3 Tips For Extending The Durability For Your New Bikram Yoga Clothes

After going to the trouble of investing in Bikram yoga clothes for your workout sessions, it is only fair that you take good care of them. Unlike common synthetic materials, some like Bikram require special care to prevent scorching, stretching, shrinking, and other forms of deformation that can ruin the fit and appearance of your clothes. Proper care can extend the durability of your new yoga clothes and save you money in the long run.

1. Use the right washing techniques

After every vigorous workout, your clothes may be drenched with sweat and will require cleaning. You need to employ proper cleaning techniques to extend the durability of your clothes and maintain their fit and structure.

Invest in a gentle washing detergent. Strive to use cold water and a gentle washing cycle unless if your clothes are excessively soiled. Even then, soaking the clothes in cold water for around twenty minutes can go a long way in getting out most of the dirt. Avoid hot water as it can cause fabric shrinkage. If you wear sweaters or other knitted Bikram clothes during your yoga sessions, you need to hand-wash as opposed to machine washing to protect them from stretching.

2. Use chemicals sparingly

Chemicals such as bleach may come in handy when you need to remove stains or disinfect your Bikram yoga clothes. You should use these products sparingly to prevent shrinkage of your clothes. If there are any stubborn stains on the fabric, make use of oxygen bleach which does not contain chemicals. Oxygen bleaches effectively remove stains and disinfect fabric without risking shrinkage.

Note that you should also avoid fabric softeners as they may contain chemicals that will do more harm than good to Bikram clothes. However, you can find an eco-friendly softener or make a DIY one with vinegar or baking soda.

3. Dry and iron correctly

Your greatest concerns when drying Bikram clothes should be the risk of scorching (turning yellow) and stretching. For this reason, you need to adopt the right drying techniques depending on the type of clothes. For woven tees and yoga pants, air dry flat on a clothesline or rack. The same applies to knitted yoga sweaters.

Avoid drying your clothes in the dryer as the high temperatures can scorch or stretch the fabric. If machine drying is inevitable, use low heat. Remove the clothes while they are still damp and air-dry them. Similarly, when ironing, use the low heat setting to preserve the color of your clothes.

Quality Bikram yoga clothes are not cheap, and they require proper care to serve you for an extended period. Follow these tips as you wash, disinfect, dry, and iron your clothes to protect them from getting ruined.

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