MAC Computer Repairs Sydney

A computer case also known as a computer chassis, system unit, box, base unit or just case is the enclosure that contains the components of the computer, usually made of steel, plastic or aluminum. There is also other materials such as wood and polymethylmethacrylate that are used to design boxes. Often electroplated metal. Its function is to protect computer components.

The type of case used depends on the characteristics of the computer where you should consider the size, type of internal connectors, bays for drives and switching power.

Commodore equipped its computers from a single block in which the keyboard and magnetic stripe reader was and the Tandy TRS -80 added a TV with a separate cable. Apple was marketed in small quantities and without box.

After this initial attempt most computers line that followed included the keyboard in the housing. Commodore and Thomson opened the doors in 1982 with the Commodore VIC 20 and the famous Thomson TO7. The size of the case is given by the form factor of the motherboard. However only the form factor specifies the size of the inner box.

Barebone: Torres small whose main function is to occupy less space and creates a nice design. They are useful for people who want to make a good impression. The barebone has the problem that the expansion is complicated because it supports few (if any) devices. Another drawback is the heating. Such boxes have many USB ports to compensate for the lack of devices such as a floppy disk drive (now obsolete) to connect external devices such as a USB drive or memory.

Minitower: There are one or two 5 ¼ bays and two or three bays of 3 ½. Depending on the motherboard you can place enough cards. Desktop: Not much different from the mini tower, except that instead of being vertically placed, the desktop is horizontally positioned.

Server: They tend to be wider than the others and are typically aesthetically unpleasing because towers are intended to places where there is not much customer traffic in areas such as a data processing center. Their design is based on efficiency.

Rack: Similar to servers. Normally they are dedicated and have a power greater than any other computer. The rack servers are screwed to a piece of furniture that has a special measure. Such servers are usually placed in temperature-controlled rooms.

Modding is a type of tower involved in MAC computer repairs Sydney. Normally this type of cabinet incorporates a lot of neon lights, fans, drawings and odd colors but there are also extravagant ways that often make it difficult to expand (like a pyramid-shaped tower in which to place components complicated).

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