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IPhone Screen Replacement Warranty Coverage

The high cost of premium phones means that owners should take good care of their units. Indeed, many go to great lengths to protect their device including the purchase of sturdy cases and adopting safety habits. However, even the most careful owner can still experience problems along the way. Screen issues are common due to the material used, the relative size, and the way that this is positioned on the phone. When the screen breaks, the unit can become unusable. Even if the circuitry still works, it would be hard to see through the cracks and be productive. If you have an iPhone, then you should get familiar with the iPhone screen replacement warranty coverage.

Manufacturing Damage

Repairs can be quite costly, especially when it comes to the iPhone screen replacement . Every phone manufacturer has its own way of dealing with customer issues so you should study their terms before making any move. For iPhones that are under warranty, it would be best to let Apple handle the repairs for guaranteed genuine parts and skilled services. It is possible to take the unit to an Apple store or an authorized service center. If none is available in your area, then you can ship it to an Apple Repair Center and wait for updates. These things could take weeks so be mindful of the downtime and have a standby phone for your needs. Note that the warranty will only cover manufacturing damage, which means screen issues that were found out of the box.

Accidental Damage

Screen damage caused by accidents are not covered under the Apple Limited Warranty. However, it is still possible for owners to get the help of Apple for their replacement. This will entail a significantly higher fee than usual but one can be assured of excellent results and original parts. Every model will have a different rate so be sure to call Apple Care for more information. In case you have to ship your unit, then be prepared to pay an additional fee for the shipping and handling. All in all, this could cost several hundreds of dollars.

As for those who would like to pay significantly less, phone repair shops can provide the same service with varying levels of results. Be sure to find one with a great reputation and positive reviews. Ask your friends if they know any place that could accommodate your out-of-warranty device. Inquire about their rates for your model and see how they stack compared to other shops around town. If you are so inclined, you could even purchase a replacement screen and small tools so you can do everything yourself. Do this only if you are out of warranty and if you know what you are doing.