed vegetable, and fresh hot honey wheat bread.

With all of these options, the 54th Street menu is sure to satisfy your hunger – but don’t forget about your sweet tooth. Whether you’re in the mood for cake, fruit, chocolate, or ice cream, these desserts will definitely not disappoint and be a sweet send off after a savory meal.

There are a number of other specials for lunch and dinner. The 54th Street menu includes lunch options for just $8.29 and won’t leave you feeling short-changed. Traditional lunch fare such as soup, salads, and sandwiches are all available along with burgers, tacos, and chicken dishes.

The 3 Course Dinner for 2 is big on options and small on price. First, pick a full-size appetizer to share from a list including Gringo Dip & Chips, Fry Me Some Cheese, Fried Pickles, Sky Scraper Rings, Tater Kegs, and Zeppelin Pretzels. Then, decide which two entrees will hit the spot from options featuring pulled pork, grilled chicken, steak, fish, and more. Then, share a slice of 54th Street’s house chocolate cake or a mini creme brulee cheesecake to top it all off.

While the 3 Course Dinner for 2 is perfect for date night, don’t forget that kids are also welcome at 54th street. The Street Kids menu includes favorites like chicken fingers, quesadillas, pasta, tacos, and slider burgers. Each meal comes with a side item, options for which range from fruits and veggies to french fries and biscuits. Kids also get a choice of beverage and cookies or ice cream with their meals. No one is going to bed hungry after this!

Our extensive drink menu provides plenty of options for the perfect beverage to complement your meal with – or make happy hour even happier. Various types of draft and bottled beer as well as red and white wine are available. Cocktails including six different margaritas – plus an option to build your own – along with multiple martinis and a long list of island classics like the Bahama Mama, pina colada, mojito, strawberry daiquiri, and more are featured. Non-alocholic options like flavored lemonade, limeade, and iced tea are also available and just as expertly blended!

Choosing India Holiday Packages

India has always been one of the most popular destinations in the East among tourists. It rich cultural heritage draws people from far and wide who long to experience it first-hand. Fortunately, there are plenty of India holiday packages to choose from to make the trip as smooth as possible. Just make sure to study the following details:

Airfare and Transfers

Is the airfare included in the package? Some companies offer full-service tours to their clients. They take care of every single detail such that people will only need to prepare their passports and luggage. They have struck deals with airlines that allow them get substantial discounts on tickets. The transfers from the airport to the hotel and vice versa may also be arranged. This dramatically reduces the stress of landing in a foreign country where you might not know anyone. A chauffeur will be waiting to drive you so you don’t have to deal with questionable cab drivers.

Hotel Accommodations

Check the hotel that is mentioned in the package. Are there options or will you have to stick with their business partner? Search for this establishment online to learn more about its location. Is it near the places that you are planning to visit? Does it look good from the inside and out? What types of facilities do they offer? Some travellers might want to stay fit through a gym or a pool. Others might be adamant about free Wi-Fi for work and personal communications. Is the breakfast included? Is the service good and are the rooms clean? You will learn a lot more by reading reviews from previous guests.

Sites and Tours

What type of tour is being offered by the company? Will you be on a bus with other people or in a private car by yourself as you go through the city? Which sites will you be exploring throughout the day and how long will these take? See if they have incorporated the places that you are longing to visit. Ask for the itinerary if possible so that you can compare it with others. This will also allow you to plan your own side trips outside of the tour hours.

Overall Cost

After learning all that you can about the particulars of each option, you are in a better position to compare them in terms of overall cost. One might seem like a bargain at first but you realize that it is rather thin on package inclusions. Another might seem expensive but you have begun to understand why the rate is relatively high. Eliminate those that are simply beyond your budget and find the best package based on their value for money.