Making Your Wig Cosplay

If you know anything about cosplay and the conventions, you know that one of the coolest things to see is a really good wig cosplay. Wig cosplays are typically done by hardcore fans who have no problems showing their love for their favorite anime or manga characters. But how do they make them? How can someone with only average crafting skills make something that looks good enough for professional photoshoots? This article will give tips that anyone can use to create great-looking cosplay wigs at home without any special equipment.

It’s easier to start with synthetic fibers because it’s cheap and easy to dye. The most common type of synthetic fiber is non-Remy, which means that the inside core of the hairs is not intact. This means that you can use heat styling tools on them without fear of burning or ruining the hair, unlike Remy hair wigs. Remy’s hair is more expensive and takes some special steps to maintain while cutting and styling. These cosplay wigs typically run around $50-80 depending on quality, while non-Remy wigs usually cost about $15-$30 each.

The first step into making your wig look like it belongs in anime is color matching. You can find swatches online for many major brands, but in a pinch, you can also take a picture of your wig to a store like Walmart, and they will usually print it out for you. This step will take the longest because you need to get the colors as close as possible. If you’re using synthetic fiber, you will also want to dye it at this point. There are many different dyes on the market, but Rit Dye is a good all-purpose one. It comes in many colors, is easy to use, and doesn’t require special equipment.

Once the wig is dyed and dried (this can take a few hours), it’s time to start styling it. Curlingigs are much easier than curling real hair, and you can use a styler like the to get tight curls without worrying about damaging the wig. You can use a flat iron on low heat to give it some wave if you have straight hair. You can also tease the hair at the roots to give it more volume.

Finally, add any extra details that are needed. For example, if your wig is for a character with bangs, you will need to cut them and style them separately. You can also buy clip-in extensions or add pieces of lace or other materials to create accents. The sky’s the limit when it comes to wig cosplay, so be creative and have fun with it!

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