ABCs Of IEO Blockchain

Another of its benefits is that intermediation costs are eliminated, since banks do not store the money. Also, the profitability that can be obtained at the moment by the investment in these cryptocurrencies is high, since the tendency is to the rise and it is said that they are the first step to what could revolutionize the world monetary system thanks to the use of IEO Blockchain.

There are currencies that are worth less than a dollar, so you can have a low risk. In addition, with respect to banks, the times of transactions and the cost of international operations are lower.

Although it is an investment with a risk share (since the value of these can be depreciated like any other currency), cryptocurrencies have great potential in the medium and long term according to specialists. Less than 0.5% of the global population uses them, and as more people become involved, the value of these currencies will increase thanks to IEO Blockchain.

Although investing in cryptocurrencies has been criticized recently by the financial sector and some governments, its price remains on the rise. Also for governments. Even China has banned the purchase and sale of Bitcoins in exchange houses and penalizes the illegal mining of cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoins represent a break in business as you know them; because the Cryptocurrency Mining and the Blockchain are making news: creating wealth for ordinary people. It has been 3 years of benefits thanks to the constant growth of the value of the BTC and IEO Blockchain. Not only because its price changes so fast in a matter of a day (which allows you to live from trading).

But with a broker (like Etoro), you can invest money, and get a good silver if you are a bit sneaky and take advantage of the prices of Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) in the IEO Blockchain market.

If you bought 2 dollars of Bitcoin in 2009, today you would have more than 12 million dollars. The growth of the value of this new financial figure has impressed experts and has banks and governments upset. Undoubtedly: This new type of investment is giving hope to people who really want to be independent. Currently, things are not so radical. But the most important cryptocurrencies have had good growth in the last two years.

Only in 2016 the price of Bitcoin rose more than 130%. Up to $ 1000 in March 2017. But since March, Bitcoin has risen 4 times its price. Today is at 4100 dollars. This has represented a sustained growth for my finances.

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