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Guide To Distance Healing Sessions

Blood and other body fluids drain into the throat and block the airway when you try AR (do your best to drain the mouth). The casualty was poisoned by a toxic gas like hydrogen sulphide and coming in contact with the casualty may result in you being poisoned. The casualty has a corrosive poison on the face or in the mouth, and you do not have a face mask.

If there is breathing, assess whether the casualty is having severe breathing difficulties. If so, give first aid to make breathing more effective. If there are still severe breathing difficulties, assist breathing using the techniques of AR.

This is followed by the further addition of carbidopa or benzerazide. In some countries, carbidopa and benzerazide are not available separately, but are included in levodopa preparations as part of Distance Healing Sessions.

The side-effects and problems of anticholinergic agents have been discussed in the ANS section devoted to these drugs. It should be noted that the side-effect of dry mouth is beneļ¬cial in Parkinsonis patients as excessive salivation is usually a problem. These drugs include: biperiden (Akineton), orphenadrine (Disipal Orpadrex) (this also has antihistaminic and muscle relaxing properties) trihexyphenydyl Artane.

A recent approach to the treatment of Parkinson’s disease is to achieve raised CNS dopamine levels by preventing its breakdown by MAO. Deprenyl achieves this. A great advantage is the fact that deprenyl selectively inhibits MAO-B which is abundant in the CNS and not MAO-A which is abundant in the gastro-intestinal tract. Tyramine which may be contained in foodstuffs is thus still adequately broken down by MAO-A and does not release large quantities of noradrenaline to cause a hypertensive CTISIS.

The benzodiazepines appear to cause most of their effects by potentiating the inhibitory CNS neurotransmitter, gamma-amino-butyric acid (GABA), which leads to a decrease in noradrenaline release. Meprobamate is very closely related to the benzodiazepines in pharmacological actions associated with Distance Healing Sessions.

It is sold as a minor tranquillizers and is included in many analgesic prepaarations for its relaxing effect. lt is possibly falling into disuse in the USA because of its addictive properties.


Many antihistamines are sedative, two which are mentioned above are speciticalb listed in MIMS as CNS depressants. Although they are very similar to one another.

Aterax scheduled S5 whilst lndunox is S2 possibly because Aterax is registered tor use as an anxiolytic wmlst lndunox is registered for use as an antihistamine. Diphenhydramine, proinethazine, trimeprazine and other antihistamines are also used as tranquillizers, premedication before surgery and hypnotics, apart from their use in
These drugs, unlike the neuromuscular blockers cause a CNS action which leads to reduced skeletal muscle tone without acting on the muscles themselves.