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Best IBS Friendly Recipes

Looking for delicious, IBS-friendly, low-FODMAP recipes? You came to the right place. Below are some of the best IBS friendly recipes for you to try for breakfast and lunch.

– Gluten-free Dutch baby with blueberry maple syrup

Imagine a fluffy angel cake, crepe, and a pancake all had a baby. They would make this baby a delightful and very easy to make breakfast meal. This treat is made with oat flour and is gluten-free. The best this is you will stay full at least until lunch with no need to munch on anything else in the middle.

– Gluten-free baked vanilla spice sprinkle donuts

One of the things that make this meal healthy is that you bake instead of frying it. These gluten-free vanilla donuts hit the spot and thrill your inner child with colorful sprinkles and a thick glaze. With this delicious, healthy treat, you won’t have to lust after your coworkers’ donuts anymore.

– Low-FODMAP blueberry coconut muffins

Blueberries are so great with muffins. These muffins are moist, and the best thing is that they only need seven easy to find ingredients to prepare. Another thing, they will be ready to eat in less than an hour.

– Coconut yogurt

For people with IBS, probiotics are very important. This is because they help in with digestion. Therefore, if you are a person with IBS, make sure you try a coconut yogurt.

– Slow cooker berry breakfast quinoa

Forget the lumpy oatmeal and sad instant packets. Wake up to a hot, ready-to-go meal with a slow cooked berry quinoa. Add spring berries to this nutritious breakfast for a burst of color. Because it’s a slow cooked meal, it is best to cook a large batch and save the rest in the fridge to enjoy it all week long.

– Veggie spring rolls

Nothing makes crunchy veggies more delicious than spring rolls. This meals is great for carrying to work or school as packed lunch. If well preserved, for instance in a fridge, this meal can last a few days, so consider making a bunch and enjoy them all week long. To keep them completely low-FODMAP, make your own chili sauce without garlic, or skip the garlic chili sauce in the dressing.

– Soft, gluten-free tapioca wraps

You might not know this, but most gluten-free wraps bought at the store are less flexible than the cardboard they are packed with. The solution is to make your own wrap it won’t break easily the moment it is bent. To get the perfect texture for this recipe, use tapioca flour, and for flavor, use a touch of low-FODMAP cheese. You can and lactose-free milk if you want.

Good Reasons To Eat Out

The first and most obvious reason as to why people choose to dine out is convenience. The idea of eating a meal you didn’t prepare and not having to clean up or dishes afterwards is enough to make you run to a restaurant. Even though you may pay more for a meal outside than inside your home, it’s well worth the money, when you think of the time and energy that it’s saving you.

Eating out is more of a social thing. No one enjoys eating alone, but when you live alone, there’s only one way to avoid that and it’s to eat out. Simply sitting at a bar will bring you close to loads of company. Eating at the same restaurant, will allow you to make acquaintances of the staff and other regular customers, giving you a sense of belonging.

Being served and pampered is another reason to eat out. If you work a full time job, serving and attending to customers the entire day, the last thing you want to do is go home, prepare a meal and then wash dishes afterwards. Dining out allows the tables to be turned. You can now be the one who is pampered.

Eating out may be the only option for people who lead hectic and busy lifestyles. Some people’s schedule does not allow them to slave over a hot stove and wash dishes there after. These people depend on finding breakfast near their office and dinner near their home.

Variety is the spice of life, or so they say. Eating home cooked meals are great, however, there is a tendency to repeat the same dishes. This can get tiresome, even when eating your favorite meals. So head out to a new restaurant every now and again and try out new types of food. Perhaps you can try Mexican one week, Italian the next, and then come back to some good old fashioned fast food, the following week.

Most evenings, you simply want to have a small meal and go to bed. Especially if you’ve had a big lunch. However, there are those evenings when you crave a full course meal, including appetizers, salads, soup, main meal, dessert and coffee. Now making all this from scratch can prove to be a feat. So why not spoil yourself and enjoy all this at a restaurant.

Preparing a meal everyday if you are single is unnecessary, when compared to preparing a meal for an entire family. Often, it also proves more affordable to eat out if your are single than to but the ingredients and prepare the meal at home. Another advantage is that singles who dine out, also get to mingle with the crowd and don’t tend to be single for much longer.

No matter what your reasons to eat out are, it will always remain a favorite pass time. You will have a much more memorable time if you can combine, good food, good company and good scenery, all in one eating-out-experience.

Kuvings Juicer Reviews: Choosing The Best Juicer

When you want to buy a small appliance for your home or for a gift, a juicer is one of the best choices. Kuvings Juicer reviews show you can have an exceptional product with many benefits.

The Kuvings Whole Juicer Is Easy To Use

One reason customers love this juicer is they do not have to cut or chop food before inserting it into the juicer. Not only does this save time, it makes a healthier beverage.

You can place a whole fruit or vegetable into the large feeding tube, and have fresh juice within seconds. The nutritional value is higher, and the juice has a richer taste. The tube is nearly five times larger than other juicers.

Other Features Of The Kuvings Whole Juicer

The juicer has safety features. Even your child can make his own juice.

It includes a rotating brush for easy cleaning. The juicer will be fresh and sanitary each time you use it.

The juicer is an eco-friendly product. Every part of the juicer is made from environmentally-friendly materials.

The juicer comes with a strainer so you can also make frozen sorbet. Everyone in your family can enjoy these treats during the summertime.

As it weighs only 21 pounds, and its dimensions are only 9 x 8.2 x 17.6 inches, it will easily fit on your counter top, table, or anywhere in your kitchen. The attractive design makes it a nice addition to any home.

Other Customers Love This Juicer

From nearly 200 reviews, 67% of customers who purchased this juicer have given it a 5-star rating. Customers say it is easy to use, produces delicious juice, and is a quiet appliance. Customers also appreciate how simple it is to clean.

Reviews Help You Choose The Best Juicer

This particular juicer is not inexpensive, but it is worth the investment. The features and benefits are better than other juicers in the same price range. When you take proper care of your juicer, you can expect it to last for a long time.

If you want to purchase one new appliance for yourself, or are looking for the ideal gift for a special occasion, consider the Kuvings whole slow juicer. You can be assured of quality, and a company that stands behind its products.

Kuvings juicers reviews show it is one of the finest home appliances you can buy. You can enjoy fresh juice and sorbet for many years.

Things To Check When Buying The Best Espresso Machine

There are some important things to check when buying the best espresso machine. It should meet your requirements and preferences.

Easy to Operate

The espresso making machine you select should be user friendly. An automatic machine is very user friendly compared to semiautomatic machine, but you will have to pay a little more for the automatic model. An espresso machine with a single boiler can extract either a steam milk or espresso at one time. While a machine with twin boiler can extract both items simultaneously. Manual machine may frustrate and disappoint you with its speed and long process but it will give you best cups of espresso. The manual machines are available in “direct lever” and “spring piston liver” categories. With a manual machine, you have lot more control over the way your espresso is prepared.

Fast Heat up

The machine should be heating fast or you will be waiting for your espresso for long. This is especially true if you are always in hurry and do not have time to wait for the machine to prepare your espresso over several minutes. Buy an espresso machine that will deliver your favorite cup of coffee quickly.

Adjustable and Easily Accessible Spouts

Some machines can accommodate only espresso cups or short glasses. If it is sufficient for your purpose then there is no problem. However, an espresso making machine that lets you use different sizes of cups and glasses gives you more flexibility.

Easy to Clean

It can be difficult to clean an espresso machine parts that require regular cleaning after use. Some machines are difficult to clean properly. Read the instruction manual of the machine online to see if you will be able to clean its parts properly, quickly and easily. Some machines have automatic cleaning cycle and it can be a great feature. At the same time, even in such machines, the user has to regularly clean some parts.

Safe design

An espresso maker stores water under high temperature. It releases very hot liquid. The machine runs on electricity. These features mean there are some safety risks. It is important to buy a machine that has a safe design.

Water Tank Capacity

A machine with larger water tank allows you to produce more cups of espresso without the need for frequent water refilling.

The best espresso machine you select should be able to maintain water temperature in the range of 92-96 degrees Celsius (198-205 Fahrenheit). The quality and taste of your espresso depends greatly on the quality of roasted and finely ground coffee beans as well as the water. Use filter water and prepare ingredients properly to enjoy the best shots of espresso from your espresso maker.

What You Need To Know In Order To Choose The Best Charcoal Smokers

Many people enjoy a great BBQ, whether it’s a charcoal grilled steak or a delicious piece of salmon; however, to add even more flavor, you might want to step it up and consider learning the basics of using a smoker. Smoking offers an incredible new level of flavor and the best part is, it’s easy to do. Of course, you’re going to need a quality smoker in order to get the best results. If you’re in the market for a smoker, you’re going to have numerous options, so it’s important to understand what factors make the best charcoal smokers for your needs.

When you’re ready to start your search for the right smoker, be sure to keep in mind how you will be using it. If you’ll be smoking meats for major competitions, you’re going to need something much larger and, obviously, more expensive. However, for the average backyard smoker, you will still have many options. The size of your smoker will depend on the quantity of foods you’re going to smoke at any given time. There are many affordable models that will work just fine for the average family. Another important criteria will be your budget. Smokers can be found for under $100 or can reach to $1,000 or more. Bigger isn’t always better.

Ceramic smokers are extremely popular and are typically very efficient in holding in heat. This allows you to use less charcoal. Another common style is the coated steel smoker. Many people own backyard grills with this type of construction. They stand up well to years of use and can be an excellent choice for a charcoal smoker.

If you are looking for a smoker that you can also use for occasional grilling, you’ll want to pay particular attention to the design. Some designs can be used for grilling, but you’ll be doing it on your knees. Others, especially the egg shaped smokers, will let you grill, but your surface area will be extremely limited. For some people, this isn’t a big factor in choosing a smoker, but it’s important to keep in mind if you’re looking for something capable of meeting both needs at once.

Lastly, you’ll want to decide if you want a dry or moist smoking environment. Some smokers come with a water pan that is located between the heat source and the food. The idea being that the more humid smoking environment will help keep your meat moist. Do some research and decide on budget, and then choose a smoker that meets your need for size and cooking style.

The Popularity Of Chinese Food In America

Americans love eating Chinese food – that’s no secret, anymore! Be it a traditional Chinese restaurant with posh interiors, or street-side Chinese food joints, both grab the American diner’s fancy alike. Let’s find out the reasons why.


app_pic1When the Chinese landed in America, more than 100 years ago, Americans found their cooking to be smelly and filled with suspicious ingredients. Thanks to a report in the Saturday Evening Post, in 1860, there was a preconceived notion among Americans that the Chinese ate cats and dogs. This myth stayed on for quite some time.

In fact, when the initial few batches of Chinese immigrants were hired as cooks in American restaurants, they were employed to cook American dishes and not their native delicacies.

Rise in Popularity

Chinese restaurants grew in number during the 20th century. Chinese believed this popularity was because their food tasted the best. And this was during an era when French cuisine was considered the holy grail of fine cuisine.

But reality painted a different picture.

According to analysts, social and economic factors were instrumental in driving the newly found American keenness in “eating Chinese.” Though the main reason wasn’t culinary, there’s nothing taking away Chinese food’s gastronomical merits. Chinese food is the oldest and most complex cuisine. To the Americans, the food tasted exotic and hugely contrasted European food.

With the growing 20th century American middle class, more people wanted to dine outside as domestic cooking back then was an exhausting routine. Chinese immigrants found a livelihood by working in laundries, as servants, or by setting up restaurants. Americans started embracing American neighborhoods that served exotic Chinese food.

Most people ordered Chinese food. In fact, Chinese food turned synonymous with doorstep delivery.

Jewish Connection

Thanks to anti-Semitism, Jews back then weren’t allowed inside posh American restaurants. Chinese restaurants didn’t behave the same way, however.

Jews had an off day on Christmas, but they didn’t celebrate the festival. Most Chinese restaurants remained open on Christmas. As a result, several Jewish families inadvertently turned eating Chinese on Christmas a Jewish tradition. And it continues to exist even today. Today, it’s not just restricted to Christmas, but also weekends. For Jewish immigrants, consuming Chinese was their way of blending with the American middle class.

Current Scenario

Any Chinese who arrives in the U.S. to learn what Americans like about Chinese cuisine will be amazed to discover that Americans don’t eat traditional Chinese dishes, such as bird’s nests or shark fins. To Americans, Chinese food revolves around noodles (chop suey and chow mein). These items are found on almost all American Chinese restaurant menus. In China, the chop suey and chow mein are considered unimportant and obscure.

Even today, most Chinese restaurants function as independently-owned small businesses, despite the popularity of fast food chains. But a majority of these don’t serve the fancy, upscale cuisine that the Chinese aristocrats prefer. The focus is on inexpensive rice- and noodles-based Chinese dishes: chop suey, chow mein, fried rice, etc.

Fortunately, thanks to globalization, many American, particularly St Louis Chinese restaurants, have come of age. They have opened up to more varieties of Chinese food. Nowadays, American locals order Mongolian food or kung pao as much as they relish the inexpensive varieties. In fact, the chop suey, which was widely symbolic of Chinese food several decades ago, is rarely found on modern Chinese restaurant menus.


If you are out looking for some classic St Louis Chinese restaurants to dine in, give our restaurant a visit. Regardless of whether you savor traditional Chinese cuisines or prefer the more common and Westernized varieties, we’ll have you covered.

Typical Golden Corral Prices

In 1971, James Maynard and William F. Carl imagined the thought that got to be Golden Corral after a few unsuccessful endeavors to procure an establishment with other companies. Golden Corral was joined in 1972 and the first Golden Corral Family Steak House opened on January 3, 1973, in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

The organization had more than 500 eateries by 1987. That year, they chose to start licensing so as to franchise 55 bothered eateries to their best broad administrators. Due to poor preparing, across the nation worries about the utilization of red meat, and a movement in pieces of the pie to upscale eateries, deals were falling. The organization added plate of mixed greens bars to the greater part of its area, relinquished seating in most, and in others yielded piece of the parking garage to make increments to the structures.

In 1991, the initial seven “Metro Market” idea eateries opened. They were 10,000 square feet (930 m2) and situated somewhere around 400 and 450 clients. These new Golden Corral eateries dramatically multiplied the extent of the old, which were ordinarily 5,000 square feet (460 m2) with a limit of 175 individuals. There was the expansion of the Brass Bell Bakery, named for the metal chime which rang at regular intervals to flag that new bread, rolls, and baked goods were leaving the stove. An extended smorgasbord, named the Golden Choice Buffet, was likewise included, which had another design to showcase its things. The area of these new eateries, the larger part of which were in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and North Carolina, was additionally a change for the organization, moving far from residential areas and into metropolitan ranges. In 2001, framework wide yearly deals surpassed $1 billion for the first time. As of 2008, there were 485 eateries in 41 states. In April 2009, Golden Corral entered New England with an eatery in Springfield, Massachusetts.

In late 1993, VICORP procured the privilege to a little Florida chain called Angel’s Diner. They obtained this from Eric A. Holm. Sadly he had likewise sold the rights to Golden Corral and VICORP was compelled to pay Golden Corral $1M to secure the selective rights. The purpose was to change over failing to meet expectations Village Inn and Bakers Square units to this new idea.

The organization’s latest eatery idea, called “Strata”, was taken off amid the mid-2000s with an end goal to bring a greater amount of the sustenance arrangement into perspective of the visitors. In all areas, visitors serve themselves, including asking for made-to-request things, for example, Belgian waffles, omelets and scorch seared steaks for Golden Corral prices.

Red Lobster Prices And Company

Red Lobster is an American easygoing feasting eatery network that is headquartered in Orlando, Florida. The organization has operations in Canada, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Japan, notwithstanding the United States. As of February 24, 2013, there were 705 Red Lobster areas around the world. Brilliant Gate Capital has been Red Lobster’s guardian organization since it was procured from Darden Restaurants on July 28, 2014. Red Lobster prices are always considered reasonable and enjoyable.

Darden-Completes-Sale-Of-Red-Lobster-To-Golden-Gate-CapitalRed Lobster was established in March 1968 by business visionaries Bill Darden and Charley Woodsby. Initially charged as a “Harbor for Seafood Lovers”, the first eatery in Lakeland, Florida, was trailed by a few others all through the southeast. In 1970, General Mills procured Red Lobster as a five-unit organization. With new support, the chain extended quickly in the 1980s.

Red Lobster entered Canada in the 1980s, as a rule by purchasing Ponderosa eatery locations.The first branch was established in Ontario. The organization for the most part keeps up somewhere around 25 and 30 areas in Canada, the mass in bigger urban focuses in Ontario (crosswise over Southern Ontario in addition to one in Sudbury in Northern Ontario) with a littler number in bigger urban focuses in every one of the three Prairie territories. It left the Quebec advertise in September 1997 because of money related misfortunes and never endeavored to enter the business in British Columbia.

In 1995, Red Lobster (alongside Olive Garden and other sister chains), turned out to be a piece of Darden Restaurants, Inc.. Amid that time, General Mills chose to discharge Darden into an autonomous, traded on an open market company.

In 2009, Red Lobster appeared its new “Bar Harbor” eatery model demonstrated after beachfront New England. The new outside elements incorporate shingle and stone towers, sign banners and Adirondack-style seats. The inside overhauls incorporate dull wood framing, warm-conditioned fabrics, delicate lighting, and nautical stylistic theme and work of art.

Red Lobster has offered a perpetual snow crab leg advancement twice in its history. Be that as it may, in 2003, the advancement brought about guardian organization Darden Restaurants taking a $3 million charge to second from last quarter income, bringing about president Edna Morris’ takeoff from the organization. The not well timed advancement was propelled in the midst of high wholesale crab leg costs. The chain additionally thought little of how often a visitor would arrange more. Further muddling matters at the eatery level was the measure of time a visitor spent table-side in the eatery splitting crab legs. This brought about expanded hold up times in the anteroom and general decreased visitor limit every hour.