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Top FAQs About The 311 Mobile App

Just before the popularity of the smartphone, the customer service line in most municipals used to be jammed with endless calls. Now, people don’t need to wait in line for their calls to be received and to also follow the same route when making follow-ups. All they need is a 311 App that is downloadable with an Android or iOS device. The app allows cities to process requests made by their citizens. But since this application is a bit new, a few things need clarification. As a guide, we will try to explain them in the following FAQs.

What Can I Use the App For?

You can use the app to report issues affecting your city such as:

• Garbage pickup
• Abandoned cars and trucks
• Faulty or vandalized streetlights
• Portholes
• Faulty meters
• Packing challenges

How Do I Get the App?

As already mentioned, you can get the mobile app if you are using an Android or iOS device. For Androids, you need to search ‘311’ on Google Play and for the iPhone, you can search on the App Store. Once you find the app, you need to install it and it’ll be ready for use. Check for past reviews so that you can download only the best app.

Is My Personal Information Private?

Though you are asked for personal information when making a request or reporting something through the app, it’s not shared with the public. Actually, it’s only you who can view the information on the ‘my request tab’ on the app.

Is There a Difference Between Calling 311 and Using the App?

As a matter of fact, using the app is the simplified version of calling 311. The message follows the same route. The difference, however, is that the app is easy to use and to make a follow-up. You don’t waste any time at all and you don’t have to wait in line for your request to be processed.

Do I Have to Enable GPS?

For the service provider to really know where you are, it’s necessary to enable your phone’s location service. This makes it easier for them to initiate a response.

There’s no doubt that the availability of 311 App has made things easier when it comes to reporting problems affecting your city. The app is user-friendly and provides quick service. There’s no time wastage at all.

Workplace Injuries: What Can You Claim For?

When you are hurt at work, the first thing that comes to mind is whether you are entitled to compensation or not. You probably wonder whether your specific injury warrants a claim or not. Well, the good news is that you are not alone. Workplace injury claims always raise more questions than answers. The process of asking for compensation is complicated just to say the least. There’s a lot to know concerning it. In essence, the rule of law is that employees should be compensated for work injuries. The question is: which ones?

Slips, trips, and falls

You are eligible to make a claim if you slip, trip, or fall while working. Employers are held responsible for not ensuring health and safety of their staff. They are aware of this responsibility which means when they don’t pay attention to it, they must pay for subsequent injuries accordingly.

Poorly maintained equipment

Unless you fail to report poorly-maintained and defective equipment, you should get financial compensation when you get injured using them. This covers things like forklifts, lathe machines, photocopiers and so much more.

Coworker negligence

You can also claim for an injury that came about because of the negligence of your coworkers. For instance, you touched a livewire thinking it had been turned off by your colleague who forgot to actually power it off.

Unsafe working sites

There are laws that govern the safety of working sites in every country. If your employer ignores them and you get injured along the process, you can file a claim.


You are also eligible for an injury claim if you unfairly got assaulted by a coworker as you went about your workplace business. This will hold provided you didn’t initiate the assault in any way.

Toxic substances

If you work in a toxic environment, your employer should provide all the required protective equipment. If he fails to do this and you ingest the toxic substance until you become sick, you are eligible for a claim.

Inadequate training

You can also ask for a claim if you get injured as a result of insufficient training or lack thereof. If say, you chop your toes off using the lathe machine because you weren’t properly trained, your employer should pay you for causing it.

Workplace injury claims go beyond these scenarios. A good accident and injury claim attorney should point you in the right direction and give you more details on what to expect, how to file a claim and all the pieces of evidence required.

Introduction To The Fluorochemical Industry

Fluorine was isolated for the first time as a pure element in 1886 by H. Moissan, who carried out the electrolysis of potassium fluoride solutions in anhydrous hydrofluoric acid. It is a relatively abundant element in nature where, given its high reactivity, it is not in the free but combined state and constitutes about 0.03% by weight of the earth’s crust. It is found essentially in the following minerals: fluorite (CaF2), cryolite (Na3AlF6) and apatite.

As a free element it is a pale yellow gas with a pungent odor. Because of its high electronegativity, it reacts with almost all metals, with most inorganic and organic compounds, and forms compounds with all elements except noble gases. In particular, even at low temperatures, it reacts explosively with hydrogen used in the Fluorochemical Industry.

It reacts violently by combining with water hydrogen and developing oxygen. In the human body, fluorine is present in the hard tissues of the tooth and is particularly important in the prevention of dental caries. For this reason, some of its salts (sodium fluoride, tin fluoride) are usually added to toothpaste.

Some fluorides on the other hand can carry out dangerous toxic actions: they can inhibit the activity of numerous enzymes, block cellular respiration, exert anticoagulant effects and, if taken in fair quantities, can produce serious alterations to the bone structure.

Fluorine compounds

Fluorine used in the Fluorochemical Industry generally forms ionic-type compounds with metals and covalent with non-metals, in which it has the oxidation number -1. Hydrogen fluoride HF (hydrofluoric acid if in aqueous solution), is a liquid that evaporates easily, colorless and irritating, which smokes in the air.

It is miscible with water in all proportions and forms an azeotrope with it; unlike HCl, in aqueous solution the HF behaves as a relatively weak acid, of a strength comparable to that of formic acid.

Both in the anhydrous state and in the aqueous solution the hydrogen fluoride has the characteristic property of reacting with silica and silicates, and is therefore able to attack glass, porcelain and similar materials. In the anhydrous state it does not cold attack metals, so that it can be stored in steel containers, but it easily reacts with oxides or halides thereof. It is produced from fluorite, which is purified by flotation and then treated with 98% sulfuric acid at a temperature of about 250 ° C:

AlF3 aluminum fluoride, a white solid used as an electrolyte in aluminum refining. Calcium fluoride CaF2, is the fluorite mineral, from which fluorine is derived. Potassium fluoride KHF2, white solid, soluble in water, used as an electrolyte in fluorine production.

How To Find The Perfect Screen Printer

If you are looking for screen printing service in Sacramento, you will definitely find the right companies here. This is because many reputable firms offer screen-printing service in Sacramento. Now, the point is that you do not want to entrust your screen printing jobs to just any company. You want a firm that will give you top quality service. Below are some things you should look out for if you want an excellent screen printing company.

The Right Equipment

A screen-printing firm needs the right equipment to deliver the goods. For this reason, you have no reason to patronize a company that does not have the right equipment and facilities to give you what you need. Look out for a company that has the right computers, software and heat transfer equipment. You should patronize this firm because they are likely to do an excellent job for you.

Qualified and Experienced Staff

You are not likely to succeed as a screen printer if you do not have the talent and creative expertise this job requires. Competent screen printers need creative skills and an ability to think outside the box. Experts in screen-printing also need to anticipate what the customers need and give them the best. This is why you should only entrust your screen printing jobs to companies that employ experienced and competent professionals.

Getting the Best from Your Screen Printer

Now, you have found the right screen printing company in Sacramento. The next step is to work with the experts to get the best results. You can do that if you take the following steps.

Create Your Own Design

If you have computer skills, you can create your own design. Now, this design does not have to be perfect. Just use computer graphics to create a basic design and present it to your screen printer. The experts will modify your design and use it to create the perfect screen-printing job for you.


In case you cannot create your own basic design, just discuss your needs with the expert. You can collaborate with your expert to create a design that will meet your taste. This way, you will not have any complains at the end of the day.

Mesh or Heat Transfer

You can use the heat transfer process for your screen printing jobs. You can also create a mesh and use this to transfer the image onto any surface. Both options have advantages so you should discuss the pros and cons of each option with your screen printer. Choose a company that will meet all your screen printing Sacramento needs and you will be happy with the result.

Tool And Die Service

Blunt drills and frayed holes are often the result of unsuitable drill selection. Although many drills (such as twist drills) are visually similar, they are not easily interchangeable. Their functioning can be completely different. Further differences exist in material, cut, shank and twist. Knowing which drill bit is best and when, is therefore important not least in order to work high quality and profitable. Part 1 of our drilling series introduces the most common types of drills and their applications.

HSS is an abbreviation for High Speed Steel and refers to a high-alloyed tool steel. Up to four times higher cutting speeds are possible with HSS compared to ordinary tool steel, as the material retains its hardness even at high temperatures (up to approx. 600 ° C). Today, HSS drills have almost completely replaced conventional tool steel drills with machinability because of these properties.

SDS binding stands for ‘Special Direct System’ and is a profiled connector on a drill stem. It enables a quick drill change.

In Tool and Die Service, the classic HSS drills with SDS bond according to DIN 338 (High Speed Steel) in many different qualities are used. The drills made of high-speed steel are characterized by high wear resistance, tempering resistance and hot hardness. So they are not only up to the stresses of everyday work, but guarantee more accurate work and long-term cost savings.

Which criteria should be considered in the selection? Whether a drill is coated or not says something about its quality. High quality drills are coated, their tips are often colored. Such coatings (eg of titanium) can increase the service life of the drills considerably. At the same time they are suitable for high-hardness materials that are no longer up to standard HSS drills. High-hardness materials include, for example, metals, diamonds or cubic boron nitride.

Titanium and stainless steel for higher tensile strength as shown in Tool and Die Service. In addition, titanium-alloyed drills or drills made of stainless steel offer significantly higher tensile strengths and must be reground much less frequently. For frequent drilling they are absolutely recommendable. Their higher price, which results from the higher quality materials, is certainly worthwhile in terms of efficiency and longevity.

Even HSS drills eventually reach their performance limits. For professional drilling especially in high-hardness materials or drill holes with larger diameters (such as for sockets) particularly powerful drilling tools are in demand. Whether dry or wet drilling: There are suitable diamond drills for both methods.

Business Logos – Creating Your Own Vs Hiring Professional Logo Designers

A business logo is an important tool when promoting your products and services. With a clever and quality logo design, people will easily associate the logo with your business whenever they come across it.

If you are thinking of getting a logo for your business or individual products, then you’ve got some work on your hands. Whether you choose to design your own logo or have a professional design it for you, you’ll need to take some time off and determine what will work best for you.

Hiring a Logo Designer

A reliable way to get a logo designed for your business is to hire a professional. There are many logo creators to choose from and all you need to do is research on available options before making a decision.

When searching for logo creators, consider factors such as cost, experience and professionalism. Go through a company’s or individual freelancer’s portfolio and determine whether they are suitable for you or not. It’s also important that you find a logo creator that specializes on designing logos for your industry.

You can choose to hire logo design companies in your region or simply look for a freelancer to design a unique logo for you. Either way, make sure you learn as much as you can about the service before making your final decision.

Create your Own Logo

Nowadays, you don’t need a degree in graphic design to create your own quality logo. Even without a creative mind and designing skills, you might be able to create a quality logo for your own business.

There are many online tools available for businesses looking to create their own logos. Some of these tools are free while others charge a fee. In most instances, all you need to do is type in the name of your business and choose the colors that best represent you before you are provided with numerous logo results to choose from.

If you decide to design your own logo, it is advised that you use the premium services. This will ensure you get a unique design that can’t be used elsewhere.

Your logo needs to be simple yet creative. Avoid adding to many details or too many colors to your logo so that it isn’t tiring to the eye.

The logo also needs to be visible from a far without calling in too much attention. If you use too many details, then this will likely chase away potential customers who are often driven away by products and services that seem to be “trying too hard”.

Erosion And Sediment Control

The treated loose sand will have to reach the cyclic resistance and the initial stiffness in the elastic field typical of the same thickened sand, while the stiffness at medium and large deformations will not have to change significantly. Finally the treatment must be irreversible, stable over time and the injected mixture must be completely inert towards aggressive agents, it must not have chemical interactions or alter the chemistry of the interstitial water.

The Erosion and Sediment Control technique allows to reduce the index of granular soil voids by injecting cement mixtures that displace the surrounding soil, which compacts with a consequent increase in resistance to liquefaction, stiffness and reduced permeability. A mortar grout is pumped at elevated pressures up to 3.5 MPa from the bottom upwards by steel pipes driven or drilled into the ground according to a grid with 1.5 – 3.0 m of interest. The volume of grout introduced can vary from 3 to 20% of the volume of soil treated.

The compaction injections generate “consolidated” columnar elements that have a supporting function if carried out under the foundations of existing or new buildings; they can be used to bring back buildings that have undergone significant rotations; they also represent a further factor in improving the mechanical properties of the subsoil.

With the aid of appropriate precautions, such as the use of vertical drains, it is possible to successfully use compaction grouting even in fine-grained soils. Unsaturated soils have greater resistance to liquefaction than saturated ones, because they generate less overpressures of interstitial water in the event of an earthquake. The partial saturation (IPS) can be induced in soils below groundwater as those under examination, by means of three techniques recently developed in the United States and Japan.

The first involves the generation of gas inside groundwater through electro- osmosis; the second consists of blowing gas directly into the saturated soil; the third involves the injection of mixtures containing chemical solutions capable of generating tiny gas bubbles inside the pores between the sand grains.

In this way a saturated soil becomes partially saturated, therefore more resistant to cyclic loads. Recent research conducted through laboratory tests has shown that the gas bubbles generated between the grains remain trapped even in the presence of vertical or horizontal gradients. The IPS techniques are still experimental, well characterized with laboratory models, but still little tested on site; the most innovative and effective seems to be the third.

The Erosion and Sediment Control consists in dissolving in water a low concentration of eco-compatible chemical solution (sodium percarbonate) and in injecting the solution into the soil to be treated, with a pump, through appropriately sized windowed pipes and spaced.

ABCs Of Metal Building Solutions

Light alloys, which form part of Metal Building Solutions are special metal alloys obtained by combining various materials; in particular this expression refers to the alloys of aluminum, titanium and magnesium. The light alloys on the market are numerous and very different from each other, but they share the low density and greater resistance than pure metals. As a result, they are suitable for use in a wide variety of fields, from the construction of various types of vehicles (such as bicycles, cars, trains and airplanes) to kitchen tools.

Thanks to their ductility, resistance to atmospheric agents and the possibility of being processed in extremely thin sheets, light alloys have known in the last decades an enormous fortune also in the field of architecture and art, lending itself above all to the realization of facades, sculptures, artifacts and entire buildings.

Let’s discover together 5 works in which metallurgy and art merge to achieve aesthetic and functional results of strong impact. Safety, compliance with raw material processing protocols, verification of the functionality of the tools and equipment used, control of harmful emissions.

On the other hand, managing metals, giving them specific shapes and functions, means working at very high temperatures, with all the precautions that this prerequisite entails.

Failure to complying with the precepts provided for by the regulations in force in this field not only exposes company owners to legal actions with serious consequences, but above all endangers the safety of those who work within the company and, in the most serious cases , also that of the communities placed in the immediate vicinity.

Increasingly, in advertising and product descriptions, you hear about stainless steel. Not everyone, however, is aware of the peculiarities of this material and the differences that distinguish it from normal steel.

The metallurgical industry, which deals with the processes of metal processing, production and Metal Building Solutions, originated in the 1880s thanks to the interest of the state for the industrialization of the country. In those years, in fact, under the impulse of public investments the first productive realities were established.

All materials that can be conventionally welded can generally also be laser welded. Compared to quality, speed and savings, laser welding is superior to conventional processes. According to the intensity of the laser radiation, laser welding is divided into: heat induction welding or deep welding.

With heat induction welding, only the surface of the workpiece is melted. Energy enters the workpiece only through the induction of heat. The welding depth for this procedure is generally less than 2 millimeters. The laser beam melts the materials to be joined to the joint.

How Can You Take The Pain Away From The Homeless Veterans?

Veterans sacrificed their comfort and safety to work in grievous environments for the sake of the security of their fellow citizens. Notwithstanding their selfless services to the country, quite a large number of veterans are grappling with poverty, homelessness, and loneliness. However, organizations, individuals, and civic groups have risen to push for the help for homeless veterans.

Below are 5 honorable ways through which you can help for retired veterans:

Donate food and clothes

Inarguably, homeless veterans live in deprived conditions with little access to food and comfortable and warm clothes. Donate your clean and intact clothes such as t-shirts, pants, sweaters, and jackets to veterans in homeless shelters or streets. However, always donate new and unused personal items and clothes like underwears, socks, and t-shirts. Besides, you can donate non-perishable and canned food.

Promote your local homeless shelter

Several homeless shelters crumble due to lack of sufficient funds to meet the needs of the homeless veterans. If your local homeless shelter is grappling with such a situation, you can help out by printing and giving out fliers asking for financial support from people. Similarly, contact schools, churches, veteran organizations, and civic groups for contributions.

Offer jobs to homeless veterans

Are you an employer or working in a company with a vacancy that can be filled by a homeless veteran? Don’t shy away from giving a veteran the chance to work for you. This will not only improve their financial situation but will also help them to get back on their feet both emotionally and psychologically.

Offer free professional services

Evidently, homeless veterans suffer from emotional and mental turmoil. Therefore, if you are a professional mental health specialist or counselor, visit the homeless veterans and offer them your services. Besides, the veterans may need legal services when applying for housing programs and other benefits. Challenge yourself to volunteer your legal services to the veterans at low or no cost. Furthermore, help the veterans learn essential life and social skills while at the same time mentoring them in their learning course.

Volunteer at a homeless shelter

There are diverse volunteering opportunities in homeless shelters. Volunteer to cook meals, clean clothes, or hand out food and clothes at a homeless shelter. Furthermore, you can use your talents and skills to entertain or train veterans. That said, call a homeless shelter near you and ask for a volunteering opportunity.


Homeless veterans deserve unlimited attention and help due to their selfless services to the country. You can initiate the help for retired veterans in your area and drive the locals to join you in the mission. Donating foodstuff and clothes, volunteering your services, and offering the veterans job opportunities are respectable ways to give back to veterans.

What Is Offered Under A Community Action Program?

Different types of programs are run by the community action program agencies. These programs are designed to help people facing difficulties due to financial, physical or educational shortcomings.

Educational Community Action Program

It is designed to help adult individuals who do not have proper certifications. They are unable to apply for the jobs. The programs offer a variety of courses, certifications and educational opportunities. Some people arriving from other parts of the world face difficulty in communicating in English. They can join the English language education program. There are special diploma and certification classes on other subjects. These courses are offered to the qualified applicants.

Head Start

This federal program helps young children receive basic medical attention. It allows them to enter the school environment from their early childhood without any difficulty. They proceed to attain self sufficiency. It is offered to the children in the age group of 3-5 years. Early head start program is offered to children 0-2 years old. This program is run through the community action agencies and nonprofit organizations. Families that have children with disabilities are given priority in these programs.

Heat and Energy

Some households cannot afford proper heating during the cold months. Individuals living in regions that see cold climate condition are offered heat and energy assistance. Applications for this program can be submitted online. The appointment can be fixed online or by phone. Applicants are advised to bring all required documents during the appointment. Some people are eligible to apply online while others have to visit personally.

Housing Assistance

Housing is an essential requirement for any family. Families and individuals in the low income group are eligible for aid under the housing assistance program. People facing temporary financial problems caused by the reasons beyond their control are eligible for it. The applicant has to prove the financial difficulty with the support of necessary documents. Individuals facing homelessness and meeting certain other requirements are eligible for this program. The goal of this program is to find a long term and safe housing solution for the affected people.

Emergency Food Assistance

Some families fall on hard times and cannot afford even basic foods. They are eligible for emergency food assistance. People from low income groups experiencing financial crisis can apply for this assistance. Eligible individuals receive emergency foods, reference to other services and programs, or community or volunteer service opportunities. The applicants to this program must show their ID, proof of income and proof of address.


Many families use inefficient heating systems. The federal government has come up with various programs to help these families reduce their energy costs. The eligible families receiving this assistance are able to save money which they can use for more essential needs. They experience better comfort and safety at their home after using these solutions.

A community action program is designed for a specific purpose. It should be availed only when faced with a difficult financial situation.