What To Look For In A Car Stacker

Car stackers Miami are excellent solutions for vehicle storage. They can be used in homes and commercial establishments alike. They increase the ability of these places to hold automobiles, effectively multiplying the floor area at minimal cost. Although these are not cheap by any means, they can be more economical compared to the purchase of more land in certain locations like Miami. Getting one can be extremely beneficial. However, you must ensure that you are getting the right model for the best results.


You should check the stacker specifications to verify that it has ample capacity for the types of car that you have. For example, a subcompact will usually hover around the 2,500-lb mark while an average SUV will be just under 5,000 lbs. Add in the things that were installed in the car and the things stored in the trunk. The system should be able to comfortably lift the load so having a good margin is essential. A 6,000-lb load capacity will be good enough for most residential applications.


Since stackers were primarily developed as a solution to the lack of space, buyers should be conscious about the footprint of the system. It should have enough width to accommodate most cars but not too much as to waste precious space. It is common to have an overall width of 103 inches and a platform length of 124 inches. You should also check the maximum clearance if your vehicle is tall like with vans. The ramp height and platform width are also important.


The system should be easy to control. These usually have a button each for going up and down. There is also an emergency stop button for immediate halt to the operation. All of them are clearly labeled to prevent wrong inputs. The on and off switch may require a key to ensure that only authorized persons have access. Detailed warnings, safety tips, and instructions are usually placed around the console. The movement is slow enough for smooth mechanical flow.


These stackers clearly need to be highly reliable as they are responsible for carrying the weight of expensive cars. Malfunctions have the potential to damage the vehicles and cause injury. The materials and joints should be strong enough for the job. There should be minimal maintenance required to keep it functioning at 100%. Finally, the system should be safe to use.

This could be a great investment in the right context. Talk to a car stacker Miami dealer for more information.

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