How to Choose a Cayman Island Condo

Cayman Island condos are fast becoming the preferred places to stay for tourists and businessmen alike. They offer visitors with a number of things that make them the more sensible choice compared to hotels. However, people must remember that not all condos are the same. Some of them will be better than others so it is best to do a good amount of research before making a pick. Among the primary considerations are:

Proximity to Areas of Interest

When you go to any place, you want to stay somewhere that is conveniently located. It should be near a main road for quick access to a taxi cab in case you want to travel around. Look for a unit that is surrounded by shops and restaurants so you don’t have to walk a long way just to grab a bite or buy something you need. If you are keen on doing an activity like scuba diving, snorkeling or island hopping, search for a place that is within a stone’s throw away of the most reputable establishments offering these services.

Cost per Night of Units

Condominium units in Cayman are generally less expensive than their hotel counterparts. In fact, that is one of their main selling points. You are probably going to save a lot just by staying in condos rather than posh 5-star towers. However, just picking one out randomly would be a big mistake. It never hurts to hunt for the best deal among all the options available. This will increase savings which is never a bad thing. You might even be persuaded to stay an extra night or two because of the low price. Then you will be able to explore the islands really well.

Facilities on Offer

Check out the extra facilities for the condo, if any. Many would feature a roof deck where you can go in the afternoon to catch the sunset or have a drink with friends. A few may even have a swimming pool for days when you don’t feel like going out to sea. Some may have its own gym for guests where you can continue your regular routines at home. Indulge with the food in the Caymans without guilt since you’re still working out anyway. Owners of these buildings love to add these little extras to sway visitors into staying with them instead of the competition.

Safety and Security

The Cayman Islands is a relatively peaceful place. It has a stable government and continues to be a British territory so it benefits from decades of harmony. The economy is also doing very well with a GDP in excess of $3 billion and a per capita income that ranks among the highest in the world. However, crimes can and do happen just like anywhere in the world. You want to stay somewhere secure. Ask about the security arrangements for the building, as well as safety precautions that are being implemented to guard guests and their belongings.

Overall Service

Every tourist wants to stay in a place where they can feel right at home. Much of this will depend on the hospitality of the establishment. Guests should be made to feel welcome upon their arrival. They should continue to be pampered all throughout their stay in the premises. You really have no way to be sure whether you will be welcomed this way until you get there but you can read online reviews from former guests to learn about their experience and get an idea of how you’ll be treated.

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