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Coffee Vending Machine: 3 Main Points

Coffee vending machines are an interesting thing. Coffee is by far one of the most popular beverages in America, with approximately 2/3rds of adults consuming it per day. It’s not surprising then that many coffee-vending machine manufacturers have sprung up to meet this demand.

Coffee vending machines can come with a variety of features, including coin-operated ones and those which accept credit cards. However, before you buy a coffee vending machine for your business make sure you consider 3 main points: size, portability, and cleaning requirements.

Size: Coffee vending machines come in a variety of types, from small to large. Coffee can be bought by the pound or bagged for one-cup servings. If you are looking at buying coffee for your store it is important that you determine which type of coffee machine will fit best with the quantity and size requirements needed to make sure there’s enough product on hand without sacrificing too much counter space.

Portability: Coffee vending machines are typically stationary units but some do have wheels attached so they may be moved around easily if necessary. You should also consider how often you need to move your unit because it might not always be feasible depending upon where the machine is located within your business operation as well as its weight capacity/how heavy the required products are being stored inside. Coffee vending machines can vary in weight and size, we recommend considering the dimensions of your unit as well as any storage products you plan on using.

Cleaning requirements: Coffee vending machines are extremely sensitive to dust, moisture, and smoke. Coffee is a very moist product that can attract all three of these elements if stored in the wrong unit or left open for too long. Coffee that has been exposed to any sort of water will absorb it, thus creating mold growth which not only ruins coffee but is also hazardous to human health (mold spores). You should always make sure you thoroughly clean your machine before filling it with products again after restocking.

Customizable: Coffee vending machines come with a variety of options to suit different types of businesses such as having additional space for storing creamer or sugar packets which is great if you often find yourself running out especially during busy periods; or adjustable shelves that allow for multiple cup sizes so customers don’t have to wait around too long before their drink is ready. There are even models available with built-in scales for weighing product packaging. Some coffee vending machine manufacturers will also offer upgrade kits made specifically for increasing production capacity by up to 30%.

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