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Choosing A Wooden Bed Frame

Wood has always been a popular material for furniture pieces including bed frames. If you go to a wooden bed frames UK shop, you might be overwhelmed with the number of options that will be presented. This is certainly an enviable problem. Figure out what you need and want for each element of the frame to make a decisive choice.


For example, you can get a frame with storage options or not. Do you need it? If your room is small, then you probably don’t have much room for storage cabinets. Furniture pieces should pull double duty to make everything fit. The space under the mattress can be used to hold clothes, blankets, linen, towels, shoes, or trinkets. If you have ample storage in your room, then you may opt for a platform frame instead with a good height. The hollow space can be used to slide in a small treadmill or items that can be an eyesore during the day.


You should also consider whether you want a frame with a headboard or not. Having one is great as a protection from the wall. Sometimes you could hit your head which is quite painful. Having a headboard also allows you to recline on it using a pillow for cushioning. This is handy when you wish to read or watch TV in a more comfortable position.


You will also want to get a frame in a colour that matches the rest of your bedroom. Think about the overall theme of the interiors. Pick two of three colours and let every piece revolve around these. It would be nice if the frame looks the same as the cabinet and the bedside table in terms of hue. Of course, if you really want the style, then you can prioritize that and simply change the colour after the purchase. Use a good varnish or paint to create uniformity.

Wood Type

You should also do some research on the types of wood that are available. Some are known to be more durable than others. There are also types that have beautiful natural colours and grains. Others are quite heavy and may be difficult to put in place. There are trees which are local and others that have been imported from abroad.


Finally, you must make sure that the frame will fit the room and the mattress. Get a measuring tape and note down the dimensions of your room. Take these with you at the store to check if the piece can fit. Given the shrinking size of housing units, the room for error is getting smaller and smaller.

Information on the Zero Gravity Bed

To be clear, zero gravity beds are how astronauts are positioned in the space shuttle when they take off and land. The zero gravity position, experts say, is the most neutral position for the body to be in. That is when the effects of gravity are evenly distributed across the body as possible. In addition, the zero gravity position is also used to design other things such as high tech massage chairs because it relaxes the body and takes pressure off the muscles; which holds the body in various positions.

Adjustable beds also put the body in a zero gravity position. Adjustable beds, which offer a zero gravity position, come in two types, the head-up only adjustable or the head and foot adjustable position. Keep in mind; the head and foot adjustable beds will put the body into a zero gravity position. Even though the zero gravity position has been designed for astronauts, also has good effects on a person’s body. A person’s body weight can be more evenly distributed when in this position because it allows your muscles to relax. And, when your body is in a comfortable zero gravity position, you offer your body time to relax.

Some may not know it, but the zero gravity bed has been designed for several healthy and effective reasons such as being made of wood and having a natural color. It is the only wooden mechanized bed made; which makes it much more functional and reliable than a normal bed. In addition, the gravity bed has also been designed to be a great homecare bed that gives help to those suffering from various health concerns.

There are various benefits with this bed such as making it easy and comfortable to read a book or watch TV while in bed. It also makes a person feel like they are getting a luxurious body massage why lying in bed. Most importantly, this bed is equipped with a multi-position feature; a feature that can be obtained simply by touching a button. The Zero bed can be changed into different sleeping positions, according to a person’s needs and desires.

Another great feature is that you can easily lift your head so that you can breathe better and eliminate snoring. And, this bed is also good for your heart. By being able to choose a better sleeping position with the zero bed, you can ease pressure on your heart and cause it to function in a healthier, less stressful way. To be clear, by slightly raising the leg position of a bed, it will reduce the pressure on the heart and help it pump properly.

To conclude, an adjustable bed has many benefits such as making it easier to get in and out of bed, lowering back pain, offering relief to arthritis pain, and lessening reflux. With so many health benefits, it just makes sense to check out this bed! Find out how an adjustable bed can help you! The comfort, flexibility and accessibility are just three great features of the zero bed!