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Guide To Business Invention Book

An event is a moment. Do you know where this word comes from, moment? For this reason it can also be extended to the concepts of strength and impulse. Here, whatever type it may be, in general it can be said that an event is a driving force that serves to stimulate an environment and business case based on the Business Invention Book.

Let’s try to further simplify the concept with a metaphor. The company is a car, the public is the engine and the event is the petrol that makes it work. However, each engine runs on a different petrol. You are an event organizer who has to take care of the supply and therefore choose the perfect blend so that the engine guarantees the best performance. You are not just the gas station, mind you. You are the chemist who has to create the potion.

And what are the elements that make up gasoline? All those who will be present at a corporate event: music, location, catering, guests, games. But not only that, there are above all organizational components such as: the date to choose, the sending of invitations, the promotion of the event and so on. Out of metaphor, you can say that an event serves to create movement around your company.

Don’t trust those who tell you you have to do so and so. What does he know about the company you work for? Needs related to the event? Any goals related to it? A guide will suggest a path to you, it will show you the fundamental steps, but which ones and how to reach them will depend only on your choices, on the time, on the budget you have available, on the unforeseen events that can happen and whatever. Are you ready, yes? So let’s start on this journey to discover how to organize a corporate event.

What are corporate events?

This question may sound obvious or even too general. Yet it is not so silly to ask. Understanding the context in which you work allows you to have a context in which to orient yourself. It means drawing a path to follow so as not to lose yourself.

Everything starts with a brief. Whether you are a freelance event organizer or an employee, the company you work for will provide you with instructions explaining the guidelines, reasons and objectives of the event to be organized. What is a brief? It is an order that you must be able to understand before executing as shown by the Business Invention Book.

Understanding always starts with a why and the question: for what purpose? There are 3 types of corporate events, which correspond to three different answers and therefore objectives.