3 Things To Know When Installing A Manually Activated Security Bollard

Bollards are a common sight in most cities to prevent vehicles from driving into specific areas. However, some bollard installations require human interaction for the bollard to activate. One type of installation is a manually activated security bollard system.

What are automatic security bollards? An automatic security bollard is an installation that allows the bollards to activate with vehicles driving into them. Some common types of structures are retractable steel posts and hydraulic metal poles. These can be installed at any location deemed necessary for your business or in areas where unauthorized vehicle access could threaten.

Let’s go over 3 things you need to know before installing a manually activated security bollard system, as well as how it works and why these systems should be used on your property.

1) Manual bollards require human interaction to activate the retractable system. This can be done in several ways depending on your specific needs and situation, such as through an entry swipe card or by someone inside pressing a button on one of the pedestals.

This is beneficial because it prevents any unwanted vehicle access—-especially in an emergency.

For example, if a fire alarm is triggered and the building has to be evacuated quickly by all employees through this entryway, having these bollards retracted would allow people to get out of the facility as fast as possible without needing to wait for them to go up or down.

Also, since it’s manually activated, this can be done when needed and then retracted again once the emergency is over.

2) These bollards can be activated automatically to prevent access when needed or manually retracted if someone needs vehicle entry.

When activated, these security bollards quickly go up out of the way—-usually in under 30 seconds—-and are high enough off the ground that they protect against most vehicles without causing damage to them.

3) There are many benefits to using a manually activated bollard instead of an automatic one. For instance, the retract automatically costs more and needs to be installed with power supplies to start when required. Also, if there’s no electricity or battery backup available, these cannot be used.

Manually automatic security bollards are also much more affordable. They can be installed to start when needed automatically. However, they can still retract if necessary for people or vehicles that need access. They’re an excellent solution for many different types of businesses.

We hope this information was helpful.

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