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Are You Designing A New Website For Your Business? Why You Should Consider A Single Page Website

Single page websites are very popular nowadays. More and more businesses are choosing them over the conventional and more elaborate multi-page websites to meet their business goals and the needs of their clients. By definition, single page (or parallax scrolling) websites are websites that enable the users to scroll through their content on a single page. In other words, there is no need to click on multiple pages to find different types of content or information that you need. Here is how this type of website design can be useful to your business:

1. Better Mobile experiences

Today, majority of people performing web searches are employing mobile devices, and this is one of the top benefits of having a single page website. Generally, single page websites tend to be more mobile friendly, and the users find them easier to navigate. What’s more, some users find it difficult to navigate on the addition pages of multi-paged website, and prefer single page websites.

2. It is easier to target specific audience

If you want to target a specific audience and provide them with a particular user experience, single page website is the best option to consider—and for a number of valid reasons. To begin with, it is simple to control the behaviors of your audience by steering them in a specific direction without the worry that they may click on other pages and possibly head in the wrong direction. Secondly, in a single page website, you have the opportunity to present all the information that you want your users to see in a single page. In SEO terms, this particularly important if you are targeting only one keyword or a set of keywords.

3. Provide Higher Page Authority

Links are the top elements that determine how well your website ranks in the local search engines, and the benefits that you stand to gain from single page website is the fact that every link that it acquires will point to the main URL. This means that there will be a 1:1 ratio of pages to links.


As you can see, you stand to gain a lot of benefits if you opt for single page website designs. However, this doesn’t imply that multi-page websites are bad or less efficient. So, when determining when to go for single or multi-page website design, you should consider the goals of your business and the things you want to achieve with the website. You should also take into account your customer’s needs and settle on a design that will provide them with the most satisfying web experiencing. If you are confused on the best design that’s most suited for your business, you can partner with website design Wagga Wagga experts for more informed and professional insights.