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Should Join The LinkedIn Premium Army?

LinkedIn Premium plans don’t come cheap, and they are not an easy sell to the platform’s over 60 million users. However, there are an army of people who are willing to pay for the premium features on a monthly basis. But why is somebody willing to pay $30, %60, $80 or even $120 to just access LinkedIn Premium features and data? Well, here is why:

1. More Introductions

The introductions feature allows you to connect with people outside your network, especially if they are connected to someone already on your network. This might not sound like a big deal if you have never leveraged this feature, but if you have, you know very well that you can only get 15 such connections with a free account. With a Premium plan, you get up to 35 depending on the plan that you go with.

2. InMails

InMails helps you avoid “the long way” when it comes to connecting with your prospects. It is a great way of getting attention of people outside your network by making available an otherwise forbidden capability: sending private messages to second and third level connections.

3. More search results

Whenever you perform a search on LinkedIn, you will have far less results than you should access. If you have a free account, this will be clearer once you try to access page 11. On the contrary, a Premium account allows you to see up to 7X the amount of results. If you are a marketer who is trying to find leads beyond your local area, this feature is a goldmine.

4. More saved searches

It is normal to keep doing repeated searches once you have dialed into your target market, especially after performing an advanced search. An often overlooked perk of upgrading to a Premium plan is the amount of saved searches that you can store at any given time—it is increased from 3 (in a standard account) all the way to 10 (in Exclusive Premium Plans).

What’s more, you will receive email updates of new users who fit the criteria that you specified. If you are a marketer, just imagine how powerful this feature can be—receiving alerts whenever new prospects in your target market match the exact criteria you are looking for. This is literally delivering leads right into your email box!


This post is not a promotion for LinkedIn premium but just a highlight of the valuable features that you can take advantage of when you decide to upgrade. If the above features don’t seem to provide immediate benefits to you, then you are just fine with a free account. However, if you are not sure and would want to learn more, subscribe to online free LinkedIn training tutorials for more comprehensive insight.