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Quick Ways To Learn How To Use LinkedIn Like A Pro

Linked is undoubtedly a valuable tool for both individuals and businesses alike. From helping employees get new jobs to helping business owners get more clients, this professional network is a resourceful tool that can achieve a lot when leveraged properly. Do you want to become a LinkedIn expert? Well, here are quick ways to learn how to use this platform like a pro.

Create a good profile summary

With a good LinkedIn profile summary, you can easily market yourself to prospective employers if you are searching for new job opportunities. Create a summary that includes become a LinkedIn expert , education background, and your interests. Don’t forget to add a professional photo to your profile lest your profile ends up looking vague.

Increase your network

To increase your network on LinkedIn, you have to connect with other like-minded people. Connect with friends, coworkers, business colleagues and people whom you share similar interests with. You can use LinkedIn suggestions as a starting point. LinkedIn will suggest some of the people you can connect with. Also, accept connection requests from other people. But before accepting new connections, read through their profiles to see whether they are adding any professional value to your profile.

Increase your standing

Get recommendations from connections in your network. Recommendations are more powerful than the usual endorsements on LinkedIn. Recommendations can significantly increase your standing on LinkedIn, especially if you get them from the right connections or people with a rich professional background. Get recommendations from people whom you have worked with before. If these people we satisfied with what you did for them, then they can give a credible recommendation of the services that you offer.

Stand out from the rest

To use LinkedIn like a pro, you have to be unique from other connections on this platform. Several things can make you stand out from the crowd. For instance, be active on the platform by writing posts, endorsing and recommending others. Yes, if begin writing posts about your industry on a consistent basis, people will start noticing you as an authority in your niche. Another easy way to stand out from other users on the platform is to congratulate people on their work anniversaries or new jobs. Give proof of your professional expertise in your specific field. Also, give insights that can help other connections.

Parting Thoughts

LinkedIn is truly a valuable asset for those that know how to use it like pros. Now that you have solid ideas on using LinkedIn at your fingertips, you will ultimately leverage this platform for your maximum benefit.