4 Tips for Moving to a New Country Alone

Whether you are moving across the world for school or work, when you are moving on your own, it can be scary to say the least. Not only will you be venturing out into a new place, but you will also be making new friends and, in some cases, learning a new language. To make matters seem even shakier, you will need to become accustomed to new foods and a new way of doing things – but just because it is new, does not mean that it has to be bad. Here are 4 tips to make moving to a new country on your own easier…


You will not be able to take everything that you need on your carry on bag and this may leave you feeling a little overwhelmed. How will you afford to buy all new things? What things can you bring on the plane? While you won’t be able to take it all in your bag, you can ship your things affordably when you use a company like Future Cargo. For example, if you were shipping goods from Australia to New Zealand, they could be waiting for you when you arrive.


If you have not yet learned the language fluently, you may be worried that you will have trouble communicating. You can use a translating app to help you communicate what you need to and to learn more about the language as you use the app. For example, if you needed to tell a doctor how you were feeling, you could type what you wanted to say into the app, choose the language of the doctor, and it would translate your words so that your doctor could read it. Likewise, he or she could do the same for you, making these types of communications much easier and stress free.


You never really have to travel alone when you take your smart phone, tablet or laptop. Apps, Skype and even your phone’s own video calling can help you to talk to your parents, uncles, aunts and friends from around the world. It can even help you to feel more at ease by having them on the phone when you walk into your new digs. This will make the area feel more familiar to you and it will also help your family feel connected to where you are as well. They will worry less and you will too – win/win.


When you make it to your new home, you should reach out to those that you work with and others at school. Break the ice by bringing a gift. This can be something you made yourself. It doesn’t need to be expensive. Just a little token can make all the difference in helping you grow roots in the area.

Moving to a new country alone can be scary, but change doesn’t have to be bad. Before you know it, your new home will start to feel like home to you and this time will be an adventure in the book of your life.