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How To Pamper Your Dog With Designer Dog Collars

Whether you want your dog to make a statement with a pearl collar or keep low profile with a leather neckband, you should try designer dog collars. With designer collars, you can have the device made exactly how you want it look like. Handcrafted collars are custom made are custom-made for best fit with the quality of materials guaranteed.

For designers to replicate your ideas into actual design, you must provide comprehensive details. The most important of all is neck size so to ensure the device is neither too tight nor snuggly. You can determine this size using a measuring tape or a piece of cloth and a ruler. Remember all features of the neckband will largely depend on this measurement.

When it comes to designer dog collars, you can rest assured you have complete control over the choice of materials. All you have to do is describe how you want it made. Do you prefer it embroidered and flowery? Simple and strong? The choice is all up to you.

Depending on your preferences, you can get designer pup collars in a wide range of price tags. Collars with jewels often command a higher respect but also cost higher. Dog collars made of pure leather as well as those featuring durable materials are also priced.

Wondering how to spoil your fur baby? Here you will find some of the materials that instantly invoke envy at the dog parks. One of the most loved designs features a crocodile monarch, fitted with hand cut and crated sapphires. Alternatively, you can have your puppy’s ornament fitted with colored grommets.

If you want your pooch to live in style, you can have his collar made with turquoise leather and adorned with glistening ornaments. A good choice is brass plates or nickel studs. You may have its details engraved in a stainless steel tag.

Buying expensive accessories for your dog is the ultimate gift but this does not mean cheaper collars are worthless. Irrespective of their price, hand crafted collars always command respect. Some cheap additions such as padding and stitches are included to improve the quality of handmade collars. Most dog enthusiasts also take pleasure in a variety of tan colors.

That said, there are innumerable collar designs that you can choose to pamper your dog. All you have to do is get the specifications right and wait for your product. Seek guidance from the designer if you are not sure which combination works best. The best part is that you can as well communicate your personal style through your dog while letting it look fabulous.

What You Need To Know About California Dangerous Dog Law

Dogs are wonderful animals, but it is best when they have responsible owners. Some states take owner responsibility very seriously. If you live in California, you should be aware of the California Dangerous Dog Law.

What Is A Potentially Dangerous Dog?

A dog does not need to be a specific breed to be included in this category. Dogs are considered potentially dangerous if they have already bitten someone, attacked another animal at least twice while they were not on their own property within the previous 36 months, or behaved aggressively at least twice while not on their own property within the previous 36 months.

You Can Be Compensated For Dog Bites

A dog does not need to be classified as potentially dangerous for you to obtain compensation after you are bitten. However, you are likely to receive more compensation. You may be awarded punitive damages because the owner did not take appropriate action to control his dog.

A bite can occur anywhere, including a public place, a private place, or on the property of the dog’s owner. There are exceptions, though. If you were bitten while you were harassing, annoying, or provoking the animal, it is not likely its owner will be held liable.

Second, you should not expect compensation if you were trespassing on the owner’s property. The owner is not responsible for a dog bite if you were on his property unlawfully.

What Should You Do If You Are Bitten?

The statute of limitations is two years from when you were bitten. If you want fair compensation, there are two mistakes you should not make. First, do not initiate a lawsuit without legal representation. Second, do not hesitate to contact an attorney. If you wait too long, your attorney may not have access to all the evidence needed for your case.

The Law Is On Your Side

If you are an innocent victim of a dog bite, California’s strict liability laws are in your favor. When a person owns a dog, he is legally responsible for any and all injuries that are caused by the dog, as long as the victim did not behave in an unlawful manner.

Dog bites can range from bothersome to deadly. If you were bitten, you should contact a personal injury attorney who has experience in lawsuits involving dog bites and the California dangerous dog law.

Even if your injury is relatively minor, you deserve fair compensation. For the best results, talk to a lawyer as soon as possible. Whether you receive an out-of-court settlement or the case goes to trial, your rights will be protected.

Pet Relocations: Analysis Of The Costs Incurred

As part of relocating to a new area, you will have to figure out how to move your pets too. You can either shift them on your own or employ pet transport services for the job. When dealing with many pets, the DIY move can be overwhelming due to the legal and paperwork, plus all the safety consideration and expenses required.

In fact, many say that using relocation services is one of the best options you can take. First, it is less stressful for the animals, plus it is convenient and safe. Secondly, in most cases, you will choose a company that has a vast experience in transporting pets. Your pet will also have an opportunity to travel in a pet bag of your own choice. Furthermore, you can always discuss with the company some of your pet’s needs and customize travel conditions for them. More importantly, the pricing is efficient because it covers everything, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about extra charges. Here are typical costs incurred when transporting pets:

1. Pet Transport Prices- Shipping

There are many variables that dictate pet shipping costs. Typically, the costs start at $110 and can even exceed $2000 depending on the distance and the services your pets will need. Other expenses include terminal fees, fuel surcharges, taxes, handling and screening. You can calculate the total amount payable by using the total weight method or the dimensional volume.

2. Ground Transport

Pet ground transport is for the short distances your animals will cover. It is a service that involves taking your cat to and from the airports as they travel from their old home to the new one. Ground transport cost usually ranges from $70 to $800.

3. Travelling Crates

Every long distance pet relocation endeavour requires airline-approved travel crates. These crates should have metal screws and not clamps. The costs of one such crate can be between $35 and $750.

4. Vet Services

You will need health certificates if your pets will be travelling by air. The date of issuing of the certificates should be at least ten days before travel. It means that your animals will have to visit a vet to ascertain that they are healthy, fit, and have no contagious disease. The cost of a vet visit should be $50-250

The truth is that the cost of transporting pets is somewhat expensive whether you DIY or hire a company. However, pet transport services are great because once you pay, the rest is up to them. You basically don’t have to worry about logistics or unforeseen costs.

Keep Your Pup Safe With A Dog Boundary Collar

Are you always worried that your pooch will wander off never to come back? Rather than keep its adventurous side contained by a leash, you could set it free under the safety of a dog boundary collar.

Old methods don’t work

You love your pup so much and the last thing you want to do is keep it leashed. If you have a home with a large backyard, you want it to have all that space to itself. However, it has a habit of digging holes in the fence and going away.

If your pup has an adventurous personality, keeping it leashed is never a solution. It is likely to back and whine the whole day which is not what you want. On the other hand, you do not want to it to feel like a prisoner by erecting an electric fence. Its determination could get the best of it and the electric fence would definitely hurt it.

Instead, why not invest in an invisible perimeter fencing that gets controlled by a collar worn by your dog. Not only are you protecting it but you also get the peace of mind that it is within the limits you have set for it.

Training your dog to stay at home

A canine boundary collar uses electric shock to correct wandering behavior in a dog. You have nothing to worry about as the correctional shock is mild and only serves as a warning to the dog. Each time it nears the fenced perimeter, it gets a nudge on its neck that tells it to turn around.

What’s more, it is possible to control the levels of correctional shock in the dog collar. You could turn the level up if you own a large breed that is too strong to subdue on your own. For toy breeds, like a poodle, the lowest setting is enough to keep them within your boundaries.

With time, your pouch will learn that going near the fence is a mistake. Soon it will learn to stay within sight making it safe to remove the collar. Should the trouble arise again, just wave the collar at it and it will understand.


A dog boundary collar helps you manage your pet better whether you are at home or away. It is way better than using electric fences or keeping the pup grounded with a leash. Like any other pet device out there, it is highly advisable to consult your vet before using the boundary collar on your dog. Lastly, don’t leave your dog outside without supervision as the boundary collar doesn’t keep other animals out of your home or property.

Advantages Of Electric Fencing For Dogs

Besides being really effective at keeping dogs contained in a designated area, there are other great advantages of using Electric Fencing For Dogs. These include:

Takes up no space — where chain-link or traditional wooden plank fences take up space in a garden, electric pet fencing is invisible and takes up no space at all! An electric wire is buried around the perimeter of a designated area and a radio transmitter is attached to your dog’s collar and that’s it! You now have a barrier that no one else will notice, but your dog. If necessary, you can plant flags around your garden to show where the fence begins and ends, but without these markers, the system will be virtually undetectable.

Cheaper, with little to no maintenance — this is another awesome benefit about these fences. They are cheaper on the pocket to install and the real bonus is that they never need to be re-stained, re-painted, refinished, or even replaced, so they save you plenty of money as well as time in the long run. All they ever need from time-to-time is for their batteries to be replaced. If your fencing company has a mailing system, then you can easily get a replacement from them when it is time for you to get a new battery.

More options than traditional fencing — because it uses radio waves instead of being a physical barrier, electric fencing is more flexible than traditional fencing. You are not restricted to use this fencing only around the perimeter of your property. It can be used in areas where you want to keep your dog out, like in flower beds, vegetable patches, or any other area where you don’t want your dog to get into.

You can even put it around your patio if you want to see that your dog stays in that area. In short, electric pet fencing can be used anywhere in your yard to stop your dog from leaving your garden or digging up your plants.

Convenience — no other fencing can beat invisible fencing for convenience. It can be used anywhere in your yard — those sharp corners, around trees, to separate your yard from your neighbor’s garden, practically anywhere! A real convenience is the fact that electric fencing opens up your property and gives you unobstructed views of your entire neighborhood. They are perfect if you have a landlord or home-owners association that does not allow other types of fencing. In addition to this, they are working right through the day and night so you don’t ever have to think twice about your fencing.

Electric Fencing For Dogs is even convenient if you relocate, since you can simply dig it up and take your fencing with you to your new home. This type of fencing can only be described as a wonderful, lifelong investment for you, your family and your pets.

Animal Behaviour Counseling For Your Pets

Keeping pets around the house can have tremendous benefits. Their presence alone is often enough to bring a smile to everyone’s face. They have to power to change the mood from dreary to happy in an instant. Some studies have shown that they can lower blood pressure and prolong life. However, they do need to be cared for in return. They might also require a bit of training in the beginning if they are exhibiting aggressiveness and other unwanted behaviors. Often, all it takes is a patient owner and a bit of time. In other cases, it would be better to call in the animal behaviour counseling professionals.

Keep Yourself and Your Family Safe

It is an extra step that will yield great rewards. Don’t give up on your dog or your cat if they are not acting the way that you would like them to. There are many reasons why they might be behaving this way such as past trauma and hostile environments. For example, dogs from animal shelters may have come from abusive homes. Others might have been rescued from the streets where no one cared for them. Their defensive mechanisms usually fade away with time as you gain their trust. Animal counsellors can help to hasten this process so that you and your family can feel safer right away.

Make It Easy to Train the Pets

They will also make the pets behave much better all around. The dogs will be more receptive to training so you can teach it several tricks. Soon, you will have a pet that will be the envy of your friends. Do not worry if you don’t have much experience with this as the counsellor will provide you with tips on how to go about it. It is all about punishment and rewards. Reward them for their good behaviors with treats. If you command them to “sit” and they do as they were told, then reinforce the behavior by immediately providing a treat and patting their head or stroking their backs to show affection.

Avoid Liability for Animal Bites

Another reason why you should promote proper pet behavior is that it will keep you out of trouble. There have been countless owners should had run into problems because their dog bit a person. One could be liable for the injuries caused and have to pay a substantial amount for the victim’s compensation. It would always be best to ensure that our pets are kept within our properties. Fences and gates should prevent them from getting out into the street with no supervision, especially if they exhibit hyper-aggression. Dogs that have been trained are less likely to harm others, even if it were a stranger to their eyes.