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Tips On Replacing Your Solar Inverter

When choosing to replace your solar energy system inverter, you’ll undoubtedly want one that delivers more energy for your household consumption. You will also select an inverter with a more extended warranty period. A vital factor to consider when purchasing your solar inverter is whether your inverter uses modern technology to convert DC energy to AC energy. Remember, solar panels may become inefficient as they age a result of shading from vegetation. Replacing your solar inverter can reduce the risks to improve your solar energy production by 25%. Here are tips on replacing your solar inverter.

• Examine the state of your solar panels

Calling a specialist to assess your solar panels is the best way to confirm if you will benefit from an inverter upgrade. You get to know if your panel has been affected by shadowing and covered by vegetation. However, if your panel is more than ten years, there is no risk in replacing your inverter. This explains why you should only replace your inverter if the solar panels have become inefficient. A solar technician will help to ascertain the contemporary state of your solar panel and get your inverter replacement with much ease.

• Increase the efficiency of energy production

Solar panel replacement is known to improve the functionality of the entire solar system. In fact, energy production will increase up to approximately 25%. The panels must be cleaned to allow sun rays to heat them directly. If you’re not sure about the type of inverter that will work best consult your installation company to help you out. An efficient inverter will go a long way in ensuring you get maximum energy production from your solar system.

• Switch to an efficient solar system inverter

Check if the inverter you’re about to choose uses modern technology. In case your inverter is the string type, you should consider upgrading it to increase its efficiency. It is necessary for all panels that are aging and broken inverters. The invertor must be suitable for the type of solar panel used. If you have more than one panel, you do not need to worry, and you will only need one invertor. Just confirm if each of them is efficient

With the tips mentioned above on solar invertors, you’re now set to replace your inverter. Make sure your panel is functional. Efficient energy production is essential, and therefore, should be enhanced. A solar inverter upgrade should also come in handy if your inverter is not operational and your panels are affected by shadowing and accumulation of vegetation. Contact us for more information on solar inverter replacement.

A Quick Guide To Mounting Flexible Solar Panels

Just like the classic solar panels, flexible solar panels are used in the same manner. The only difference is that flexible solar panels are famed for their agility factor. They are thin and lightweight, which means that they can fit into any space that their traditional counterparts cannot. To get the most out of these panels, however, you need to mount them the right way. For inspiration, here is a quick guide to mounting flexible solar panels.

Since each model is different, you need to first read through the instruction manual. Once you are done, connect the arm brackets to the back of the solar panel. Next, screw it on both sides and then place in the washers so as to ensure that the arm brackets are fitting and then tighten the screw.

Put the mount at the back of the solar panel between the arm brackets. Next, screw it up using the nuts and the hex that comes with the kit and place both the washer and the flat washer on each bolt. Remember, the two washers are used to lock the bolts on each side.

Place the solar panel pole mount and then screw them in place using the lock. Since each side of the panel has four washers and hex bolts, tighten them using a screwdriver or wrench. However, you need to keep in mind that hex bolts should go in first before you put the washer. Once you’ve put the flat washers, your solar panel should be standing alone.

Face It To The Sun: Although this may sound easy, if you need to get a full impact of the sun you should ensure that your panel is facing the right direction. For instance, if you are facing the north in the southern hemisphere, your solar panel should be facing south and vice versa. When it comes to wiring, you need to consult an expert so as to get a positive result. Remember, there are many flexible panels hence instructions may vary.

Connect the Panel To The Batteries: The negative wire from the flexible panel should be connected to the negative input and the positive wire from the panel connected to a battery that has a fusible link. Additionally, connect the positive wires with another positive wire in the panel and so on.


As you can see, mounting a flexible solar panel is not a complicated process, especially if you know what to do. Hopefully, this quick guide will start you off and enable you to mount your flexible panel like a pro and within a very short time.

Installing The Cheap Solar Panels At Homes

With every passing day, our world is getting nearer to the shortage of oil, water, and other energy resources. According to estimates our planet has not possessed an unlimited wealth of minerals, and that realization had provoked the scientists, they worked hard and then came up with the idea of solar energy. This source is cheap, never-ending, and accessible for everyone with the help of cheap solar panels for your homes.

The energy source for solar panels is the sun, and the energy that comes from the solar panel is known as solar energy. Solar panels, also called photovoltaic panel, plays the leading role in this process as a collection of photovoltaic cells utilizes the power from the sun. These are the solar panels for your homes that transform the sunlight into the utilizable electricity. Limited amount of energy comes from a single cell that is why plenty of installations with lots of panels are required to get the desired output.

Apart from domestic usage, this solar energy is equally useful for commercial purpose, and now, many organizations and industries are intending towards this alternate source of energy. The power generated through these panels is environment-friendly, renewable and of course not very expensive as well. Additionally, these cheap solar panels are readily available in different sizes and variable prices.

The Solar panels for your homes or offices offer excellent value for money as by having these panels at your residence you will not only able to cut down your electricity bills, but your property value will rise simultaneously. That is the reason that installing solar panels is also considered as a smart investment. Moreover, the success story of solar panels inspires many companies to step into this business, and that results in a highly competitive environment. The market has observed a reduction of around 40% in the overall prices of solar panels installation.

The government also encourages the use of solar panel and thus helps manufacturers to launch cheap and affordable solar panels so more household can opt for this energy-effective way to create power and use it for house utilities. In addition to the low cost, there are other rebates and incentives for people who use solar panels so that people can see the motivations and in turn encourage others to switch to solar panels. Some big brands have now offered different types of solar panels at varying costs, and one can find a cheap solar panel to have the capacity to produce energy and power that is enough for the household need to manage power related activities in the house.