5G Australia Is Here!

5G Australia refers to the fifth generation of telecommunications technology that has recently hit the market in Australia. In general, 5G is the successor to the widely used 4G technology. In the past, each progressive step to the next generation technology delivered revolutionary changes in the world of telecommunications. 5G Australia is supposed to do the same. To be specific, 5G Australia will bring with it a lot of benefits including increased speed (by 10 times and more), higher uptime of network, larger coverage area, increased battery life for IoT devices, and low latency rate.

One concept that will get a boost from 5G services is the Internet of Things (IoT). As you would know, IoT enables devices to seamlessly connect with a network allowing the users to operate them remotely. Imagine you are at your office and you suddenly remember that you forgot to close the windows at home. You are worried that rain and wind may harm the furniture. But thanks to IoT, you can close the windows right away. This is because the windows at home are connected with the cellular network, and you can use an app installed on your smartphone to close them. You can remotely operate other things also. It is as simple as it sounds. No catch here!

Further, many of the concepts that have been successfully experimented in the labs can now be seen happening around us. Let us take the example of a self driven car. Since the latency time will be reduced to 1 millisecond with the new technology, the car will be able to respond 250 times faster than the humans. To understand how fast that is, consider that the best of us have a response time of one-fourth of a second.

To give you an idea of where 5G Australia is taking us, let us take a look at what has passed so far. 1G allowed us to talk to each other, 2G added the services of roaming and sending messages, 3G allowed us to use the internet though with limitations, 4G provided fast internet with seamless integration between voice and data services, and here is 5G that is set to take another big leap. There were a few more steps in between the major breakthroughs but they mostly enhanced the services offered in the previous generations.

Reports suggest that there will be billions of users of 5G services by 2025. As of now, about 150 mobile operators are delivering these services in 60 countries.

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