3 Factors To Consider When Buying Flexible Solar Panels

Flexible solar panels are solar systems that are used for off-grid applications. The solar panels are lightweight, flexible, and portable, and this makes them distinct from conventional solar panels that are bulky and permanently installed on the roof. Flexible panels are used for applications such as powering RVs, boats, irrigation pumps, and even for mobile charging. These solar systems are incredibly affordable and convenient to use. If you are looking to invest in them, have these factors in mind so that you can get the best value from the purchase.

1. The Power Output

The power output of the flexible solar panels determines its applications. Those with high output can be used to power pieces of machinery such as boats and RVs. Those that have a lower output are only limited to applications that require less power. Choose your output depending on how you intend to use the solar panels. Most manufacturers indicate the watts, volts, and amps on the packaging; therefore take a look at the information. Also, check to see that each panel has been tested under the standard test conditions to ensure that it matches up to the power output specifications indicated on the product.

2. Type of materials

Flexible solar panels are portable, and this means that they often undergo a lot of abuse during use. If you choose solar panels with fragile material, they can get damaged as you move them from one place to another. If this happens, they won’t function as well as they did before. Therefore, look for manufacturers with the highest-grade materials for the front and backing. Panels with ETFE (Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene) tend to last longer and withstand heavy use. They are also flexible and can be bent to fit curved surfaces.

3. Manufacturer’s Warranty

Another factor you should consider is the product’s warranty. Most manufacturers offer a warranty of more than a year; therefore, check this out before buying. However, there is always a catch. In the fine print of most products, there are terms and conditions that make it hard for you to return the solar panels. Therefore, read the fine print before buying the solar panels. Look out for red flags which may make it hard for you to utilize the warranty during the covered period.

Flexible solar panels are great solar systems that can be used to power various devices and equipment. However, to enjoy the benefits, you have to invest in the right panels. Don’t use price as the only determinant. Have these factors in mind when buying so that you can get high-quality and durable solar panels that will serve you for a long time.

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