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An Overview Of Lice Treatment Solutions

Lots of school children suffer from head lice, mainly because they spend considerable time in close proximity to each other. This enables the bugs to spread. Lice do not reflect bad hygiene, contrary to popular belief. Sometimes, it is hard to notice lice on a person’s scalp, so an infestation might go undetected, until repeated itching demands closer attention. Lice treatment solutions are vital to counteract the secondary problems of a sore scalp and itchiness, and to stop the parasites from spreading further.

Specially formulated lice shampoos have insecticides in them, which will destroy lice and prevent the bugs from proliferating. These shampoos are not suitable for patients with sensitive skin or allergies. Also, they should not be used on toddlers or household pets, because many insecticides are extremely poisonous. Therefore, just a tiny dosage could kill a household pet. People who opt for lice shampoos should follow the instructions closely, and make sure they comb their hair regularly, because this is a key part of removing lice. No more than the recommended amount of shampoo should be applied, to protect the scalp. If natural treatments are being used in conjunction with medicated shampoo, the shampoo should be applied first.

To destroy head lice effectively, the environment has to be treated. Bed linen, clothes and other materials that might be contaminated ought to be drenched in soapy water, then placed into a clothes dryer. Headwear like barrettes, hats and caps ought to be discarded, or cleaned thoroughly to prevent reinfestation. Brushes, curling irons and combs should be cleaned thoroughly or discarded as well. In addition, the regular hoovering of furniture, vehicles and carpets can help to end an infestation of lice.

Sometimes, lice is more visible in hair that is over and behind the ears, and on the back of the neck. Nonetheless, the whole scalp should be checked carefully. To do this on adults and children, someone else must divide the sufferer’s hair into segments, then examine the hair shafts and scalp. Lice treatment solution can be identified by feeling around the scalp, however lice eggs (or nits) will be fixed to the shaft of hair near the scalp. Normal lice are roughly the same size as sesame seeds, while nits have an oval shape and an off white color. If they exist, they will be fixed to the side of a hair shaft. A comb or fingernails can be used to remove them, by pushing them along and off the shaft.