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The Role Of A Padi Dive Instructor

The techniques of descent to the bottom and ascent to the surface and the exercises to do during the dive are demonstrated by a Padi Dive Instructor. For it to be effective, the briefing must be both complete and succinct.

It is therefore suggested to spend a few minutes immediately before the dive to explain and summarize (briefing) all the indications concerning the dive site, the dive plan and, if they are accompanied by students in training.

Its total duration should not exceed 5-6 minutes, time beyond which divers, already prepared and willing to start the dive, could become impatient or otherwise not follow the explanations with the necessary attention.

Regarding the contents also the briefing must follow the rules of Interest and Safety. The characteristics of the seabed, its bathymetric profile, the presence of rocks, Best Scuba Mask Strap, algae or sand must therefore be illustrated, without forgetting to mention the possible presence and, in the case, the intensity, of superficial or bottom currents. Indications on visibility and water temperature should also be provided.

You briefly describe the living species that can be encountered, the risks that some of them may entail for the diver e,above all, the risks that an excessively enthusiastic behavior of the diver can cause to the environment.

The dive instructor illustrates the dive plan, starting with defining the time and depth limits valid for all groups. You then move on to the formation of couples to whom it is suggested to check the reciprocal equipment. A quick reminder of the fundamental underwater signals, often learned with slight differences in the different schools, is often useful.

Emphasis should therefore be placed on the procedures to be followed if a diver remains isolated from the rest of the group or on how the group should behave if the carer has to perform an emergency intervention as shown by a Padi Dive Instructor.

Finally, the groups’ order to enter the water is established, taking care to avoid crowding at the entrance or exit from the water, specifying where to go down or up, whether to take off the equipment, in which order to pass it on board, etc. .

For school or exam diving it is advisable to spend a few more minutes remembering the techniques of descent to the bottom (speed, buoyancy control, compensation in the masks and ears) and ascent to the surface (speed, use of the safety decompression stops: how and where to do them). If the dive foresees it, the type of exercises to be performed and the execution time sequence are illustrated.

Find The Excitement Of River Rafting Tennessee

Are you looking for a bit of excitement for your next vacation getaway? Many people love the thrill of rafting down a river, and there are excursions that are perfect for a wide range of ages and abilities. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, river rafting Tennessee has something to meet your needs for fun and excitement.

Finding the right rafting adventure is an important part of keeping you and your traveling companions safe while also pushing the limits and being able to experience the thrill that river rafting can provide. Of course, as with just about any type of activity, there are some inherent risks involved; however, with the right rafting adventure and an experienced guide, river rafting doesn’t have to pose a huge danger, especially for the average thrill seeker.

Many people of all ages enjoy rafting trips with absolutely no problems. With an excellent guide and a willingness to experience a thrilling ride, adding a fun rafting adventure to your next vacation getaway can be a wonderful way to enjoy something a bit out of the ordinary. Of course, it’s important to make sure that you understand the demands of the specific trip that you’re considering because some trips might be a bit too challenging for young children or individuals with physical limitations.

Whether you’re looking for a leisurely rafting excursion down a beautiful Tennessee river or you’re up for a bit more of a challenge, there’s a rafting adventure that is sure to meet the goals of your particular group. In addition to various levels of difficulty, river rafting Tennessee adventures can significantly vary in the length of time that you’ll be on the river. You’ll find rafting trips that last a couple of hours as well as trips that can last all day or even a couple of days. The adventure you choose will depend on the abilities of those you are traveling with as well as your specific rafting goals.

When scheduling a fun rafting trip down a river, make sure that you read the details, including cancellation fees and how delays will be handled. An exciting rafting adventure can definitely be a great deal of fun, but you will face mother nature, so the weather might affect the time your group will be able to leave. With a little flexibility and a willingness to try something new, many people who never thought they would seek something so adventurous discover that river rafting is the ideal vacation. Keep in mind, not all rafting trips are meant for young children, so always ask if you are in doubt.