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5 Ways To Leverage Google My Business For SEO In North Brisbane

Since its inception in 2014, Google My Business (GMB) has continued proving itself as a crucial tool for any business striving to appear in local search results. Though some businesses are using GMB for SEO services North Brisbane, there are still so many businesses that aren’t using this tool. And the few businesses that use it hardly know how to leverage it. To keep you on the loop, here are 5 ways to leverage Google My Business for SEO North in Brisbane.

Claim your listing on Google My Business

Consumers use Google to locate the local businesses they are interested in. Therefore, ensure your business has a complete and detailed listing on GMB. This entails giving current and up-to-date information concerning your business as well as your products and services, working hours, and offers among others.

Craft compelling Google posts

Google posts, which are basically mini-ads that appear in local panels On Google Maps and Google search, can be quite useful for leveraging GMB for maximum SEO gains. Once you craft compelling post for your GMB listing, your business will definitely appear prominently on local search results.

Ensure your Google My Business Listing is fully optimized

This is the first thing you should do to leverage GMB for SEO. To optimize your listing, provide all the details that GMB asks from you. Ensure the information is accurate and up to date. When your listing is optimized, more people will be able to locate your business on search results.

Add a unique business description

Another simple way of leveraging GMB is by adding a unique business description to help users learn more about your business. With a unique description, clients can locate your business easily on search results once they search for business that offers products or services similar to what you offer. Good descriptions about your business also set you apart from the competition, which can, in turn, bring for you more sales.

Use photos and videos

Internet users have little time to read through everything they stumble on the internet. But they are more likely to view photos and watch videos since they require minimal effort to understand. Any worthwhile SEO services North Brisbane has to offer will confirm to you that adding photos to your GMB listing improves your chances of customers viewing your products whenever they search businesses related to your industry.


It isn’t a secret that Google My Business is growing exponentially. Every business ought to include GMB in its SEO strategy to boost its rankings on local search results. The more a business leverages this tool, the higher its chances of succeeding with its SEO strategy.