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Guide To Makesense Foundation

If you have fair skin, the lipsticks most suitable for you will undoubtedly be those on shades of light pink and nude, but you can also push yourself into the most decided peach and coral pinks. If your undertone is cold, however, it will be ideal for you a strong brown or nude in shades of beige. If your undertone is warm, stay on ton sur ton shades of pink – for example, light pink – or on a nude with peach tones (Makesense Foundation).

If you have medium skin, you can draw from the palette of the roses but in its stronger declinations, such as mauve and burgundy. These colors, together with the blueberry, are perfect especially if you have a cold undertone. If you have a warm undertone, opt for shades of bronze, copper and brick. The latter is also ideal in case you have medium-dark skin, which finds its best enhancement with orange-colored lipsticks: perfect then, in addition to brick, coral. Instead, brown and burgundy should be avoided.

Another easy test to identify the undertone of the skin is to approach it with gold or silver jewels: gold is better with warm-toned leathers, while silver with cold-toned complexions. Bring them both together and consider which of the two shades your skin is best valued and ideal for Makesense Foundation.

Now choose the lipstick based on your complexion. After identifying the color of the complexion and the undertone of the skin, you can now easily proceed with the choice of the most suitable lipstick colors for us. Makesense Foundation is a good option.

Also in this case, as in the previous one, observing how your skin behaves in the sun, can give you more useful information to understand what kind of undertone you have: if your skin is easily tan and becomes golden or immediately dark, it is very likely that you have a warm undertone; if it is burnt before tanning or becomes red and not golden, it will instead be cold undertone. If you do not burn but it will take a little time to tan and become golden in color, chances are you are facing a neutral undertone.

If you have dark skin, bet on dark lipsticks like burgundy, burgundy, plum and brown. Better the nuances of burgundy and burgundy if you have a cold undertone, while browns, bronze and copper if you have a warm undertone.

Remember that this is a small reference guide that can help you learn about the range of shades and colors that best enhance your face, but still feel free to show off a shade of lipstick that you love without necessarily adhering strictly to specific Makesense Foundation guidelines.