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How You Can Produce Quality Web Videos Which Drive Views

Google predicts that 75% of the total internet traffic is driven by video content. Therefore, quality video production is an integral part of running a marketing campaign online. Viewers generally don’t like to watch something that is long, especially an advert, irrespective of how engaging it is. In fact, your videos should run for 30 seconds or there abouts, and within this time, the viewer should be convinced. Often, the viewer will judge your website video production on content and presentation.

To make sure that the two are high quality, here are the top tips that any top video production company will recommend to you:

1. Write Your Plan

Professionalism starts here. You need to write a simple script about the story that you want to share with the viewers. This will help in the performance and during the editing phase.

2. Go for Originality

Inasmuch as it’s cheaper to twist someone’s ideas and make them yours, this will not guarantee you significant views. So, try to come up with content that sets your brand apart from the rest.

3. Shoot Close-Ups

When shooting videos for a website, you only have small frames that you have to capitalize. It’s generally not advisable to take so many wide footages. Instead, you should shoot close-ups since they are clearer.

4. 3-Point Lighting

You don’t want your videos to look overexposed or to show unwanted shades. Thus, it’s crucial to adjust the lighting before taking the shots. Preferably, go for 3-point lighting so that you can view the object from all angles.

5. Stabilize your Videos

You can’t guarantee smooth videos by holding your camera in your hands when shooting. Besides, you can’t predict that there won’t be any source of vibration in the outdoors. The vibrations may make the footages to look shaky. You need a mounting accessory like a tripod or a gimbal to stabilize your footages.

6. Align video flow with your target audience emotional response

Structure, tone, and placement of your video have a major impact on the effectiveness and emotional influence on your audience. Strive to tell a story that would be compelling to your audience—a story that will build tension and drama.

7. Optimize the Videos

Lastly, your website video production company can only be considered a success if your shots are optimized to suit your site. You need to include captions to enable the viewers to watch the videos even when there is no sound.

It’s possible to produce quality videos that promote your content and one that drive views. But, it all starts with using the above tips. When your viewers like what you post, you can easily turn them into customers.

Establish Your Needs Before Automated Cloud Backup In Toronto

With the advent of cloud computing, data protection has become easier with automated cloud backup plans. No longer do we have to lose important files as we focus on expanding the scope of our commercial ventures. And as technology advances, new online backup solutions are being invented to suit the ever growing needs of the consumer.

Online backup is no longer a simple fete of copying files to an offsite server. It has grown into a complex process of allowing an online cloud system to select the important files in our hard drives and choosing to back them up. We now can also talk about cloud to cloud automated backup just to reinforce our original offsite backups.

What files need backing up?

It goes without saying that we would want only to back up those files that are most important. Fortunately, most automated backup solutions available today provide this. They not only select the important files to backup, they also encrypt those files in our hard drives as they make a copy of them on the cloud.

Unfortunately, not all online backup services allow backing up from various sources. For instance, there are cloud backup systems that will only backup from an internal hard-drive and not external sources like USB flash. On the other hand, some online backup solutions will back up an entire drive including the system files.

For some automated cloud backup solutions, everything is backed up spontaneously as you go about your day. Yet there are also online cloud computing systems that give you the freedom to select the files to backup and what changes to make to them—though with such options, you will have to remember to manually backup files before they are lost.

Cloud to Cloud Online Backup

Most of us have thought of creating a backup. However, not all of us thought we would see this happen on a cloud computing scale. Nonetheless, the technology is already here and it is quite handy for those files that are super sensitive.

You just never know when an online cloud attack would happen and destroy an entire offsite server. Then again automatic backup companies are constantly improving the security state of their offsite servers to prevent against a possible breach.


Deciding which automated cloud backup solution is best for your business—whether it is architectural consultancy, e-commerce shop, content management, data analysis, web hosting or web design in Toronto—depends entirely on your needs. You have to really think through what files you want to be backed up and how important those files are. If they are super sensitive files, then you need to consider cloud to cloud backup solutions

Google App Recovery: What Are The Options?

Data loss is not a new phenomenon. In fact, everyday, millions of people, companies and organisations around the world carry out data recovery procedures almost on a daily basis. So seeing that it’s more of fact than myth, what is the best safety net to cushion your fall? Well, it all really depends on the kind of device you’re using -tablet, phone or computer- and, more importantly, on the kind of application or software. Google App Recovery has become very popular ever since the expansion of google from being a basic search engine to being an application developer of sorts. The alternatives of data recovery are endless, but not without a few pitfalls of their own.

Native Restore

It’s possible to restore Gmail or Drive data for up to 25 days after it has been deleted permanently from the trash. A sweet option -which provides for a somewhat longer grace period- is restoring via Email Audit API. But like I mentioned earlier, this doesn’t come without some drawbacks. For example, even if you attempt to restore 10 days after files have been deleted, there’s no telling what files will be restored. You don’t get to choose which files to keep! Recovery could restore unimportant emails, thereby resulting in clutter and the waste of valuable storage space! So don’t be mad if you end up with memos and random work files.

Account Password Recovery

Unarguably the task of the century, so you’d expect everyone to have mastered the many password recovery methods. However, it’s not that simple for all of us, and that’s apparent from the fact that you’re reading this 🙂 The first option is to contact support and the system administrators via the “Can’t access my account” channel. Proceed to “Reset your administrator password” and then enter an email address to which your new password will be sent. Follow the prompts to the end and you’ll be good to go. And, as a word of advice, use 1 password for EVERYTHING because at the rate applications are being developed, you’re going to be cracking your head to dust doing this every 2 days.

Back up, Back up, Back up

The technicians who are the brains behind all these handy and exciting applications and who constantly remind you to back up your files aren’t crazy geeks with a habit for perfectionism. Backing up is important. Data recovery is only possible if you have activated the back up option. What works best is choosing the hourly back up option. By so doing, you eliminate the possibility of losing data by the hour.

What Do Effective LinkedIn Lessons Online Entail?

The recent few years have seen an explosion in social media campaigns. 90% of businesses today use social media as their primary marketing options. When it comes to professional social media marketing, LinkedIn plays a major role. If you have a good LinkedIn portfolio, you are bound to stage a successful business campaign. To fully understanding the basics and secrets of an effective LinkedIn marketing, enrolling in an online course is a fundamental requirement. But what do effective LinkedIn lessons online entail? To help you out, here are some of the key things to consider in a good LinkedIn training:

1. Creation of Market-Driving Profile

For you to have a successful LinkedIn campaign, you have to enrich your profile with market-driven content about your brand. Considering that LinkedIn is effective in promoting individual profiles and company’s provisions, it’s vital to learn how to enrich the two subjects with the right content. The lessons should help you create content that makes it easy for the customers to identify your brand.

2. Creation of Catchy Headlines

The profile can only be judged to be effective if the headline speaks volume about your business or brand. An outstanding headline speaks volume of your brand even before the customers learn the details. The training should provide you with tips on creating newer and catchier headlines on a regular basis.

3. Learning About Marketing Strategy

Social media is a market that’s very rich in terms of its potential. Nonetheless, the market is competitive and requires injection of new ideas to beat the huge competition. The LinkedIn lessons online normally prioritize on teaching about creating profiles that are market strategic. With the right strategies, you can be assured of staying relevant on social media and running a successful LinkedIn campaign.

4. LinkedIn Etiquette

Every social media platform has rules that govern the users. Accordingly, LinkedIn has lots of Do’s and Don’ts that you should learn. With the online lessons, you get the right drive to run the campaign as a professional. Time is of the essence for all LinkedIn users, and the moment you create a system that is target specific, you are guaranteed of success.

Final Remarks

From the analysis, it’s clear that effective LinkedIn lessons entail a number of factors. In summary, the training involves optimizing your business profile to meet the market need and understanding all the network dynamics. Employing the right fundamentals assure you of a successful social media marketing campaign. At the end of it all, you get to improve your overall ranking and brand performance.

Qualities Of Top Rated Australian Web And Email Hosting Companies

To make reasonable profits in the world of business it is imperative for you to consider Australian web and email hosting. This allows you to communicate with your clients in an easy and convenient manner. It also creates a reliable platform for you to market your products or services. Here are some of the qualities that should help you settle on the best web and email hosting provider.

Affordable costs

While you need to have an active website the cost of running it should not have a negative impact on your profits. That is why you need to take time to compare the rates at which different hosting providers are offering services before picking the most suitable. Eliminate providers that are too cheap because they may not be able to offer the features that you need. Avoid the most expensive because they may have all the slick features but with little effect on your business profitability. Go for providers that have an affordable package with just the right amount of features to capture the attention of clients.

Effective communications

It is normal to have a website shutting down or stop running because of certain issues. When this happens you should be able to quickly get in touch with the service provider and have the problems sorted within the shortest time possible. Email address, telephone contacts, live online chats and physical address are some of the communication options that should be available for you to get your message across. The provider should be able to swing into action immediately you raise your concerns. This will ensure that you do not lose clients or experience a sharp fall in sales.

Top reputation is key

Before you choose any service provider go through online resources that share information that touch on reputation. This should allow you to learn about some of the most trusted companies in the industry. Keep in mind that a company with good reputation is likely to commit itself to offering quality services in a quest to preserve its name. Poorly rated companies should be shunned because they are not able to give the products and services you need.

Look at the features on offer

Having an active website is one thing but running a website that is responsive to client needs is key. Before signing up for any services be sure to take a closer look at some of the features that are provided. Ease of use, fast loading time, enhanced security and customization features are some of the things that should be present.

What You Should Know About Anti-War News Sites

As our world becomes increasingly globalised, anything happening in one part of the world affects us wherever we are more than ever before. No longer is war something that happens far overseas that we get a scarce glimpse of on the nightly news. Instead, technology and being connected has brought it right into our living rooms and to our dinner tables. As such, it is more important before to support and raise our voices along with anti-war news. Anti-war news sites are a great way to do just that.

Why Anti-War News Sites?

Websites today, especially blogs are a great source of news and information for people everywhere. Even better is the fact that many of today’s current news and information sites are not necessarily from major news entities. Instead, there are a lot of high-quality websites that are operated by ordinary Joes and Janes. These types of news websites are even better in many instances as you get a better picture of what is happening on the ground.

As far as anti-war news sites are concerned, those sites operated by ordinary individuals are those that are perhaps the most valuable. This is due primarily to the fact that there the information you are likely to come across will be the kind of information that major news sites are likely to miss. In this way, they become a wonderful and almost irreplaceable resource. Of course, the integrity of the published information is sometimes questioned on account of the news source not being readily ‘credible.’ Still, there are a few ways that these non-aligned news sources can prove themselves to be of high integrity. They include:

1. Visual proof

Visual proof such as photos and video can go a long way in helping to verify whether a news story that is carried is really what it is presented to be. Yes, it is true that in a world of photoshop, these images can be doctored, but still, such media is attached to a story helps a lot.

2. Discussion forums

A discussion forum is a good way to give an anti-war news story credibility. Being able to hear from persons on the ground with verifiable identities go a long way in helping to give the stories integrity and credibility.

3. Transparency

Being transparent is critical for non-aligned anti-war news websites. While we know that sometimes activism can be dangerous, transparency helps to create much-needed trust especially for those sites not aligned to an already credible name.

Finally, anti-war news websites can go a long way in helping to create anti-war movements in various places around the world and help political activists get organised and more effective in their efforts.

The Best TV Internet Packages Around

195If you live in the modern century, you understand that the two things that people cannot function without are the TV and the Internet at home. These are two of the most used items in the household and it’s used by everyone at home. In the past, your TV was used for watching movies and live TV and your computer or laptop was used to surf the Internet, download games, music, movies and so on. Now days, thanks to modern technology, you can do both of these activities on your smart TV. The smart TV is a combination of a TV and laptop. You can now surf and download anything you like right there on your Television set. This of course means that you will need a data package. There are various packages to choose from. Some packages are capped and once your data has been used up, you can no longer surf the Internet. Other TV Internet packages are uncapped and allow you to surf and download with from the Internet with Freedom.