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Best Double Stroller For Your Growing Family

Perhaps you’ve just had twins, or you have a new baby and a toddler. You could be caring for infants for family members. Whatever the situation, a double stroller would certainly make like easier. The best double stroller is one that works for the particular situation. One model or design is not better than the other. But, some designs work better than others, in meeting a family’s needs.

Double strollers come in two different basic configurations. They are either side by side or front and back. The tandem front and back models are suitable for many different situations. They can be used for twins or siblings of different ages.

Some advantages of tandem front and back strollers are portability and the ability to form multiple configurations. When a family has babies of different ages, one seat can be used with an infant carrier, while the other is used in an upright position, for a toddler. For twins, the seats can be positioned to face each other.

Front and back strollers are narrower than side by side models, so navigating crowded spaces may be easier. Crowded malls and shopping centers, airports, and outdoor markets are some places these types of strollers may be used. Of course, they are just as suitable for taking the babies on a walk around the neighborhood. These dual baby buggies often have a roomy storage basket below the seating area, for a diaper bag, toys, and other baby items. THey can come with full or half canopies, to provide some protection from the sun. The various seat positions allow for plenty of options, as the babies grow.

The side by side strollers are suitable for twins or babies of similar age and weight. THey are best suited for wide sidewalks, though they can also be used in large, open outdoor spaces, malls, and in some instances, on streets with little traffic.

Many side by side carriages are designed with active parents in mind. The jogger strollers are configured with the front wheels closer together than the rear, for easier turning. They may also come with full or have canopies, depending on the model. Most allow for changing seat position, based on the age of the babies.

Many side by side strollers are easy to fold and stow away in the trunk of a car, so they can be used in public parks and other places a parent may go jogging. Consider how the buggy will be used, when choosing the best double stroller.

Best Wood Lathe Reviews

Finding the right wood lathe can be difficult because there are many varieties these days, using appropriate evaluations simplify the search process. Wood turners who are looking for the best wood lathe reviews should look no further than this buyer guide. It has detailed reviews that allow potential customers to compare some of the most important settings on a wood lathe including the types of wood that can be shaped, ease-of-use, speed, and power, and settle on the most appropriate options.


3520B is one of the most efficient tools for smoothing and shaping wood. It features a fine 2-horsepower motor. The wood lathe is powerful with 220 volts and a variable speed motor with an advanced inverter for either three-phase or single-phase input. The 3520B is made of heavy-duty cast iron that is responsible for increased longevity and durability, and it features a digital RPM readout together with a 20-inch swing as well as 34.5 inches between the centers.

NOVA 1624-44

This wood lathe features a powerful 1.5-horsepower traditional AC motor and has speeds ranging from 215 rpm to 3, 600 rpm and a voltage of 115. The high speed has eight interval stops, and the driver belt between pairs of the pulleys is responsible for setting the speed. NOVA 1624-44 has a swivel head that moves a full 360 degrees and a 16-inch swing with 24 inches between centers. Additionally, all parts of this wood lathe are easy to slide and adjust. Its ability to rotate in reverse is one of the highly-praised benefits.

JET JWL-1642-EVS-2

The Jet JWL-1642-EVS-2 is a trusted wood lathe that is very similar to the efficient and rugged Powermatic 3520B. This machine features a 2-horsepower motor that is only found on a few high-quality machines. Other benefits of this powerful tool are a head-stock that slides to allow for out boarding turning and the quality live center for its tail-stock. Jet JWL-1642-EVS-2 also has a swindle lock that is spring-loaded, which ensures it does will not remain in locked position accidentally.

The sturdy lathe features a 42-inch capacity and 16-inch swing and is tailored with a heavy-duty cast-iron bed. The cast-iron construction provides versatility for large and small tasks and accuracy, efficient operation, and longevity. It also adds stability and reduces vibration. Further, this lathe has 230 Volts with 6.1 amps as well as an electronic inverter that permits it to function at high speeds.


Choosing the right wood lathe is the best way to achieving greater user control and versatility from the tools. All the featured machines are extremely powerful. The best wood lathe should provide stability to match its power and quickly shape the types of wood items wood turners mostly create.