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Finding The Perfect Landscape Contractor

Every region of the United States has its own climate and soils and the plant life that will thrive in those conditions. Within those regions, every yard and landscape is different, bringing individual challenges of drainage, shade, soil condition, and other factors that will have to be taken into account for the best landscaping results.

Finding a landscape contractor st louis gardening requirements will not flummox is more than just finding one with the right tools and the muscle to do the job. They also must have an intimate knowledge of local growing conditions, common area insects and diseases, and the plants that will do best here, whether they are natural to the region or imported.

landscape35024Landscape contractors often are locally grown, but not all have the expertise that can be needed to help design, install, and maintain a complex ecosystem. A sure sign that a contractor knows what they are doing and takes his or her profession seriously is if they insist on inspecting your property and testing the soil before agreeing to take on your project.

Truly professional landscape contractors also will want to consider your home’s architecture and the ambiance you seek from the design. They will ask about the time and money you will have to create and maintain this dream yard. It will be important to them to work with you concerning your ideas and how you will use your new landscape.

Different uses will demand different considerations as to the elements that will make up the landscape. If the yard will be used by children as their playground, for example, it will need large, clear spaces and a hearty species of grass. Landscapes used for adult entertaining or that will serve as a peaceful escape from it all can be open to the inclusion of a variety of focal points, such as ponds or waterfalls.

The perfect landscape contractor will be licensed and certified to be able to do it all, from design work to installation of plants, irrigation, and hardscape features. Typically, a contractor also will provide such maintenance services as:

Lawn Mowing and Edging
Lawn Aerating
Weed and Pest Control
Hedge and Shrub Trimming
Tree Trimming and Removal
Stump Removal
Irrigation Repairs

The company should be one you can count on to be available season after season once they get to know your yard and your needs. This is particularly true when alterations or additions need to be made.

Having a landscaper you can trust is like having a family doctor who has watched your family grow and knows each member, inside and out. Your contractor will know the conditions underlying your landscape and will be able to spot any indications of disease or insect infestation quickly and deal with it early.

Finding your perfect landscape contractor will require some homework. Ask your friends, neighbors, and your favorite nurseryman for their recommendations. Check out various contractor’s web sites and review their online customer comments to get an idea about their reliability and affordability. Get a number of price quotes and ask to see their client recommendations and their portfolio of finished projects.

Be sure to find out how long they have been in business and if they have the credentials that will allow them to do the kind of work you need. For example, if you plan on a water garden or other specialized landscape, you will want to find a contractor that is thoroughly familiar with the proper installation methods and maintenance needs.

By doing a little legwork, you can find the professional landscape contractor st louis for your project. They will be able to create the landscape of your dreams without the nightmares that can come from stumbling around in the dark in unfamiliar territory.