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Wollongong Is A Fantastic Seaside Vacation Destination

Travelers from all over the world love a seaside escape every now and again and while there is spectacular coastline all over the planet, some of the most beautiful coastline is in Australia, in particular, the New South Wales region on the country with the Wollongong area being a very popular destination.

Wollongong is a fairly large city located on the Pacific coast and it’s known for nice climate, it’s history, scenery, friendly people, unique culture and abundance of things to do. The city has plenty of museums, art galleries, boutique shops, top restaurants and a vibrant nightlife. Some popular attractions in the city include The Wollongong Conservatorium of Music provides, Wollongong Botanic Gardens, Merrigong Theatre, The Wollongong City Gallery, Crown Street Mall, Five Islands Brewery, Illawarra Museum, Sea Cliff Bridge, Nan Tien Temple and Symbio Wildlife Park. Parks are plentiful too and include popular green spaces such as McCabe Park and Lang Park. The city is particularly known for it’s proximity to a number of beaches such as Stanwell Park, Coalcliff, Corrimal, Sandon Point and Bellambi. The Yours and Owls Festival is held every year people from all over come to see performers from both Australia and all over the world.

When it comes to Places to Stay in Wollongong, the possibilities are endless. There is something for everyone whether you are a luxury traveler or bargain hunter, or a family or newlywed couple. Examples of accommodations in the city and surrounding area include:
Bed and breakfasts
Luxury apartments
Self-serve apartments

The easiest way to find the Places to Stay in Wollongong for your budget, party size and needs is to get online and conduct a thorough search to get an idea of what’s available in the area. Once you get the results of your search, sort through them and pick out the accommodations you find most appealing and research more into them.

Among the results of your search, you will notice that many third-party booking sites show up. These sites are great to use when seeking accommodation as they provide you with the option to search based on criteria that meet your needs. All you have to do is use the sidebar to set your search criteria based on price, location and many other features and amenities. Once you find the hotel or hotels that really appeal to you, it’s a good idea to look at user reviews to see what others have said about it and to also call the hotel directly to get further information and perhaps even get a better deal on the price of a room.

Best Boutique Hotels UK

The boutique hotel sector is constantly growing. Both independent hotels and large hotel chains are investing heavily to establish a presence in this vibrant market sector, which has quickly become a worldwide phenomenon.

Everyone has their own answer to the question what is a boutique hotel?, But certainly there are some strong points that can hardly be renounced to be included in this category.
Typically, a boutique hotel is small (between 10 and 50 rooms, or even less). The size and the setting must recreate a feeling of intimacy, almost like making one’s guest feel inside a private residence, rather than an ordinary hotel. The small size also allows us to concentrate on the details and have a personalized and unique design (not serial) for every room or common environment.

Sometimes, in the international arena, the term lifestyle hotel is used (with a meaning very similar to boutique hotel), just to enhance the aspect of the guest experience, as well as the attention to detail associated with the Best Boutique Hotels UK.

As we have already said, everything is done to avoid a feeling of seriality, giving a unique and distinctive appearance, and avoiding modular solutions or made with the stencil. All aspects, from the interior design to the hospitality of the guest, must follow a harmonious design, with a distinct personality and some elements that unmistakably characterize the accommodation structure.

Sometimes, to accentuate the uniqueness of a boutique hotel, unusual elements are inserted, always as part of an overall project, and placed in a harmonious context. A boutique hotel can be an independent structure, or belong to a hotel chain (there are many multinationals that are now investing in this sector, creating real hospitality laboratories). In any case, he will propose something that is difficult, if not impossible, to find elsewhere.

The architecture and design of a boutique hotel are undoubtedly the most important aspects for finding a unique characterization for one’s accommodation. The context can be varied: it can be historic houses, finely and elegantly furnished, or modern environments, characterized by contemporary design and experimental solutions linked to the Best Boutique Hotels UK.

Some have artistic settings, while others experiment with original solutions in design and technology. The constant is always the uniqueness of the style, the originality of the project and a strong personality.

The personality, the style and the refinement are precisely those characteristics that leverage in the target of guests that this type of structure intends to attract. In fact, the typical guest is a person who loves to incorporate these elements into every aspect of their daily life, and intends to keep them when traveling for vacation or work.